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    1. 9th Night Sensei's Competition

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:25 PM
      I was watching a scene where a bunch of guys (don't know why but I'm pretty sure they were the German football team) were in a platform in the middle of the ocean in their speedos jumping to the sea.
      I'm guessing they were training.
      One of them was really afraid. I was afraid too. He started to swim really fast (I saw a commercial yesterday where a shark ate a girl. I kinda hate sharks. Thanks Spielberg).
      My vision shifted to first person. I was swimming and was dragged by a wave to the shore.
      It was a beautiful beach. It was sunny, hot and very real. I stood there watching for a second and i realized I was dreaming.
      I'm starting to realize that I tend to get Lucid every time the dream is more real or every time I just stop doing what I'm doing and just calm down a bit to look at things.
      A guy comes running and I go talk to him.
      I realize I haven't stabilize the dream yet. Everything seems stable but I stop and look at my hands anyway. They're normal size but glowing like that faggy vampires from twilight glow in the sunlight.
      There was a recent joke in a thread in another forum
      (non LD, music related) where someone posted this picture.

      I'm pretty sure this was the guy Anyway...
      I ask him if he knows anything about my dream guide. He kinda mumbles something and I completely ignore him.
      I turn around to the sea and when I turn again the guy was on his way running and another one exactly like him comes running towards me. It's too weird and I ignore both.
      I look towards the sea again and there is a lot of people there.
      I totally forgot the tasks I'm supposed to do. So I try to fly. There's no place were I can jump from so I try and levitate from the ground. I feel like a turtle stretching it's neck. I look around and there's a couple standing 1 meter above the ground completely still levitating. Don't know if they're mocking or trying to teach me.
      I levitate just a bit but fall immediately.
      I start walking. I recognize the beach as one near my hometown (SR). I look to my hands once more to stabilize even though I don't think I need it. I should do this more often.
      I literally don't know what to do.
      I recognize two sisters I've met before.
      We engage in stuff I'm not proud of...
      I know realize I'm starting to lose lucidity. I deserve it.
      I wake up soon after.

      I should have known better than to behave like a horny teen.

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    2. 1st Night Sensei's Competition

      by , 01-25-2015 at 08:25 PM
      Fell asleep really fast listening to some binaural beats.
      I'm in my old hometown (as I'm always am when dreaming) and there's some kind of building with a big staircase where my parent's home should be..
      I go there and realize it's a big mistake.
      It's some kind of prison. Two guys approach me. I believe one of them is Forest Whitaker. Don't remember the other guy. Aaaaand I'm being robbed...
      They wan't money. I don't have any. I offered my phone and my earplugs and an ethernet cable I have with me (If you're wondering no, I don't carry one with my IRL just in case)
      Forest just wants the cable. He ties a knot on the staircase and the other end into his neck and throws himself off the balcony.
      As he is fighting for his live a pickup truck stops beneath him. He and all of the prisoners jump on it and leave.
      Somehow I helped them all escape prison.
      Several police officers appear on one end of the street. I'm freaking out. I'm about to run the other way but there's a crazy old man with a shotgun going down after me.
      I run to a small alley. the old man is now an old woman.
      As I'm going down the street (J.M.). The thought of - WTF am I doing?! comes to my mind.
      I realize I'm dreaming.
      As usual everything starts to shake. Like I'm on a huge tilting pinball machine.
      I look to my hands to Stabilize. My right hand is half the size of my left one
      It's better now. The colors are really bight.
      Love this felling.
      I run into a friend (J.P.) and tell him that I'm dreaming. He smiles and tells me that's cool.
      There's several people there.
      I try to recall what I'm supposed to do.
      I try to ask for my dream guide. I shout into the dream for my dream guide to appear.
      2 reaaaaaally hot supermodel chicks say they're my dream guide. Pretty sure the dream is tempting me. I'm strong this time
      Some other guy on the background tells me he his my dream guide.
      I don't believe any of them.
      I shout once again that I'm leaving for somewhere else, a quiet place and that only my dream guide is allowed to come with me.
      I go down the street trying to remember my tasks.
      I have to interact with something electric. (I planned on playing my guitar. And I know it).
      I look around and there's some guys on a small porch. I grab one of the guys phone (I believe it was a friend of mine - N) and try to swipe to unlock it. Good enough.
      I proceed to go down the street trying to find something to eat. In real life there's a small coffee next to a grocery store.
      I want to go to the coffee and grab a cake but there's a tree inside the grocery store with grapes hanging outside the windows. Convenient I eat two. They taste normal.
      I go onto the main street. It's night and there's no one around. Things are a bit blurry.
      I realize I'm losing the dream. I start to feel my real body and I'm awake.

