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    1. A couple of thoughts, not an entry.

      by , 10-29-2010 at 08:34 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Time: 2:30 pm.

      This isn't a dream post in the regular sense, this is more of food for thought. Different (not new) ideas about dreaming. I mention God, and soul, but there isn't a specific religion, and this isn't me preaching. I don't mean to offend anyone, or take anyone's enjoyment out of Lucid dreaming, if you don't agree, that is perfectly fine, but this post is more for the thinkers on the sight. Also I don't take on sides of Astral Projecting/OBEing/Lucid dreaming. Instead I think of them more of experiences than any kind of category. I will post a link to a new thread, so please do not comment here. Comment on the actual post. Thanks, and enjoy!
      What if lucid dreaming was more than dreaming while being conscious What if it was a gateway to another world? Think about it, all of the dream characters some of them you have never seen before, what if they were actual beings? Sure some of them are just DCs representing you, but what if there were others that weren't? Today I took an hour long nap, a successful wild! After several failed attempts at realizing FAs, I finally started to think, I ended getting out of my bed at my place of work. From there the rest were LDs. This isn't going to be a post about my specific LDs (coming shortly), they are about my ideas that I ended up with during the dream.

      I want to make a few notes about what I have discovered in the dream world today. First DCs are representations of yourself. What ever your thinking, that DC will be saying. I noticed several times when I was thinking or talking to myself, a nearby DC was repeating it, at first I didn't think anything of it, since it always happened, but now I paid attention to what I was thinking, and who was talking. The exact same thing. Now this idea goes further with, whatever your doing (just not controlling the dream world, instead just letting it happen) will be done to you. I noticed a DC eating something, but for some odd reason my mouth felt like it was full of food and I couldn't do anything. I didn't put two and two together until today as I have had that happen several times. Other properties about yourself can be manipulated by a DC along with the DC can manipulate yourself. You almost trick yourself out when in a dreamworld. Once I understood this, then I could control anything I wanted. I could fly at will (no arm flailing), summon tornadoes, breathe underwater, run super fast, read minds (my own haha), shoot energy blasts, and tons of others when the other night all I could do was explore. Flying was the best one I got the hang of it, no more butterflies, just the excitement to be able to fly! I used to walk my dog at night, and looked up into the sky and said I wish cool nights like this were in my dreams, and that I could fly! Today it happened! More to what I accomplished in the actual dream journal entry!

      Have you ever heard a radio in your dreams? For me I never noticed until now, but there were always some kind of background noise somewhere. Once I started listening to it I found the source. It sounded like rapid clips of commercials, shows, and songs put together, and having it play super fast. Kind of sounds like channel surfing. You have the white noise, and occasionally you'll come across a channel that works and hear it for a second until you switch it. Now imagine there are hidden messages within it. It seems like your being is being contacted (no pun intended) by another being through this. I listened closely at it. First I thought it was just everything I heard today being played at a super fast rate, that my subconscious was playing it out. Then I thought it was all of my thoughts playing at a super alarming rate, since my dream is within my head, people can speak as fast as they think! there are no physical limits.

      Then I heard the word God a couple of times and sat down next to it and listened. It brought up all of my concerns about dieing. It even said I had till Halloween night, or right around it until I was going to die. Then an announcer came on the speaker phone of were I was at and asked if there was some body named something was there, I couldn't remember the name. And the radio laughed and said never mind. They said that i was afraid of being just short of making it into purgatory and that I was afraid I would end up in hell. That was correct, that is what I am afraid of, not death itself. They said something about cleaning up my act, and that I would make it to heaven eventually, I just have to make peace with God. Then I tried asking a question but the radio shut off. It turned back on after a couple of minutes and said that what I was experiencing was part of the afterlife, since we have a soul we are able to just barely connect with other souls. But there are still DCs that were just DCs made up by my mind.

      Then I met two people who escorted me around my dream, I asked questions about this afterlife thought, and said it was true. I just thought back to when somebody on here said DCs tend to try and trick you into believing your not dreaming. So I denied it for a couple of seconds until I thought of something. I asked well aren't you two apart of my dream, so I can control you, and I attempted to control them and their actions, but I couldn't. I could do it on everything else, but couldn't on them. So I began to wonder about it. They said we were able to control what we called a "dream" by physical manipulation of the environment. Since there were no laws of physics, I could fly, but it was me flying, it was the environment bending to what I wanted. Objects can appear, because the environment put them there, not us. That is why we have to turn around think of something, then turn back around and it is there. Then shortly after all of these thoughts I woke up, but with brand new ideas of what the meaning of our dreams, and why we have them.

