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    Multiplayer Dream?

    by , 11-04-2013 at 11:50 AM (377 Views)
    I realize that I am dreaming(you can skip this paragraph), I am in my class. I start believing myself to be the god of this realm , though I am not able to become fully lucid. I do somethings like passing my hand through the ceiling fan ( I make a ceiling fan appear above me), gliding through the air , shooting projectiles etc. Then I try to pass through the sealed window , I am unable to do it , even projectiles are unable to pass through that wall , though I can pass through stuff and other walls . The next period begins , I think of changing the plot but then .. due to some reason I don't want to leave my friend. ( It makes me feel lonely, she feels like a real entity the the LD and I am even unable to change the plot) , so I attend the class and attempt few random lucid stuff , then I finally decide to change the plot.

    Now, I am in a carnival of some sort. My friend is there with me , she doesn't feel that real anymore . Even more weirdly , she retires to a tree when I am going in the carnival(she suggests me of a bird somehow). I try to fly , I am able to succeed partially . I have this weird power in which if I constantly pedal upwards , I am able to fly while doing it (I can only jump really high or mostly pedal) , it is a really tiresome thing. I feel weird because of people making comments on me. I decide to retire back to my crush. She is standing beside a tree.
    This is when the Main Thing Starts up.

    Now , we chat for a while (she feels real again) and walk away from the carnival.She tried to speak but couldn't A chat box appears and she types " Hey I can't speak, add this ID- (something I don't recall)@aol.com on the inner world". I ask if the inner world refers to the surface? she says"Yes and btw I am a male player.'' I ask"Male player? Is it a sort of multiplayer dream? He says "Yes". I get astonished. The moment I had got out the carnival , it was feeling a bit different. Somehow I get a sense that this dream is really multiplayer! The incident was totally unexpected. He then says"Now I have to go , lets quit the dream". The Dream Ends...

    So ,now I wonder was it real multiplayer dream or just another dream? I have no clue what that ID was :/ It was an aol email Id though. I even made a conscious note to memorize it ... but then the dream ended when he wanted it to.

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