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    1. Summer Competition Log #1

      by , 07-30-2016 at 05:53 PM
      I remember being apart of maybe some sort of fighting UFC thing? Maybe a family member or something was UFC fighter? Can barely remember it.

      WBTB: Failed

      Non-Lucid Dreams
      After my WBTB attempt, I accidentally fell asleep a bit too quick. I remember having a dream in the Walking Dead Universe, where I was part of Ricks group. We were held up in this school or gym or something, for sure. We were just doing some work, involving hoses or water or whatever, and I was helping out. When we were done and inside, someone knocked on the door. I grabbed two, ahem, "weapons", which were a nerf gun and I large thick stick lol. I threatened the dude who knocked to step back (he didnt have any weapons) and then Rick came over with his bigass revolver, you know the one, and asked him the questions he asks people in the show, if I remember correctly, "How many walkers have you killed", "How many people have you killed", "Why". The guy answered them (dont remember the answers) and told us how he had a school up and running, and asked me if I would like to join. In my mind, I thought it'd be kinda nice, but he was teaching really young kids and I don't think I would learn much. Rick said no, anyways. I forgot what happened to him, but the guy left. I then remember helping the group with some stuff some more, and then the dream was over.
    2. Grease

      by , 07-27-2016 at 09:18 PM
      I remember being in the Grease universe (you know, that movie with John Travolta?) which is weird because I haven't seen that movie in years. Anyways, I knew I was in the universe because Sandy and Danny were there, kissing it up for some reason. Then I remember being at a party with random people i've never seen before (including Sandy and Danny) and next thing I know i'm flirting it up with this girl, and then you know how it goes, it snowballs and next thing you know we figure out she's pregnant. People are freaking out, i'm freaking out, then I remember Sandy and Danny calling us over and I guess we transfered the baby to them. That's uh, all I remember.
      Tags: grease, pregnant
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Dog

      by , 07-25-2016 at 08:28 PM
      I was too out of it this morning to focus on remembering my dreams, but I know I had a few that I could've remember. All I remember was a false awakening involving my dog.
    4. Walking Dead-esque and Tattoo Shop connected to a grocery store

      by , 07-24-2016 at 07:31 PM
      *Gonna use a question mark(?) for a things that are hard to remember*

      I remember being apart of a group(?) and we were in this sort of camping environment, we were close to an interstate because I remember driving there to escape(?) from something. I also remember going to this dark part of the woods, it had this roof type thing made of leaves and trees , and the ground dipped down into this small puddle. The puddle had leaches or something, but their was a way to get around it. In front of this little forest place, their was this door to a home attached right smackdab in the middle of all this heavy foliage. I remember being in the host but their was a group who was already in their(?) and they were bandits, and killed some of our own(?).

      I also remember, very extremely faintly, being in a lucid where I smoked weed. That was it.

      I also remember that I was apart of a group (could be attached to the first dream) and we were in a RV now, but me and this one guy was disconnected from the group, but it was okay since we were in this city area now. He went into the tattoo shop I guess for a tattoo(?) and I remember him walking out and the tattoo guy yelling at us for some reason(?). My mom and her friends met up with us and she made me go grocery shopping with her. All I remember.
    5. The Prison and The Box

      by , 07-23-2016 at 07:30 PM
      I have been starting to remember dreams quite a lot lately, despite no attempt at a dream journal. Heres one dream I literally just had, and will probably never forget.

      I remember it starting as I was on the inner part of the field of my old elementary school, walking along with this guy a little older than me. He was tall and lanky, but cute in a weird way, even if he was really awkward. We were flirting it up, walking along as we came up to one the little "cell block" things they had, which was right next to the courtyard and disconnected from he school. I didn't notice it, but the he turned into a she (still cute, thank god i'm bi) and got this stick and decided to use it as a crowbar to take off one of the vents underneath the cell block thing. I knew for a fact I would get into a shit ton of trouble if she was caught and I was around, so I started fast walking away and put my hands up as a cop was running towards me (even if i've never been to anything close to prison, i knew how not to piss off a cop). The cop ran right past me and I saw her getting arrested, rather forcifully actually, but I was in no room to start talking about police brutality. Their was a package she threw in my direction though, it was a small amazon box, and she said it meant a lot to her. I snatched it real quick before the guards noticed it, and went back to my regular shit.