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    2. Im an Assassin with Amnesia

      by , 09-21-2010 at 03:44 AM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Date: Sept.10-20
      Time: NA

      So I started school, it has been hard to remember dreams recently, I will remember some parts of it throughout the day as things will remind me of them. I need to get a schedule going for when I should practice my WBTBs, WILDS, and entering SP. There is one dream I remember quite vividly from a while ago.
      Description: I haven't had any memories of recent dreams, but there are a couple of fragments I remember. So here they are in no particular order. Warning- Some are very short! Also I have a vivid memory of one.

      Frag 1: Faking passing out in the middle of the class. I fell and was taken to the office to be sent home. I think I did it to get out of class.

      Frag 2: Looking at the cars in the street in front of my house, one is mine, my brother's truck, the kia, and my sister's car. An officer is at the front door because of too many cars in one spot.

      Frag 3: Running down the street away from something. I felt fear, but it never really turned to a nightmare.

      Frag 4: Talking to somebody in my house, not much else comes to mind.

      Frag 5: I am walking around my basement, K is there for some reason I want her to see my penis. So I undress while she walks in on me. I am now nude while she follows me. I grab a pair of shorts, and head outside. She chases me around the pool as I show her more of my now fully erect penis. Can't remember more, but pretty sure I almost had dream sex ha-ha.

      Dream Fragment: I start the memory off walking toward the kitchen in my work, someone is beside me saying I need to finish it. He hands me a piece of glass that is shaped like a scythe, later I remember it felt more like cardboard. Someone walks past me so I follow them. I don't kill them for some reason, so I jump onto her back, she fights me. I chase her out to this big parking garage. Inside there are walls made of glass, I try to tell her I am trying to help her but she doesn't listen. So she gets into a car, and I break into one, and chase her some more. I dodge police cars, and social workers. I can't remember anything else.
    3. My Own Resident Evil. ( without the zombies)

      by , 09-12-2010 at 10:01 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Date: Sept.12
      Time: between 7am-10am

      Important Note:
      Again, from the night before I tried that no preparation technique of being completely confident about LDing, and it actually worked twice in a row. I did a mini WBTB. I was only up for about 5 minutes before falling back to sleep. I remember the dream before I awoke, and my lucid dream after.
      Description: A long semi-vivid dream. I remember mostly the ideas, and feelings of the dream, but not that actual order of events, and I have lost details throughout the day since I was late for work. My lucid dream was very short, or maybe I don't remember some of it. Again, tried different techniques to fly, but was only able to jump higher than usual.

      Dream: So I am in my backyard, with a couple of family members. For some reason we walk out into the front yard and look down the street. I see a couple of little kids riding their bike, for some reason we all think we are about to get attacked by zombies. So we decide to be defend ourselves in the house. I remember my dad telling me to get my bible, so I rush into my old upstairs bedroom and grab a red bible that was sitting under some papers. I rush out of my room outside, and talk to my family on what to do. We are by my front door, and to the left where there was a bush, now there is a secret staircase leading down, kind of looked like a bomb shelter of some sort. I never go down. I start talking about, once somebody gets bit, then the infection will grow rapidly. That soon we will be defending ourselves against the neighborhood. And eventually we will be in the apocalypse, and might be the only human survivors. That we need to leave, the house and drive far away. Nobody listened to me. I kept repeating myself and getting frustrated, because no matter what I said, nobody would listen. It got dark out, and my nephew finally listened. So I took off in my car with him and headed for some strip mall, that had a couple of big stores in it. I remember trying to tell him we need to go to Chicago. But then I awoke to my alarm.

      LD: So I fell back asleep and ended outside in the front of my house. It felt very cool, the wind was blowing, and it was late morning early afternoon. I remember for some reason I thought I was dreaming, so I did an RC of the nose plug, and it failed. I didn't get to excited, because I have learned to control that emotion when in an LD. So I said I was dreaming, and decided to try to fly. Before going to bed, I looked up how to fly in a dream. So I tried out different techniques. One was just look up at the sky and jumping. I did this, but all I did was jump kind of high. Then I tried imagining the ground moving away from me as I was in air, but that failed. I can't remember anything else, but I know there was more to it.
    4. Talking with a celebrity, and a dog that is a visionary.

      by , 09-06-2010 at 02:31 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Date: Sept.6
      Time: 9:00am

      Description: I used a couple of alarms to wake me out of my dreams, they worked. I mentioned lucid dreaming and talked about it, but it never crossed my mind that I was dreaming at that instance.

