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    Dreams I can Only Dream.

    Sometimes lucids can be really weird.

    by , 10-31-2010 at 05:43 AM (782 Views)
    Date: Friday October, 2010
    Time: 2:30 pm.
    Note: There may have been some communication with either another being, or a direct link to my subconscious.
    So I laid down to take a quick hour long nap. I start to slowly enter SP, I feel the all to familiar energy waves crash over my body. I still get excited when this happens. The auditory hallucinations kick in. I remember I was thinking about something, but my thought trails off into a sort of dream where I enter a trance and am not even conscious of the fact I am falling asleep. I quickly realize what is happening and come back to consciousness before I fall asleep regularly. I start off with some hypnogogic imagery. Shiny multicolored light appears, little windows show up, giving me images and choices of what kind of dream I would like to enter.
    The imagery stops and I find myself in a dream, but I am not lucid yet. I am being mauled by my dog (who was sleep right beside me ha ha.) I remember falling to the floor and not being able to ask for help. I keep calling out my sister's name in hopes that she will hear me. No sound comes out of my mouth. I soon realize that the dog, although biting me. It isn't doing any damage, or pain. I "wake up"from it, but fail to realize the FA that just happened. I fall back asleep, but my consciousness wakes up, and I realize I just was dreaming, and that I still am. I crawl out of bed, and instead of being in my bedroom, I am in my place of work. I become lucid immediately.
    I walk around the store for a bit, but I end up blacking out. I wake up again into another FA, where I am standing in my backyard. I feel unusually confident in my ability to control my dream. Which for some reason I start to fight a DC. At first its a fist fight, but then I start controlling the elements. I forcefully push him with a gust of wind.
    To test my ability further, I go into my front yard and see several tornadoes whirling around. I grab one and throw it at the DC. He can't do anything but grab onto the car that is in my driveway. So I push the car out of the yard with my mind. The fight finishes, and I start looking around. The neighborhood looks different. I see my brothers Jamie, and Jay in my dream on the deck. The day turns to night as I walk up the stairs. Jamie turns to me and says "What's up Joe!" and my other brother says high. I noticed that they were drinking beer. I was going to go grab one, but decided not to. Instead I look up and jump up into the sky.

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