      I don't know when this part happened, but I think its safe to assume it was right after the box incident. I was in a classroom with kids ranging from my age (14) to like 17 years old. I knew in the dream this was my new school though, which might be related to the fact that I recently moved from Washington to Michigan in real life. I was laughing to a kid who I guess went to my old school that our language arts teacher looked like a offbrand of our old language arts teacher. We were joking about this shit for awhile. Then I remember, it was end of class or something, I don't know, it was fuzzy. I walked out of the cell block thing, thinking it was still recess (who thought to keep those unlocked) and I noticed their was no one around. I knew I couldnt get back inside, so my only choice was to get the attention of a guard to bring me back inside and hopefully he would believe it was an accident. I walked towards the right part of the building, as I noticed this random couple (i noticed from a mile away their was something off with em) said "Here he is." to something behind them, which I assumed was a guard, and was confirmed as a guard starting jogging towards me. As he got to me, instead of putting me in handcuffs or something, he took this big ass metal bike lock thing and said "You know I could do a lot with this thing, he he." The couple was joking around with him too, and honestly I was starting to get scared for my life. The stupid guard let the bike lock slipped though, and it fell on the womens neck, pinning her to the ground and crushing her neck. I helped get it off, but I knew that I know had my handprints on it, the guard wore gloves, and the man didnt do jackshit. I said "please, please don't blame this on me. I wont tell on you guys" multiple times, and the women said "You have two choices, fucker, either run while everything is quiet and try to escape, or wait to see yourself get a bigger sentence." Stupid panicked me picked the former, my logic was that the judges might favor a guard and a couple over a young inmate and I would probably been in prison for life at that point for attempted murder. I started running, and I looked back and realized that the box was in my direction. I ran back and tried to grab it, but it seems the couple wanted it to, but I finally got a good grip on it, and bolted out of there.

      Somehow I made it out with little resistance, and suddenly it was nighttime. I had just escaped and was just in the general area of the prison. I was going through backyards and shit, trying to find a route deeper into somewhere so i could make an easier escape, but in the end my only choice was to get back on the main road. I tried to walk to the side, in the shadier part, but I knew I was going to get fucked. Their was cop cars coming from both directions for some reason, and their was checkpoints everywhere. I decided to stop running, and try to explain my side to the judge. I was tired of running. I couldn't get the box to her/him, which made me really sad. I stepped over this this cliff thing (it was nearly pitch black, could barely see) and noticed their was a beach not that far down. I slid down, and said on a rock. I noticed a few red dots on my legs, but I knew if I didn't resist I wouldn't get shot. I heard some yelling and saw the snipers laughing and dancing. I was sobbing the whole time. I woke up shortly after.
    6. Some big little girl baby thing what the hell?

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:23 AM
      It's been a long time since i've done anything related to a Dream Journal, so stupid me forgot to log my dreams last night. I remember like 3 too, its been a long time since i've actually remembered a damn dream. Anyway, I remembered one. All I remember was that I was in some sort of Metal Gear Solid stealth thing (MGS V is a great game btw) and I was in this village or something? It was empty, but near the beach of the lake their was this huge toddler or something and she was wearing a shirt with flowers on it, picking stuff up. I had to stealth and sneak past her. It wasnt anything special, but something kinda cool happened. When I was about to wake up, it seems I was almost fighting with myself to get back into the dream and RC or something? I kept going back and forth from dream and awake. I don't remember if this was some sort of weird False Awakening though. Anyway, woke up, here I am now. Guess I better get used to logging my dreams again.
    7. Adventures of Redstar: Part 2 Bloopers

      by , 08-18-2014 at 07:59 PM
      After forgetting how I became lucid, I did some things then suddenly remembered the adventures of redstar. I went over to a nearby house with a couch and clara wasn't there, figures. I tried to create her so I could actually continue the story but to no avail. I went outside and found I think the doctor and river song, walking together when I went up and stopped the story and was like "wheres clara" and then river song was like "haha, you always have to keep one door open in a house". I went to try that, and sadly, I woke up
    8. The Adventures of Redstar, Clara, and the Doctor: Part 1

      by , 08-15-2014 at 07:56 PM
      Ah, yes. Another inspiring lucid to wake up from in the morning, This lucid was actually "created" the night before because I was suddenly like "why don't i take my mind adventures and fun and put it in my dreams". Then, I had this lucid and this is what booted up the series.

      For those of you who don't know, I have a sort've persona in my mind (yes, i know, sounds like i'm a schizo ) and his name is Redstar, a goofy name but remember I have been creating these adventures for a few years now, so I was young then. Anyways, he goes to different universes, the main one being the doctor universe, where he mainly goes on adventures with clara (who in the dreams is for some reason my girlfriend? ask my subconscious, not me) and the doctor! He goes to many other universes, like MLP universe and the pokemon universe (who his wife was Nurse Joy, who died in a earlier adventures) and many more! Another thing, Redstar is a Deorum raised with the Doctor on gallifrey. The Deorum are gods, have amazing powers, and can do almost anything. The Deorum and the time lords lived in peace, until the war. Right, lets get on with the dream!