      I try and chain a DEILD but I can't.

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    3. 11th Lucid - FA WTBT

      by , 08-04-2014 at 01:01 PM
      I'm on a big amphitheater having some kind of advanced math class.
      I solved one of the problems earlier than most, but I'm not really sure if I cheated or something like that.
      I run down the stairs to the door and glance at a table on my left where's at least two or three guys that work with me.
      I reach outside and I'm on a beautiful fishing port. Without stop running I dive into the water and swim back up to the port and enter the room again.
      There's a friend of mine (R) sitting in my spot and we discuss the previous problem. He's really good and we spend some time there.
      My alarm rings. It's 04:30am and WBTB time.
      I went to sleep at 23:30 and scheduled my WBTB after 5 hours of sleep.
      I got up in the dark. Noticed one of my cats around me. I should go to the bathroom but I'm too lazy.
      I turn my office's light switch on (that's were most of my WBTBs are) but the light it's still dark.
      I'm confused. That's not normal.
      I realize I'm dreaming. (This is the 3rd FA in 4 or 5 days).
      It's all dark. I go to my kitchen and start screaming lights, clarity, clarityyyyyyy!!!!
      Things are clearer, but there's a round blurry and circular thing in the center of my vision. I go to the window and I don't know what to do.
      Things are unstable and I'm pissed.
      I'm about to fly or jump trough the window but I suddenly remember that I promised my girlfriend that would always start flying from the ground and not from a window
      I start to feel my real body and sure enough I'm awake.

      Damn I'm a noob.
      lucid , false awakening
    4. 7th Lucid, Strange Cats 20-03-2014

      by , 03-20-2014 at 11:05 PM
      I was sitting on a bench in a bus stop in Lisbon next my tennis club. There was some friends from my hometown with me.
      I guy I know (FR) appears and starts asking around if we're going to some seafood festival. I say I won't . He leaves.
      I go down to the tennis club ( apparently that's where my house is). I go home and somehow it's my old place in my hometown.
      I'm preparing myself to go to sleep . I turn the light of the bedside table on. Lock the door. Close the shutters .
      I go to the first floor and at the entrance to the bathroom I see a figure of what looks like a child / spirit and a cat down the hallway .
      I'm scared. I don't understand what 's happening.
      I go to my parents' bedroom . There's Ziggy and Eva (my actual cats) playing. Eva is playing inside the closet. I'm scared to think what may be the figures since my cats are here. I go back to the hallway and I see 2 cats I don't know.
      I'm more relaxed since they're probably just 2 stray cats that found some way inside. I Turn off the light and go back to the room to play with my cats. After a bit I return again to see that the stray cats disappeared.
      I think that's really weird. I'm confused. I tried to turn the lights on but they don't lit up.
      I think to myself that I must be dreaming.
      I think that's nonsense. This is so real. I'm in it for so long... No way.
      I pinch my nose and continue to breathe.
      I'm dreaming .
      As usual I feel a huge discharge of adrenaline. I feel like my head is spinning violently.
      It's completely dark.
      I close my eyes trying to calm my self down and I grab the wall. I'm trying to feel the texture of the wall.
      When I open my eyes everything is still goes dark and the spinning becomes stronger .
      I try to teleport me somewhere else. "When i open my eyes I'll be in the beach (E)" ( I've never done anything like that )
      I try to open my eyes again but I end up waking into my bedroom.
      I pinch my nose again but I'm actually awake.

