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      Summerlander, are you still in the UK? add me as friend <3
    2. Thank you!
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      Welcome to the forum Summerlander!
      I remember seeing you on astral-viewers back in the day, and I must say I am glad to have you with us.
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    THE PHASE = waking consciousness during sleep hybridisation at 40Hz of brainwave activity conducive to lucid dreaming and autoscopy.


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    Recent Entries

    Ordinary Dream State Entries

    by Summerlander on 12-24-2020 at 01:42 PM
    Dream state:

    I go to bed around 2am and set Lucid Dreamer app's delay time for a sleep cue at 180 minutes.

    A horrible quasimodo arrives a
    at a party and starts murdering everyone. I notice a girl is scared and hide with her in a bathroom.

    For a moment, I think a dangerous triceratops is coming and an image of one flashes in my head. I peek outside, it looks like an aquarium, there is music redolent of a Jurassic Park show, and the murderer is coming. Now we hide in a basement (no longer a bathroom).

    The quasimodo has a flat, deformed head, as though missing part of his brain, but he is a large human with an indifferent facial expression. He enters the basement and I jump on his broad back to stab his deformed head with a sharp object.

    I wake up with Lucid Dreamer app's auditory cue which surprisingly sounds exactly like the Jurassic Park tune from my dream. Now I know what it sounds like! The app's visual cue is flashing and lights up the room. It's 5.15am. I record the dream and use the loo before returning to bed at 5.45am.

    Lucid Dreamer app's cue set to go off in 60 minutes and sound is lowered.

    Waking state:

    I return to bed just before 6am, having recorded a dream and used the loo. Lucid Dreamer app's cue set to go off in an hour. I lie down on my back and relax. Soon, dream impressions manifest but don't last. I cycle through brief visual and auditory hallucinations, a process that my wife interrupts as she tosses and turns in her sleep.

    I lose consciousness and come too just before 7am with the app's auditory cue going off. I hear white noise in my head. I turn off the sound cue and adopt a sideways position. A pulsatile hiss emerges in my head and seems to get faster and louder.

    Phase state:

    I aggressively roll out of bed and stand, pulling the cover with me and disturbing my wife. The room is dark and I apologise to my wife who chuckles and tells me she gathered that I was trying to have an out-of-body experience. Suddenly, I'm back in bed realising I had actually achieved a false awakening. I fall asleep.

    Dream state:

    I'm in a car with a man that resembles Raj, a former local butcher. He is driving me around town and comes close to having a few accidents but the car transmutes regularly. Even though such shapeshifting is impossible in real life, I merely find it interesting and remark to the driver that it's quite 'cool'.

    We finally crash into another vehicle and a family becomes argumentative. A teenage girl starts quizzing us about the car and road manoueuvres that led to the accident. I feel like she's trying to embarrass us, as I struggle to address her questions. I don't want to be here.

    I'm sitting in a bed with two strangers resembling Iggy Pop and Glen Benton from death metal band Deicide. I am holding my smartphone and listening death metal music. All three of us enjoy the fast drumbeats, menacing guitar riffs and guttural vocals until 'Glen' leaves the room. There is a third party in the room, sitting with me and 'Iggy'.

    This druggie-like character is in his underwear and appears to have a semi-erection. 'Are you gay?' Iggy asks. 'No. Honestly,' I hear the reply, 'It's going down.' He covers his crotch and presses down on his bulge. Me and Iggy stand up and stare at him.

    I wake up around 10.40am.

    These dreams were recorded using the Lucid Dreamer app for the first time. The 'phase state' simply means the hybrid brain state that combines wakefulness and dreaming at gamma frequencies---where, besides lucid dreams, false awakenings manifest. The phase state can be mistaken for the waking state until the person becomes lucid, i.e., recognises it isn't real.

    Updated 12-24-2020 at 01:46 PM by Summerlander (Italicise a section)


    Plan of Action during the Pandemic

    by Summerlander on 12-19-2020 at 10:46 PM
    How is everybody using their lucid dreaming practice during this pandemic? I have recently come up with a plan of action consisting of three steps:

    1. Visit the world of Minecraft by plunging into the telly screen while my son plays the game.

    2. Visit and explore Saturn's moon Titan and fly towards the Milky Way galaxy centre.

    3. Summon Dean, a wise 'cave caretaker' I met in a previous lucid dream.

    Here is the first lucid dream I had since writing down this plan:

    Date: 17/12/2020
    Method of entry: dream consciousness
    Bedtime: 1am
    Awakening: 6.45am
    Return to bed: 7am
    Awakening: 8.25am
    Attempt: successful
    Phase experience: Libby and Beano

    REM sleep having returned to bed around 7am is characterised by vivid dreaming displaying cues about the illusory nature of my experience: moving house during a pandemic (never); smoking (I quit months ago); being excited about finding a couple of bags of cannabis on the floor (I'm done with its recreational use); organising a housewarming (out of my mind in a silly dream state).

    I go to bed (mattress on the floor) with my wife in this strange new house. I hear footsteps and my youngest son opens the bedroom door to say he's not feeling well and needs a day off school. 'What's the matter?' I say while I get up to examine him. 'My back hurts', he replies. His back reveals a strange bruise and I send him back to bed. Beyond the room, I see my eldest son go to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. At the end of the hallway (abode now resembling the one in waking life), Kayci, his girlfriend, has the front door open and she's having a cigarette. I walk towards the entrance to look at the morning view outside, expecting to see the spacious, public lawn which is shared by many neighbours but typically deserted at dawn, only to discover my false awakening situation.

    I'm shocked to find a vast park replete with people noisily congregating, and the colossal industrial buildings in the background clearly defying the logic of being remote from commercial areas and living by a river in waking life. 'Is this a lucid dream?' I ask Kayci. 'Yes.'

    I push my right hand through the door jamb and watch my limb being engulfed up to my elbow by the wood with barely any resistance. I notice my former neighbour Libby in the bustling park, beckoning to me in her typically risqué manner whenever she had a reefer to share. As her mischievously grinning form wiggles her long index fingernail, I realise the risk of being lured into an ordinary dream state.

    I run through the crowd in the opposite direction to beckoning Libby, desperately trying to remember the plan of action I had only just written down prior to bedtime. I frantically run and leap, annoyed that I can't remember one single step of the plan, and partially disturbed at the prospect of a premature collapse of the phase state. I could ask Libby for mnemonic clues, but she vanished, and a demented life-size Beano-like character is chasing me around this crazy playground. I find him very distracting and I feel like it would be impossible to reason with him.

    I wake up, content and slightly annoyed, with white noise petering out in my head. I make notes to remind myself to rehearse the plan of action in imagination prior to the next attempt and that in lucid dreams, control is attainable. The Libby and Beano simulations would have bent to my will.

    ---Looking back now, I wonder if 'Beano' was actually a representation of the memory of the first step in my plan of action (visiting Minecraft). What I found distracting might have been, quite literally, the memory 'coming to me'. In hindsight, Beano looked like something out of Minecraft. I think I made a mistake by inadvertently avoiding what I really wanted.