      Dream 1: Okay so I am trying to find out a way to get an Xbox360 slim, I have a Wii, and some games. So I thought I could sell them. At some point in my dream I asked my parents if I should. I also had a super Nintendo to. They said something along the lines of the console being to big. So I end up at family video, but it isn't actually family video, it's looks more like block buster. I go to the desk, and the clerks ask me if I want a shirt. I say yea, I could always use more shirts. So I take it. It's like a plain tan shirt. They tell me about this premiere of a couple of big movies, that is happening somewhere, that I should go. That the actors will be acting one of the scenes. So I go, and now at a desk waiting for new clothes to put on. There a quite a few people here, so I end up in a script, were all I have to do is take a photo. I do it, and the picture, is of our backs, we retake the photo. So I end up meeting some celebrity, I think it is Lindsey Lohan. I talk to her a bit, then I mention something about dreams. She says "WAIT!!!, You have those to??!!!" all excited. I say yea, like I have full control over some dreams, they are called lucid dreams. I should of went lucid but I didn't. She says she visits other realms in her dreams. So we talk for a bit, until I am getting my old clothes back, trying to take advantage of her, I say does anyone know where I can get an Xbox360? They say no, but Lohan says something about me writing something. That I will get an Xbox360. So I receive a paper, with some info on it, and what looks like a political cartoon. I couldn't actually see the cartoon, or read the words clearly. I am now back in my living room trying to do it.

      Dream Fragment: We are in this room with multiple beds, people are getting shot. Someone is jumping up and down on a bed, and another person is laying down in his bed, he gets up with a shotgun in hand and starts to kill everyone in the room. I don't recall ever being there.

      Dream Fragment: We are outside, at some point I am talking with my friend Kody about Fallout: New Vegas, he already has the game for the Xbox 360, I wonder why because he had a PS3, that makes me want the game even more.

      Dream 2: We are inside my house, there is this dog. Not my dog, but another dog. I think I could almost compare him to Alf. Anyway at some point he is reading a book and says something about some danger, my dream skips to my brother Josh about to jaywalk, he almost gets hit by some car, and instead we are taking off the ground and are flying around the city. I ask the dog if he can see the future, he said sometimes. He says there is a certain room, that looks like the control room from Dreamscape, is easiest to see into the future, so I say sleep in my room. Then when I fall asleep, he tries to have sex with me! I say no and pushing him back, he turns into an anthropomorphic human/animal. I tell him to resist his primal urges. That ends and now we are upstairs. The dream ends.

      Dream Fragment: I see my nephew outside, talking to people younger than him as usual. I am in my living room, so I start to make some food, and him and his friends start to come into my house, I say no and tell them to leave. He does, and my mom comes into the dream and I tell her about how he gets everything for less, when I work and don't get everything he does. The dream is foggy, and I remember going outside, and doing something, but I don't know what. I just know in real life, I have more things, so I don't know what the dream meant haha.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Fragmental Spider

      by , 09-03-2010 at 10:04 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Date: Sept.3

      Description: This is just a fragment of the dream, unfortunately I was to lazy to write down the dream when i woke up from it, Cause I know I remembered more.

      Fragment: I am in a classroom setting, that is also mixed with my house to. There is a project of some sort going on. I spot a pretty big spider that has a white coat, and black stripes on it. I chase and try to kill it around my house.

      2) In one of my dreams I remember being in my kitchen and talking to my brother Jay. He said, "I remember when you were little I would pick you up and put you in your room when you fell asleep, and I would have chicken wings ready for you." I should of recognized this as a dream, because he did no such thing ha ha.
      dream fragment
    6. It May Have Been a Romance Comedy

      by , 08-26-2010 at 05:16 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Date: Aug.25/26
      Time: Approximately 7:05 am

      Description: This is another non-lucid dream. It is only one dream, and it is only in fragments. I can't no matter how hard I try, remember much of anything. Even feelings are scarce. But nonetheless here it is.

      Dream: I am walking down a street and see somebody that I recognize (not a friend or anybody I know, it was a feeling of just going along with whatever the plot was). We have a place where we hang out. In this place, a water pipe is broken, but it still seems to work. This person I am with brings over a couple of girls to the house. One of these girls is more official than the other in their relationship to the guy. They both like each other too. This guy ends up wanting the official girl over the other women. I invite a couple of guys to this house we are at. DJ comes over and we mess with the computer, trying to lay down beats in FL studio. I pick up the headphones I use and give them to DJ. I end up back on the street walking the opposite way I was in the beginning of the dream.