      This is the lamest LD ever.
      Still loved it

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    5. 6th Lucid, Old Book store 08-03-2014

      by , 03-09-2014 at 06:36 PM
      I was in what looked like a shopping center. It was completely empty. Night time.
      I remember that I'm wondering around thinking about Lucid Dreaming.
      I'm walking and I look at some Flyer. I read the title (can't remember) turn around a look again( RC ). I realize I can't really read anything at this point. Everything is fuzzy, awkward and changing. It looks like one of those cards from Harry Potter.
      I realize I'm dreaming .
      I immediately feel a rush of adrenaline and I'm highly excited. I look at my hands carefully trying to calm myself down.
      I was repeating to myself, 'Don't you wake up"...
      I realize now that that's a mistake because. Just the tough of waking up in my head.
      I lean against a wall and place my hands really close to my face. I look at them and at the wall trying to stabilize. The wall is just beautiful. Purple and transparent. I remember thinking that both the walls and my hands are at least as clear and real as in waking reality. It's awesome.
      I'm calmer now.
      I'm thinking what should I do. I don't wan't to do anything too extreme that will eventually wake me or makes me loose lucidity.
      So I just walk a little further and there's this little antique bookstore.
      At this point I ignore what I ha just planned for this dream and imagine that Angelina Jolie is waiting for me inside
      I walk in and there's no one inside.
      After a little while a girl walks in. I believe sh'e the owner.
      Things get really private here.
      I believe that i'm losing lucidity here.

      Wake up after on or two minutes.
    6. First Lucid Dream - 05-08-2013

      by , 08-05-2013 at 04:59 PM
      It was a normal DILD.
      However I just re-read Naiya's MILD Guide before going to sleep. So I repeated some mantras, done some visualization, etc.
      Not sure if it had something to do with it.

      I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's a visual thing. It's a really vivid dream.
      I was on the bottom of what it seemed like a giant table.
      Two guys (video game characters) are flying around fighting around the table legs. I'm ascending. Not sure if floating/flying or just climbing.
      When I reach on top of the table I suddenly realize I'm dreaming.

      Don't know how. I just knew. I didn't even made ​​a RC.
      I feel this huuuuuge rush of adrenaline. My heart is racing.
      The scene changes and I'm on the ground on an old railway.
      I remembered the few things I've learned about dream stabilization and I stopped to look down at my hands. I stood still for a while just looking at my hands. Then I rubbed my hands.
      When I was calmer I stopped and looked around.
      It was beautiful. it was an old railway full of trees that led to an awesome beach.
      It seems that I'm seeing a blue ray movie. It's so vivid.
      I try to fly. I jump and fly a bit but then I'm being slowly pulled to the ground. I can jump and fly for a bit but I'm always pulled again. I do this for a while. It's still awesome.
      I'm walking to the beach.
      There's an old abandoned car. I make both doors open and close.
      Then shoot a dim light beam out of my right hand. I'm so proud.

      Things are getting a bit blurry now.
      I remember a girl on the beach. Boobs. Kissing..
      Only fragments from now on.
      The scene changes again and I'm in a weird place. It seems some kind of underworld market.
      There's a lot of people. I'm not alone.
      I'm not sure if Brad Pitt (yep Brad Pitt) is walking with me.
      I remember blowing a Dream Characters head off with some kind of dark side energy force Don't really remember why. He's a bartender.
      I'm trying to convince a girl to have sex with me. She almost does.
      I'm not sure I have much control at this point. I have the feeling I'm barely aware I'm dreaming.

      Woke up.

      I have the feeling that this is a very long dream. But it was early in the night.
      I normally use a phone app to record notes but I didn't want to wake up my girlfriend. So I just stood there trying to go through the dream over and over trying to recall everything. Big mistake.
      Oh and the Brad Pitt Thing.. I'm pretty sure it was because a Podcast I'm listening (Being Lucid) where this guy turned himself into Brad Pitt in order to get laid in his dream
      Anyway... this is an awesome day for me.
      Happy happy happy!!

