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    [New Start] Lucid Dream #1

    by , 07-12-2011 at 10:23 PM (677 Views)
    At the Cabin (DILD)


    I am at my grandparents cabin. When I walk into the bedroom me and my brothers share, this girl walked out..Apparently I know her and she is my twin brother's girlfriend. He's single at the moment..

    I start looking around for my girlfriend, but she is nowhere to be found. I want back into the living room where I see my great-grandmother..she passed away when I was six..

    I think to myself: "This must be the past..but that doesn't make any sense..? I must be dreaming!"

    I do the 'plug nose breath in' reality check that proves I am dreaming.

    As I realize this, i get the feeling that the projections of my family are monsters or demons maniphested in their bodies. I punch my grandmother in the face and run off. I feel great rather than scared and try to escape by jumping through the ceiling then flying away.

    I couldn't get over my senses of reality and just punched the ceiling and landed on the ground.. I ran out of the door and I tried to fly by jumping as high as I could off of the deck..but before I did this I did my usual series of reality checks just to double check that I am dreaming...So that I don't actually hurt myself..but Still a failed attempt.

    At the amazement of a non-trained Lucid Dream, I look around, judging the scenery, comparing it to my reality. It was amazing, after such a long time since I was training for Lucid Dreams, to have oen completely by accident!

    I now run to the end of the road, making sure the demons cannot catch me.. I 'create' a 2010 yellow "bumblebee" Camaro and try to jump as high as I can one last time to fly..but the same thing happens and I land.

    As I get into the car, my dream fades.
    I am now looking at the back of my closed eyelids.

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    1. Tyronne's Avatar
      Awesome dream! And when i learned to fly in a dream i stayed calm and believed i could maybe you should calm your mind before you try flying off! just some advice hope it helps