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    1. Enemies of Different Kinds

      by , 04-06-2015 at 03:12 PM
      I sit down to watch a superhero movie, similar to the Incredibles where there's a whole super family, with my mother and immediately get sucked into it. I'm now somewhat "playing" the teenage daughter, and my family, myself, and captured civilians are in the evil person's jet hangar.
      There's a cute boy who isn't a superhero and doesn't know that I am one, and I have a crush on him. But unfortunately I know our arch enemy is hanging around, waiting to stir up trouble. I go into the bathroom, where my superhero family is hiding from her, and making a plan of action.
      I then wonder about the boy and peek outside. He's talking with our nemesis! I have to get him away from her! I call him over, which gets the attention of our evil nemesis, but the boy does come over. I pull him into the bathroom, and tell him things like "don't listen to her" and "be brave" and such. "Trust in me" I plead with him. He nods. I then leave the bathroom to go rescue the civilians.
      I hardly get very far when the boy comes to me and says "Hey! You left you phone!" The evil villain grins in the distance. The boy hands it to me and I notice a flashing light, that's flashing quicker and quicker. A bomb! I quickly flick that away, in the direction where nobody was nearby and it explodes the second it touches the ground. (This part happens in just a matter of seconds.) I look back at my phone in his hand and the phone is still blinking! I slap it out of his hand and push him away. The slap didn't fling the phone very far at all, it was too close to everyone. And it was blinking ever faster. I gingerly kick it down the tunnel where the jet is. It didn't explode, but it's still not far enough. I'm shaking in fear and because of adrenaline, but mostly fear. I kick it again, a little harder this time. It explodes, massively, farther down the tunnel, and I can feel the heat. I collapse on the ground, crying, psychically and emotionally drained. That almost killed my family, these innocent people, and my crush.
      During the huge explosion, the jet behind it turns on. A flame bursts from its tail, and starts pulling me toward it. I try to run out, but I get sucked further in. I make a force field around me to protect me. I glance up, at the boy who is standing at the mouth of the tunnel, looking at me in horror.
      The POV turns to him, and now I'm watching the teenager get pulling to the jet as it gets hotter and louder through his eyes. She starts to grow in her force field, but she's not strong enough to stop the blades that she's getting sucked in to. (honestly though why are there blades on a jet?) She keeps growing and growing at a faster pace, and finally grabs the blades, forcing them to stop and break off. But she's still getting sucked in to the jet. She forces herself under the jet, and looks at me one last time. She looks terrified.
      Everything goes black and all I see are two huge, glowing red eyes and I hear growling.
      The scene changes. I'm leaving a movie theater with my mother, and sister. We're talking about the movie while walking through the parking lot. Zack is in the parking lot, and he gives me the middle finger. I feel confused, and a little insulted. I never did anything to him. He joins our party, begrudgingly, and we walk to the park. At the park, there's a little gazebo where two pianos stand back to back, along with other, smaller, instruments. One piano is an upright, the other is a grand. People are welcome to play with them, and they're kept in excellent condition. I consider playing Jonsi's Where No One Goes from HTTYD2, but decide against it. We walk out of the park, and arrows lead us to another parking lot.
      Then, I wake up.
    2. Quite the Adventure, and a Random Twin

      by , 03-03-2015 at 04:04 PM
      I'm at David's house, he's having a party and a bunch of my friends are there. There's one boy I don't recognize, but he's very attractive. Dark skin, black hair, tall. Honestly looks a little like Agassi. As I get prepared to go on my nightly walk, he comes up to me and excitedly asks if he can come. I say yes. He sneezes twice afterwards, and hangs around me until I'm ready to go. AJ also wants to come with us.
      I go out, everyone bidding us a short goodbye. It's quite cold outside, there's a little bit of snow, or maybe frost, on the ground, and a lot of puddles and David's house is in a more forest-y area now. AJ splits off from us, leaving just the attractive boy and I to walk. But soon he splits off from me, leaving me all by myself. I an imagine in my mind's eye of him over me, looking evilly happy, with long horns growing out of his head and a breathing apparatus over his mouth. I think he might be the devil.
      I start to look for my sister, yelling out her name everywhere. I climb up a small hill where I see a beautiful, colorful sunset with strange cloud formations. It's reflecting in the puddles, and turning the snow/frost its colors.
      I see AJ walking below me, looking a little lost. I call out to her and she scrambles up to me. I also see the boy walking around in the forest near me.
      The scene changes. I'm in a Burger King parking lot with a little boy I don't know. He's holding my hand as we're walking. Another little boy, that looks just like him, walks out the Burger King door. "Hey, my twin!" the boy holding my hand says. The other boy smiles sincerely and waves, but doesn't stop walking away. The first boy takes a retainer out of his mouth. "Let's see if this will fit him too!" He says, as he throws it as his twin. It lands on the ground, naturally, but the twin picks it up and puts it in his mouth perfectly.
      Then, I wake up.
    3. I guess I need a friend

      by , 02-02-2015 at 02:41 AM
      2:00PM Sunday nap
      I'm talking to Ivy via Facebook.
      "I really want to meet you. " I tell her. She says, "Yes, I know. Do you know Robbie?"
      "Good. I'll be coming to his newest show."
      "You will?! I'm going to be there!"
      "Then, we'll be able to meet. When you see me, please call me Jeneane."
      "I can't wait to meet you, Jeneane!"
      Then, I'm in a dark room, with a window on the closed door. Two people are talking on the other side.
      The room looks like it's outside, but I know it's inside. There's a campfire burning on the floor. Trees are growing out of the ground. Some stumps serve as benches. This is where Robbie's play will be!
      I decide to walk through the trees to get out. I only walk a few steps before noticing how dark it is ahead of me. I get scared. I get a feeling that if I walk any further, something will happen to me. I yell "Hey guys!" The two outside look in through the window. "Open the door! Let me out!" They shake their heads.
      The scene changes. I'm at the beach, on a dock. Below me, someone is projecting 'Finding Nemo' into the water, so it looks like they're swimming right in front of me. I walk off the dock and see a woman in a lounge chair.
      Then, I wake up.