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      Tags: 1st lucid :)
      memorable , dream fragment
    7. Coffee Machine - 27-07-2013

      by , 07-30-2013 at 02:40 PM
      I'm with a friend (NJ) in my work place.
      We go downstairs to grab a coffee. I grab some coins for the coffee machine.
      I get my coffee and the machine gives me back more money than it should. I take it.
      I look at the ground and pick two 10 bills. I look up and there's a hole on the machine with a massive amount of 10 bills in it.
      I pick some. My friend takes the rest. It's a lot of money.
      We knew that there was a robbery where they sabotage the machine.
      At first my friend doesn't want to return the money. He reconsiders it. He tells my boss he'll spend 80 a day untill someone claims it.
      I stumble across a lady that owned a coffee house in my old town.
      She starts to ask me some questions about my job.
      I lose track of the dream or wake up.
      Don't know.

      I probably bored myself to death and wanted to wake up. Really.. I need to get Lucid.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. A Beach and a Wilson Bag - 27-07-2013

      by , 07-30-2013 at 12:36 PM
      Dream Fragment:
      Me and my best pal (V.) were in beautiful little town next to a beach. It's daytime. It's really vivid.
      For some reason I don't know or don't remember we wanted to swim to the other shore. We're trying to find a place to leave behind our stuff.. phones, wallets, etc.
      He starts flirting with this girls that's carrying a HUGEEEE white Wilson tennis bag. He asks her if she can keep that stuff for us. No problem.
      Then it starts to get blurry and confusing.
      I go to a little shop (maybe a bakery) and I'm trying to force this guy to give me a knife. I leave. I come back and now I want a plastic bag and some bread? We argue I leave and come back a couple more times.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Driving Lessons - 30-07-2013

      by , 07-30-2013 at 12:20 PM
      Dream fragment.
      I was watching a car from outside like I was standing on its hood. We're in my hometown.
      It was an English type car with the wheel on the left side.
      Some blond guy/kid was having driving lessons from a blond woman.
      She was totally hitting on him. She's almost sitting on his lap.
      Aparently he didn't care, or was to busy learning how to drive.
      I don't know any of them.

      Woke up.

      My driving instructor was also a blond middle aged woman..

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    10. Dream Fragment and SP - 27-07-2013

      by , 07-29-2013 at 12:18 AM
      ... I was in some place I don't know. Probably a school.
      These two girls are following me. Each one carries a hand bag. I left a room and turn to a big corridor. I'm getting a strange feeling.
      They keep stalking me. I turn and one of them comes towards me like she wants to give me her bag and asks: "Are you Telmo?"
      My heart is racing!!
      I felt being pulled down. Like I was in the middle of a spiral. There's this deep guttural roar. So weird.

      The dream stops.
      I'm in my bed. I open my eyes and try to move. I can't.
      The roar continues and there's this black silhouette in front of me.
      I was trying so hard to move.
      It lasted just a few seconds until I finally managed to move.
      The thing is... I wasn't scared. I was somehow aware of all the stuff I've been reading about SP. And didn't gave it much thought.
      I was trying to move because I thought I was in a middle of a WILD attempt and it was time I try and leave my body for my FIRST! Lucid dream.
      I seems my mind is going all in at night. My recall is also improving every day but I'm still unable to get Lucid.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Grandma - 26-07-2013

      by , 07-26-2013 at 04:31 PM
      I'm in my house playing with my cats. It's not really my house. I just know it is.
      They're playing around like crazy. My youngest cat threw up hairballs everywhere.
      Suddenly (don't really know how) I'm in my work place with a friend (N.J.).
      We pass by a group of people in circles singing with music sheets, instruments...
      We get to an elevator and laugh at them. It's funny.
      I get to my desk and go to the Internet to check the Score between Portugal and Spain or Sweden. Not sure which. There's a soccer championship going on.
      Suddenly (again) I'm in another place with my mom and.. my grandma..
      My Mom is trying to teach my grandma how to use a smart phone. It's not going that well. She's getting impatient.
      I check my phone and there's a missing call from my sister's workplace.
      Apparently my grandmother was calling everyone without meaning to.
      She's really impatient.
    12. In my Friend's House - 24-07-2013

