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    The Fair and a Higher Spiritual Enlightnment

    by , 09-17-2013 at 07:04 PM (317 Views)
    I was at a fair, or amusement park. I was responsible for my own room set up, to have games or sell things..it was part of the military and friends, as a project that i had to do. I can remember fragments.
    I was on the other side of the park, and there was a girl, my age, putting on a type of suit, apparently she was some type of fighter, like a kick boxer, and she was the best female fighter. But in order to fight, she needed to wear this suit, and she needed a ring or key to complete the suit or else it wouldn't work. She asked me to hurry and find the ring/key and bring it back to her so she can start the event. I ran across the park and found my aunts accounting firm, and standing outside, i met her boss, who had a little wooden box, and inside she had the key, i took it and ran back and gave it to the girl.

    The next thing i remember:
    I was in a crowded room with people i knew from all walks of live, past and present, school and military, and i kept floating up (flying) to the ceiling and pushing my hands off the ceiling and floating back down. I was the only one able to do this, and so the people in the room thought i was weird or something. There was an old lady in a black hooded robe in the center of the room behind something of a island desk or counter in the middle of the room. She was very nice to me. And was also not surprised by my ability to float. She was the only person i talked to and she told me that the other people were not as spiritually enlightened as I was and therefore were not able to float like me,. She explained that she was the most enlightened person in the room and i was the second. She took off this mask like thing she had tied around her face, close up as she and handed the tin to me. It was a small metal (tin-like) circular box, with bars across the lid. She wanted me to keep this, and i looked at her, and realized she had no face, but was speaking to me telepathically, her voice just coming from around me, like it was on speaker, but no one else paid any attention. She then exited through a door, i took another look at the thing she gave me, and the string that was tied to it, that held it over her face, trying to make sense of what it was, thinking of how neat it was, and my love for small, antique boxes, and i woke up.

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