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    1. Lucid in NYC

      by , 08-03-2010 at 07:31 PM (The Inner Crazy of Mr Speesh)
      Lucid: Hell yeah!
      Dream Aids: None
      Vividness: Above average, but could be better


      I was in a huge city that I now believe to be a representation of New York, and something about the context rang funny to me. I did a reality check and quickly became lucid. I wish I could remember more about what exactly made me lucid. I think it occurred after a WBTB so its very possible I was just far more aware than usual.

      Upon discovering my lucidity I began to ground myself in the dream by taking in my surroundings and feeling whatever I could. I seem to have gotten the hang of calming down and remembering to stabilize in a lucid dream, though my stabilization technique still probably needs some work. I should try the shouting CLARITY trick sometime soon, as this one wasn't incredibly vivid.

      There was unfortunately no time for any of that though, as all I was able to do in this lucid was walk down the street a bit stabilizing before a call on my cell phone woke me up. Unfortunate, but I'm still ecstatic at the fact I've had two lucid dreams in a week now. That's not happened to me before.

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