      by , 07-26-2013 at 01:12 PM
      I was driving in Santa Cruz (beautiful place in Portugal).
      Somewhere else there have been an accident and my dad need to drive there.
      I remember being worried because my dad had some problems and was in no shape to drive.
      I continue to drive (and apparently ignoring my father ) to a vacation house from a friend and former boss.
      There's this big german shepherd running around.
      I spot another friend (Chora) and I start to make fun of him telling him it's about time he left his mother's house. He doesn't mind. He left. Apparently he works there just doing stuff.
      It's getting weird.
      Another friend (Liviu) shows up.
      Another german shepherd shows up. This one is a bad motherfu**** He chases and corners me. He's just watching me now. I get up and leave. The badass dog leaves too.
      I go inside the house.
      There's a lot of people there.
      My friend (the owner) appears. He was walking with his son. He's just miserable. Fat, old, with lazy eyes, his little hair is a complete mess. He is with a massive hangover.
      We hug and talk for a while.
      He tells me that I'm looking great and that milk and gymn are really working (apparently my subconscious is needy).
      He is happy to se me.
      He leaves to get some sleep.
      There's a lot of people there. My niece is there.
      My cat Ziggy (Stardust) is there.
      This couple with two little kids are petting my cat. They're asking if he's behaves and... the alarm woke me..
    13. Looking for a Place to WILD - 25-07-2013

      by , 07-26-2013 at 11:34 AM
      I'm at my old Highschool.
      I'm wondering around trying desperately to find an empty room or something like that.
      It's some kind of a no classes day / activities only. There are kids everywhere.
      I try to sneak on to an empty classroom but I get caught by some lady.
      I continue and find an old bathroom in an abandoned part of the school. It's really really dirty. It's so disgusting.
      This is the most vivid Dream I've had in a long time.
      Then a friend (Nig) comes in (they always show up..).
      We chatted for a while. How's life.. he's studying again... that kind of stuff.
      He leaves.
      I lay down on the cleanest bench I can find to try a WILD.
      Woke up.

      Now I realize that this dream was in a WILD during WBTB attempt. Obviously it didn't work out.
      I fell into a dream and was desperate to find a quiet spot to WILD. Weird.
      Frustrating. A DILD should have worked.

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    14. A girl and my Parents - 22-07-2013

      by , 07-22-2013 at 12:32 PM
      I was with two friends of mine (R/A) at a place.
      I believe it's a place in the woods near an old football field at my home town when I was a kid. It doesn't exists anymore.
      The conversation is getting more and more scientific. My friend A is using a tree leaf laid on the ground to prove some point of view.
      I'm getting pissed because they're just ignoring me.
      The scenario changes and I'm with a girl friend of mine (AV) hanging in some stairs.
      Then a girl appears.
      She's brunette with big eyes and long hairs. her face is blurry. She's wearing shorts.
      We started flirting instantly. I'm getting fascinated by her.
      (I know that this dream is much bigger. From now on there's A LOT of fragments I can't remember.) I'm at her house. Se has one younger and one older brother. Her father is there too.
      They don't really like me.
      I'm cooking for them now.
      I know I spent a lot of time with her. We talked for ages.
      It's raining a lot.
      I live at the end of the street.
      My mom, dad and some person I don't remember are sleeping there. They spent a lot of time at the Hospital for some reason I don't know.
      I woke them and offered some bread and soup I made. They were really happy.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Dream Fragments - 18-07-2013

      by , 07-22-2013 at 12:32 PM
      Blurry Award Night
      I was at this really weird open air place at night. It so hard to describe.
      An old acquaintance of mine (M.P) arrived and out of nowhere he started giving awards (!).
      There was other people there. A friend of mine was there and started talking to me about being unemployed. He then told a joke and everyone laughed.

      Weeding Party
      I was at what looked like a wedding party at open air. Empty tables, lots of grass. It was really beautiful.
      My mom and an aunt (A.) were there. They were cooking something we call russian salad.
      I ask them why they're cooking since the party was already over! Apparently cooking the leftovers is the only way for the owners to count the remaining food for billing purposes (!).
      I ask to a bartender if there is any croissant left. I'm having the impression I know this guy.
      I believe it's a guy i knew (Yellow). He tells me to wait a second while he's going to check.
      There's one from the day before and I still have to pay for it. I tell him I don't want it. He offers me for a big discount and I still don't want it. I ask if is everything good with him. We talk for a minute and I left.
      I walk to a place with some bars and coffees. I entered and left some of them.
      I was not alone. It's getting blurry.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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