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    by , 06-07-2016 at 12:59 AM (231 Views)
    I'm in a bedroom inside a tower block. The windows are huge, as if the whole outer wall is made of glass. There's an animal outside on the ledge. I think it's a dog, but it could be a deer. It banged itself against the window pane. I make some forceful action with my arm and then the animal suddenly jumps off the ledge in fright. I'm extremely remorseful and feel terrible that I caused the animal to fall to its death.

    Still in the apartment, I'm aware of a man who wishes to do me harm. He isn't present, however. He reminds me of Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. I'm worried he will show up at the apartment but he never does. I don't know why he wants to harm me.

    Then, I'm no longer here. I seem to be in some kind of party or bar. I see Danny H. He's dressed up in a white shirt and beige waistcoat rather than his usual black hoody. He seems happy to see me. I also see Danny R. (Why so many Dannys?) I see myself with people in third person view. I seem to be very drunk and my speech slurred. My dream self doesn't at all look like my real self and I get the impression my dream self is Polish. I start slurring some words, possibly 'fuck the police', but it sounds ridiculous, and more like 'ruck a piece'. I then see big square-sized photographs. I think they may be vinyl record covers. They are pictures of myself standing next to people, possibly those from the party.

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