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    [New Start] Lucid Dream #2

    by , 07-16-2011 at 05:08 PM (393 Views)
    School Transformation (DILD)


    I walk into my school. I turn left. Suddenly the school has transformed into the middle school just down the road. I look behind me, instead of the main office being there, now there's a white steel door that is missing it'sdoor knob.

    I was able to catch this pretty quick as it has happened before in one of my non-lucid dreams. . .

    I shout "THIS IS A DREAM!" about 3 times then do the "plug nose breath in" reality check to varify I am dreaming. It proved true.

    I walk to the foyer and decide to try to 'pop' the first person I see..unfortunately it didn't work, so I tried to move them across the room in a Jedi sorta way. By now, my heart was racing because, unlike my other LD, in this one, my level of awareness was really high.

    I tried to calm myself down by breathing deeply and by focusing on my surroundings, I even tried to spin myself around..but having never really attempted dream stabilization methods, my dream faded.

    Still being in that 'full awareness' state, I decided to try a DEILD and dream-chain another lucid dream.. but then I thought "It must be getting later, I need to go to work xD"

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