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    1. Skull cracker

      by , 02-26-2015 at 08:02 AM
      *warning for those of the weak stomach*

      Weights class, afternoon
      Me and my group of 3 other friends for weights class wait outside in the hall way with the rest of the class, we are all dressed out and waiting for our teacher like we always do. Minding our own business we chat, are attention is then drawn to our right near the exit doors. One of are classmates was fooling around with a small pocket knife which probably couldn't cut hard butter if it tried. This particular kid handling the knife however has a reputation for being a straight up dumbass, he is small, maybe 5"5, with a nasty set of curly hair, slightly dark skin and a small athletic frame, and these scraggly sideburns that make him look like a kid halfway stuck in-between adolescence.

      As me and my friends watch him play with these knife while talking to this girl, he says something along the lines of "how he wants to see his own skull." He then takes the knife and runs it across his forehead, opening it up with surgeon like precision, a straight line of flesh torn open and you can clearly see his skull for his skin somewhat opened up around the wound. He then starts to go into some kind of seizure, his eyes roll up his head and he falls stif on his back seemingly not breathing.

      I looked at him and knew he was still alive, I walked over to him and picked him up and brought him over to the edge of a table that seemed to appear behind me when I turned around, I took his head, held it with my two hands and lined up his cut on his head with the edge of the table and started to bang his skull on the edge of the table forcefully with intent to break open his skull.

      BANG! BANG! BANG! Repeatedly I banged his head on the table, the table shook with metallic ringing, the kids in the hallway didn't seem to notice or care. Then, on the 5th or 6th head slam, POP! His skull cracked open like a perfect egg crack, that skull popping sound is what I remember most about this dream, it felt so strange on my hands, I knew at that moment I had killed him, and I laid him down on the ground. A girl behind me smirked at me and called me stupid, but it was like a kind of smirk you would give someone if they had done a stupid kid like action, like spray painting the wall

      The girl who was talking to him didn't seem to notice what I did to him and thought he did these to himself, despite the fact i was about 5 ft from her. She told him to get up, periodically wiping off blood from his open skull wound with her shoe were blood leaked out in teardrop like drops. Are teacher walks out and I get nervous," what if someone saw me do it?" It think to myself. Are teacher sees the dead boy, time jumps foreword here as I find myself outside with the rest of class talking to my teacher as we wait for an ambulance to come. " what do you think of this?" He says, I tell him it ain't his fault, it was the kids choice, he only replies with, " yeah, but I wasn't outside when I should of been."

      In the last parts of this dream I stand outside next to my teacher and the more I thought about what I did, the more I got scared for getting in trouble. School ends and i search frantically for my Friend to tell him what I did and what i Should do. My memory of the dream goes flat after this.

      I don't know why I killed the kid, I don't know. When I killed him, I felt no remorse, or really no feelings at all for him, like I had just done another deed that needed to be done. The only thing That was on my mind was what if I get caught? I just didn't even care I just killed him, only what might happened if someone rats me outs, good thing it's just a dream.
      Tags: gruesome, murder
    2. Time machine

      by , 02-23-2015 at 12:29 AM
      I remember as far back as being at my elementary school playground, It was me and 3 other boys, two blond skater brothers and my somewhat good friend, Max. Our time machine was in the school bathroom, the bathroom was very dirty and had bad lighting, was almost nightmarish like. We were all on an adventure like a movie, we step into the time machine and we wanted to go back way into the past, the time machine was a small cylinder room full of bright buttons and a red lever, I pulled the lever and we went back in time, but we only went back two days.

      A small very annoying kid from my class calls us out from the entrance of the bathroom, "hey nerds!" he yells, we walk over to him and I say, "who the hell you calling nerds asshole?" He kept calling us nerds and I got angry, I thought about punching him but he was very small and I knew I shouldn't, then Max started beating him up, we just watched, he punched him hard in the mouth and the stomach repeatedly and wailed on him to a pulp, blood was all over the walls and we felt no remorse. I remember walking by his mangled twitching body on the ground, I think he was dead, but not sure, his arms and legs were broken and twisted, his face swollen red, and he had many missing teeth. We walk outside, everything seems normal, one of the brothers runs out to the playground while Max wandered off, I stood at the entrance of the bathroom, then I hear yelling at the playground, the brother at the playground pissed off a very large gang of school kids. I tell the brother next to me to find the others and get back to the time machine while I go back and fire up the time machine. Max runs back and gets in the time machine, the brothers are running with a angry mob behind them, we were about to time travel back to present day and they jump into the time machine just barely making it.

      Now present day we step out, and the angry mob is waiting for us, they pick who wants to beat up who, I'm taken into a stall where I fight a very large kid from my school, he was about 6'3 and probably weighed at least 250 pounds. He slapped me in the head and what was interesting about this was I felt pain, real physical pain in a dream. I then woke up. I performed a DEILD I then went back into the dream watching my old dream reform right before my eyes and next thing I knew I was back in my dream. I explored my old elementary school playground, it was an exact replica it seemed. I found a basketball and started playing, around this time I lost lucidity.