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    1. Body Check and Time Travel Incubation

      by , 03-19-2022 at 02:02 AM
      Date: 17/03/2022
      Bedtime: 2.30am
      Awakening: 7.40am
      Return to bed: 8am
      Method of entry: dream consciousness
      Attempt: successful
      Awakening: 10am
      DILD: The Body Check Experiment


      At a shopping centre, me and a number of people are trying to evade and hide from a pride of lions. I experience intense fear as the big cats seem to be all over the place and almost impossible to avoid. We start climbing decorated walls in order to reach large shelves as the environment starts to resemble a museum interior. It's only a matter of time before someone dies in front of me. We reach a high shelf but a poor woman on its edge is pulled and devoured by a giant feline beast. I am terrified as I find this situation to be an absolute nightmare.


      I record the nightmare and make sure the kids get ready for school before using the loo. I return to bed and put my sleep mask on with the intension to enter the phase directly. I experience some fleeting hypnagogic imagery but eventually have to move from a supine to a side position and uncover myself as my body temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. I fall asleep.


      I'm part of the Mafia and my gangster pals are with me at a hideout. We are listening to our butler who is trying to give us good advice about evading our enemies and doesn't seem to stop talking. He is a grey gentleman with a very English accent. Somehow, the old man ends up getting shot by an enemy so we carry him and flee the hideout before getting in a mini and driving off. Covered in blood and not looking good, the butler is dying in the backseat of the car. We need to get away and bury the body somewhere.


      Scene shift: I'm lying in bed experiencing hissing in my head with accompanying hypnopompic imagery that seems to last a couple of minutes before I lose consciousness.


      I'm in the backseat of a speeding car with my wife. The situation is a hot pursuit where the gangsters are driving away from their rivals. I tell them to be careful as they nearly crash into a truck and reassure Stacey that everything will be alright. It dawns on me that the situation is extremely unusual and I ask, 'Am I dreaming?'


      My wife is still panicking next to me about the precarious driving and I grab her hand and tell her that she should no longer worry because it is all a dream. (Realism: 90%) I open the car door and I'm ready to jump out but I'm suddenly back in bed with a pulsating hiss in my head.

      The experience is fully tactile. (Realism: 15%) Suddenly, my legs begin to float and fall on what feels like my sleeping wife lying next to me. My body rests on the bed only from the waist up and I find this odd. I decide the experience cannot be real and push against the phantom bed, causing me to start hovering over it. A dimly lit bedroom environment comes into view. (Realism: 65%) As I float 5ft above the bed, I can see my sleeping wife on her side and next to her the hint of a second body completely covered and lying dormant. I'm having an out-of-body experience.

      I remember Project Elijah's task and begin palpating my body all over and counting fifteen seconds in my head. This causes the environment to become sharper immediately. (Realism: 95%) As I rub my arms, I land next to the bed with my bare feet on a highly defined carpeted floor. With one hand I part the curtains to bring more light into the room while the other hand rubs my neck and head. (Realism: 100%) The bedroom door is open and I'm about to exit into the hallway but my sleeping wife kicks me in the real world and I wake up.


      I realise I can't re-enter the dream world because time is getting on and I must get up for other commitments. I'm a bit annoyed with myself because I had said to myself a few days ago that the next time I tried to induce a lucid dream after waking in the morning, I would return to a different bed to prevent being disturbed during the experience. As a result of neglecting that preparation, I didn't get to fulfill what would have been the next step after the task: to time-travel to the future (subconscious futuristic concept for artistic purposes).

      Date: 18/03/2022
      Bedtime: 3.30am
      Awakening: 8am
      Return to bed: 8.05am
      Method of entry: dream consciousness
      Attempt: successful
      Awakening: 11.15am
      DILD: Time Travel


      The environment is fraught with food stalls and cakes galore. The marketplace is packed with people and there are a few excited children running around. I'm eating a delicious slice of sponge cake with blue icing sugar on top. I search for more slices of cake with my mum but all we find is half-eaten ones with no icing.

      I'm racing with Danny Dyer, Richard Blackwood and others along a train station platform. I'm a great runner and it is a draw with Danny Dyer after we beat everyone else. I tell Richard about my waking life memory of winning the dads' race at my kids' primary school once. He replies, 'That's right, I remember!' like he had been there (no celebrity attended that particular school sports day as far as I know). There is another race taking place with some participants who are partially naked. A little Halle Berry lookalike jumps on me like a crazed fan and wraps herself around my torso as I run. She weighs nothing apart from feeling her grip and I start to show off by running even faster whilst carrying a person.

      Scene shift: On the opposite platform, the race is over but Halle Berry lookalike won't let go of me. A long-haired guy wearing a dark trenchcoat challenges me to compare the size of our private parts; we are about to expose ourselves at the same time to everybody until at the last minute he aborts by making a joke of it with a gesture and we both laugh it off having avoided considerable embarrassment despite our initial bravado. I tell little Halle that we need to part ways and she becomes visibly upset. I start flying away from her as I hear her sobbing and move speedily over the railway and through a tunnel; the flying, as far as I'm concerned, is completely natural for a race champion to do. Once I reach the end of the tunnel I come upon an urban setting. I still hear the woman crying and feel extremely sorry for her so I wish to see her face one last time for another goodbye. Suddenly, a green hologram resembling her face comes floating out of the tunnel before disappearing. 'I'm dreaming!'


      I fly over the hustle and bustle of the city under a daytime atmosphere, gradually gaining altitude, viewing rooftops and soon going beyond the urban confines to a more idyllically rustic landscape composed of beautifully sun-kissed greenery and lakes. I remember my plan to find out what happens in a lucid dream if I wish to time-travel to the future, but instead of using a wormhole to get there as previously imagined during a dream incubation rehearsal in the waking state, I decide to close my eyes and spin in darkness to subsequently glide through the void which gradually fills with dim light.

      I land on a hard floor made of several fluorescent hexagons which I explore with my hands and feet. I look up and it's nighttime in an urban environment illumed by a myriad multicoloured lights. It feels like a tourist zone reminiscent of Trafalgar Square in London, only somewhat richer. I'm approached by a hooded man who asks me, 'Where did you come from?' I reply, 'I'm a time traveller!' He laughs in my face and starts gathering others to surround and taunt me. I start forcing people to sit down, literally picking them up and collecting them at a bus station to form an audience that will hear me out. I lose lucidity ...


      Some people from the crowd start to grab me but I am too strong to allow myself to be overwhelmed and in my determination, I jibber-jabber at the crowd of doubting Thomases until I turn into Ben Shapiro. I can literally hear my Shapiro voice explaining to them, like a motormouth, that I can prove I'm a time traveller. Managing to get enough space, I start spinning like a dervish until the urban dreamscape fades and I wake up.


      It seems that my dream incubation worked to a degree. A few days ago I had imagined a slightly different time-travelling narrative but I am glad that it was enough to recall the plan and the theme when I became lucid.
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