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    1. Fragments (Sep 24 2011)

      by , 09-24-2011 at 03:06 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      I remember being in the car with several friends. We were just driving down a road that led away from our area (a sort of dream that i get from time to time). Eventually, I had to reply to a text from my dad, but something about the area we had just entered caused my phone to automatically switch to spanish (i.e. everything I typed automatically changed to Spanish, as well as all the UI) o_0. We were parked at a spot which resembles closely a spot in my actual town (which we pointed out in the dream), and I told them what happened with my phone, and said we needed to get back so i could reply to that text. A different friend drove back, and said he knew some back roads (sort of a scenic route).

      Later on, I remember looking in a mirror, and I had tattoos . I almost caught that one, I thought something about how there must have been some circumstance where I didn't really have the tattoos, but It didn't quite click that that meant i was dreaming and should RC.
    2. Tripping with R in the woods

      by , 08-22-2011 at 02:47 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      I only remember one dream last night, but it was pretty vivid, possibly due to REM rebound from drinking.

      First thing I remember, I was with R on a back road just within a forest. We had both eaten some shrooms and were already tripping. Upon waking up I immediately reflected on how much the feeling of it was like actually tripping. The mental state wasn't quite the same, but the physical feeling was;and that's a feeling I can't quite recall while awake. We were supposed to be near the gathering point for some sort of "festival". After sitting there a bit, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I got up and started walking down a few streets, and was feeling fairly anxious. Shortly I came up to a building that was like that "psychedelic crisis tent" that someone set up at Burning Man (probably where this idea came from). I was pretty anxious at this point, but I didn't want to go in, thinking for some reason that I didn't want to give them my name. I thought of giving them a fake name, but quickly rejected the idea and started to walk away. As I left I quickly started feeling better, for some reason. I walked downhill, then made a 180 to the left and back up to where my friend was. While walking down the hill, something put on my mind the idea that most people don't drink enough water, and came up with some sort of guideline to avoid getting dehydrated. Now I wanted to get back to my friend because my water bottle was back there. As I arrived back my friend was just getting up from where he had been lying. We continued walking up the hill, towards where some people were entering the woods. I asked him "So, is this like, a hippie festival, or something?" I remember wanting to run into someone else who was tripping. We entered the woods and I asked what sort of festival it was. He said "Well, what do we always do?" and made a hand motion like smoking a joint. There were a few people to our right, and a steep hill to our left with more people at the bottom. The people to our right were playing "Candyman" by the Grateful Dead. It sounded amazing, and I think I sang along briefly. Next they played some Led Zeppelin song. My friend and I made our way down the hill, and to our left was this spot where there was a sort of division between the woods and a totally different area, in a desert and darker as if it were dusk, with a door connecting the two. There were two lines of people in the desert area, and me and my friend went over there. That's about the last I remember, and the dream ended just after that.
    3. (very dark) Fragments (Aug 14 2011)

      by , 08-14-2011 at 03:52 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      Had a very creepy dream last night.
      I don't remember exactly how we got into the situation we were in, but from where I remember: me and a few of my friends were in a situation where 3 people had been killed (we had nothing to do with that), but due to the circumstances we were afraid that if we told anyone we would be blamed, so we put the bodies in a car and drove out to a remote point between a river and some woods . We were trying to figure out how to hide the bodies, understandably freaking out a bit. Finally we decided to go up a hill and bury them by the edge of the woods. Don't remember any ore of that.

      There was another dream later that had something to do with being in a store. Don't remember much at all of that, but the part of the store that I was walking towards looked, from where I was, sort of like the inside of a store that I had been in another dream a while back.