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    An hour long lucid with complete control, and spiritual findings.

    by , 10-31-2010 at 06:23 AM (1230 Views)
    Date: Friday October, 2010
    Time: 2:30 pm.


    Note: There may have been some communication with either another being, or a direct link to my subconscious.
    So I laid down to take a quick hour long nap. I start to slowly enter SP, I feel the all to familiar energy waves crash over my body. I still get excited when this happens. The auditory hallucinations kick in. I remember I was thinking about something, but my thought trails off into a sort of dream where I enter a trance and am not even conscious of the fact I am falling asleep. I quickly realize what is happening and come back to consciousness before I fall asleep regularly. I start off with some hypnogogic imagery. Shiny multicolored light appears, little windows show up, giving me images and choices of what kind of dream I would like to enter.
    The imagery stops and I find myself in a dream, but I am not lucid yet. I am being mauled by my dog (who was sleep right beside me ha ha.) I remember falling to the floor and not being able to ask for help. I keep calling out my sister's name in hopes that she will hear me. No sound comes out of my mouth. I soon realize that the dog, although biting me. It isn't doing any damage, or pain. I "wake up"from it, but fail to realize the FA that just happened. I fall back asleep, but my consciousness wakes up, and I realize I just was dreaming, and that I still am. I crawl out of bed, and instead of being in my bedroom, I am in my place of work. I become lucid immediately.
    I walk around the store for a bit, but I end up blacking out. I wake up again into another FA, where I am standing in my backyard. I feel unusually confident in my ability to control my dream. Which for some reason I start to fight a DC. At first its a fist fight, but then I start controlling the elements. I forcefully push him with a gust of wind.

    To test my ability further, I go into my front yard and see several tornadoes whirling around. I grab one and throw it at the DC. He can't do anything but grab onto the car that is in my driveway. So I push the car out of the yard with my mind. The fight finishes, and I start looking around. The neighborhood looks different. I see my brothers Jamie, and Jay in my dream on the deck. The day turns to night as I walk up the stairs. Jamie turns to me and says "What's up Joe!" and my other brother says high. I noticed that they were drinking beer. I was going to go grab one, but decided not to. Instead I look up and jump up into the sky.
    I fly easily, something I never have been able to do without the most extreme amount of effort. I look around and get the exciting butterfly feeling as I do when I am at extreme heights. I see the millions of houses, and building structures. The world seems so real. I start doing loops in the sky, and decide to fly super low to the ground and great speed. I make a beeline toward the earth. I end up spotting a big pool and dive for it. Free falling is really scary, and I almost forgot that I was dreaming. I splashed into the pool, water waves crashing over the sides of the square in ground pool. I decide to go underwater, my speed isn't affected but my clothes are soaked. I didn't feel wet however.
    I see tunnels underwater, it is really dark. I can breathe underwater and was going to go explore the tunnels but decided against it. Flew out of the water back up into the sky. I remember a thought I had when walking my dog outside at night. I remembered I wanted a cool night air time flight, where I could feel the breeze of the wind rush against me, and smell the familiar air that is so distinct to the night. I became completely relaxed as I flew on. I must have flown across entire cities as I lost track of time. Just completely deep in my thoughts.
    The flight ends abruptly as I kind of black out and appear outside of some random house, in a random neighborhood. I notice the house I am in front of is on a hill, and looking down the hill notice a straight long street. I see other dream characters walking around doing what they do. I decide to start a fight, so I go to some random dude in a truck and say that I can control him. He was a decent sized fellow, with a scruffy brown goatee and short brown hair. Was wearing a plaid jacket and blue jeans. I start to try and control him, but I can't for some reason, so he walks up on me and actually forces me to my knees. No matter how hard I try, I can't do anything. That quickly stops as I get aid from another DC. The guy I picked a fight with runs down the street, and me and the other DC give chase, running at super fast speeds. We never catch him as I end up in a weird room presumably in the house I was just in front of.
    I hear a radio, I see a t.v, and there are two other DCs in the room. I do not recognize either of them. The room was small, with black and white tile on the ground, a green two people seat couch in the middle facing the t.v. There is a radio playing in the corner of the room by a door that leads outward. One DC was standing in the doorway of the room, the other sitting on the couch. I remember hearing a cool song play, and wanting to write it down or try to remember it for when I wake up. But couldn't. Then I hear a freestyle rap going on. One of the lines I tried to remember was "I am like the bank cashing all the checks....." and was amazed by how sick the lines were. Me and the DC sitting on the couch were getting hype by this rap. That soon ended as the t.v shut off. I started paying attention to some sort of noise playing in the background.
    I turned toward the radio and went to it. I sat down and listened to it. It sounded like white noise, and the occasional station being flipped through. But at a super fast rate. I had a thought that this was my subconscious trying to speak to me. The words were going incredibly fast. I had another thought that said this was how fast I was thinking subconsciously. Then another thought came into my mind that said this was everything I heard today being played back to me by my subconscious. As if all the commercials, all the songs, all the conversations I heard were being played back to me at an undecipherable rate. Then I heard words, I couldn't write them down as I remember that I can't bring anything back from the dream world so it would be pointless.
    It started speaking to me this voice. It told me my fear. That I would not make it to heaven, or purgatory. That my fear was that I would end up in hell. That I thought I was doing everything wrong in life, but wasn't. Only that I had to switch a few of my habits around. This voice said I was on a path to God, but I have taken other paths leading off of it recently. That if I correct my path I would end up in heaven. Then it went on to say that I do not fear death as others do, but that I have accepted it as a natural thing everybody has to experience. That where I was at was the actual afterlife. I wasn't just inside a dream anymore, I was in a different realm, where DCs are now beings. I asked the two DCs, or beings about it and they told me that the voice was correct. That they aren't just in my dreams, that my consciousness was actually completely in a different place. Right then I just became an observer, and listener. I just went along with it, yet I was still completely lucid (or was I??). Then the voice said (not directly to me as I originally thought.) Since I was not afraid of death, that I would meet it Sunday, the 31st. I would pass on into the current realm I was in. I didn't get scared of this foreshadow, or prophecy but curious on it. Then an announcement happened over a PA system that asked for somebody, I can't remember the name. The voice told me that was the person who was going to die, not me (It could of been talking to someone else entirely.). I relaxed a little more, I asked about God, but the voice went away. Dead silence for a few minutes, then it began to talk again. I stood up accompanied by the two DCs, or beings. I again asked if this was really what the afterlife was like, and they said yes. They lead me out the door, and out of the house were I began to hear a ringing, and realized within the dream that it was my alarm. Disappointed, yet excited I prepared to become awake within the real world (at least what I consider it to be).
    I woke up feeling all sweaty, and weird contemplating all that had happened.
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      after I was done reading I scrolled down and tried to find the "like" button... haha like on facebook
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      Thanks! Glad you liked, sorry for the several spelling mistakes I will try to fix them ASAP.
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      feh you met me in my inner world. My inner world house is on top of a hill. your description of the guy you tried to control fits me perfectly.
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