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    LD ???: Magneto in the Trash

    by , 11-28-2015 at 09:13 AM (225 Views)
    *shows up three years later* oops. I sort of haven't been on in a while, but I've been getting more into lucid dreaming again and I decided I should come back to log my dreams somewhere other than my phone notes, if only for record keeping purposes, lol. I haven't been keeping track of how many lucids I've had since I've last been here, hence the question marks in the title, but, eh.


    I wake up and check my phone and see that it says 12:35pm. Shit. I slept in past my morning class, and if I don't get a move on immediately, I'll miss my afternoon class. I jump out of bed and see my roommate and say, "Dude, I slept in and now I'm gonna be late!" She responds with a halfhearted "Aw, damn." She knows when my classes are, the least she could've done was wake me up. The nerve.

    Anyways, I rush outside and find myself in the lecture hall where my class is. For some reason, though, I'm still freaking out and trying to figure out a way to get to class, even though I'm basically there. I see my friend E and I run up to her, yelling "I missed my first class and now I'm gonna be late for my second!" She grabs my shoulders and gives me a hug to calm me down, saying "It's okay, if you hurry now you can still make it in time." I realize I don't have my backpack. Apparently I left it in another classroom, so E comes with me to look for it. When I sneak inside the classroom where my backpack is, the lights are dimmed and the professor is lecturing away. I try to stay as quiet as possible so I don't interrupt while I slink over to grab my stuff, but E walks in behind me and yells "DON'T WORRY EVERYONE, SHE'S JUST GRABBING HER STUFF!" I cringe and say "Stop it, this isn't even my class!" She stops yelling and apologizes.

    I make it out of that room with my backpack in tow, and I start walking down the hall toward the exit. As I'm walking, I pass my friend A who, in real life, goes to school on the other side of the country. "A? What are you doing here?" I say. Before he can speak, I say "Sorry, I'd love to stay and chat, but if I don't haul ass right now I'll miss my class. I'll see you later!" and then I turn and keep running.

    When I make it outside, I'm standing at the bottom of a hill. I can see the bus stop at the top of the hill, and I try to walk toward it. However, I can barely move because my legs are like lead and I'm making no progress. I see the bus pull up to the stop and tears start to well in my eyes because I know that if I don't catch this bus, I'll miss class. Damn, I think to myself, this is just like in dreams when you just can't...oh. Oh, wait.

    I put two and two together and realize I'm dreaming, confirming with a few reality checks. I quickly ditch my backpack and abandon my attempts to climb the hill, deciding to sit on the curb instead. I spend some time just staring at my hands, realizing just how strange looking they are and how wonky my fingers look. I grow another finger. Ew. I also paid attention to the grass around me, noticing how vividly green and soft looking it was. Basically, I tried to calmly engage multiple senses so that I could stabilize the dream.

    I look up and see three people come out of the building: my friend A from earlier, this other kid I went to high school with, and 90's Leonardo DiCaprio. Nice. It's an odd group, but I'm not complaining. Especially about Leo (who I stand up and greet with a kiss because I love myself and I deserve it). I invite everyone to sit down on the side of the curb with me. I pull out my phone and we start taking selfies, and I say "Wouldn't it be cool if these showed up on my phone in real life? Except they won't because NONE OF THIS IS REAL!" They don't really react to that for some reason. This kind of reminds me to deal with a problem I usually have in lucids: communicating with DCs. Mostly I find that I'm always the one doing the talking, and hardly ever will I hold a decent conversation with a DC. I ask Leo how his day was. He just smiles and nods at me. "No," I say, "use your words." He's clearly making an effort, but he's struggling.

    Suddenly, I hear a heavy Russian accent say "Here, you need to eat." I look up and see Wanda Maximoff from the latest Avengers movie standing above me. In one hand she has a dark brown wicker basket, and her other hand is holding a red fruit rollup, outstretched to me. I thank her and take it, and it tastes just like a normal fruit rollup. I think Wanda's food offering was a way to help me stabilize the dream because at this point my lucidity was getting a little shaky (a device to help Leo talk had appeared randomly in my hand and I didn't question it at all). Basically, my subconscious was like, "You're losing it, dipshit. Eat something." Thanks, subconscious.

    Anyways, I'm sitting there eating this fruit rollup when suddenly I get an idea. "Hey Wanda," I say, "where's your dad?" (For those who don't know--in the Marvel universe, Wanda's dad is Magneto, aka Erik Lehnsherr. Erik is played by Michael Fassbender. Michael Fassbender is a beautiful man. I had some saucy ulterior motives.) She gives me a strange look before saying, "He's inside." I thank her and run back into the building I had just previously exited, except this time, instead of it being my lecture hall, it was my mom's house. I'm pretty familiar with the place.

    I start calling out Erik's name in hopes of finding him, since I find that I'm better at finding people in dreams instead of just summoning them, but to no avail. I walk into the living room and see my sister lounging on the couch. I ask her if she's seen Erik. She says, "Yeah, I think he's over behind that gate." I look over and see one of those gates meant for blocking off babies from getting into certain places, but it was blocking off the area by our front door. Behind the gate, there are huge piles of blankets and laundry. I walk over and start digging around, but I don't find Erik. My sister laughs and says "Just kidding, I have no idea where he is. I don't even know who Erik is." I yell at her for wasting my time and walk into the kitchen.

    Erik is trash, I think to myself, so he's probably in the trash. And if he's not, he should be. I open the cupboard under the sink and grab a new trash bag. For some reason I feel like having a trash bag will help me find him. From the other room, I hear my mom yell, "LEAVE HIM ALONE." I respond with a resounding "NO."

    Then I wake up. I'm pretty happy since this was the first lucid I've had in a long time. It's motivating me to really get back into the swing of things, if only to continue my desperate search for Erik Lehnsherr.

    And yes, I did check my phone's camera roll when I woke up, but there were no selfies with 90's Leo DiCaprio :/

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