      I go into the dream Lucid, or atleast I think I did. I looked around and thought that I can't keep doing stupid stuff like sex or anything, and remembered my goal of redstar. I quickly start talking to the dream. "Aha, yes! I am redstar and I go on many adventures with the Doctor and Clara and many other things. Right now I was planning on heading over to Claras house to visit her and those kids that even I don't know why they are there." I walk over to a nearby house, and I knock on the door. Clara, to my suprise considering this mass dream control is insane for me, opens the door and welcomes me, and at this point she said something about me being her boyfriend? yeah, weird. I walk into the room and see many people, having fun and drinking wine. I turn and ask Clara who they are. "Friends" she said. I nodded, and walked around. After doing somethings I tell Clara that her friends need to leave, as I have something to tell her. The dream, not in my control, for some reason goes months, or weeks, or days ahead to some other planet? Little wisp creature things were there, very cute actually. Then, I woke up.

      What do you guys think I should tell Clara? I am already thinking about telling her that the Doctor told me to meet him in the middle of London, where he needs to tell us something. Maybe even another adventure!

      Updated 08-15-2014 at 07:59 PM by 66990

      lucid , memorable
    9. The Song

      by , 06-08-2014 at 06:37 PM
      I got a lucid last night, it was odd, because lately I have not been doing reality check and have not been getting many lucids but when I do without them for some reason I am wandering around and then....I just know.

      Anyways, to the dream.

      I was in a dream, I was in some time of building. Reminded me of New Yorks train station or some crap. It had this big globe, and their was lucsious light flowing in. There were people there, one was a girl, and I think their also was a guy? No idea.

      I think I was following the girl, when I realised I was dreaming seemingly. I guess I had a "urge" and started doing it, when I remembered my goal

      I need to play the song!

      So I realised, I need to get the people and the instruments! At the time, I was at my house in my garages doorway (the door that leads into the garage from the inside) and their was this guy I can't remember teaching my some trombone tricks that only work in my dreams because it involved me moving and that would affect the sound. After that I woke up, but lets see another dream!

      This was a uncomfortable non-lucid, and here is how it went.

      It started out that school was over, and I completely forgot about my football practice AND my bus left without me. Everyone at the school was gone except my buddy, which we'll just call S, who was getting a ride from his dad. His dad came and S went in and for some reason it took awhile for S to tell his dad and S was smiling at me, so was his dad, until for some reason for no reason I was on a bus suddenly, driving away from them. I was shocked, then realised something.

      This isn't my bus.
      I started getting scared and screaming, until I somehow realised my crush was on the bus, which we'll call her SY. The bus was lumbering in the wrong direction with me on it. At one point I guess I was dropped off at this..house. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, because their was purple glows with this cartoony looking houses. Anyways, I went inside and the rest was blurry, I think I met this girl or whatever.

      I went outside, and in the dream and after woke up thought nothing of it, but their was a car (that was supposed to be...mine?) destroyed their. Blown up. It wasnt just any car though

      It wasn't just docs time machine

      It was redstars CAR!
      Now, imma get a bit off track here, but let me introduce to you..redstar. He's been with me for about 2 years now, and basically he is me in my mind. He is me, except not me. He has god powers, and can do anything really. He goes on adventures with multiple universes like My Little Pony, Human, Doctor Who, any really. He was born on gallifrey with the doctor, where the "Gods" and the Time Lords lived together but not with harmony, much conflict. He was still best friends with the doctor. Anyways, redstars car was a Tardis combined with a delorean. I never have dreams about redstar, and this little hint set me off with something that could be unsettling.

      My dreams were mocking me.

      Eventually, the girl gave me money to get on this Transit bus and I made my way back home, when their was these two cops and this crazy black guy with a shotgun threatening my mom (the cops weren't, they were trying to kill him)

      Nothing really happened after that, but I guess I can call this memorable.
    10. Non-Remember but lucid, and Civil War (Monday, MAY 16th, 2014)

      by , 05-26-2014 at 04:53 PM
      -I did have a lucid, and I think it was a FA and I caught it. When I did catch it, I used billybobs dream control method, and said theirs no rule in my lucid dreams. So I don't need to stabilize, my dream can do it for me. I forget what happened in the end tho,

      -Before I woke, woke up I had this very brief dream of me talking to Ben Franklin I think and then going out to fight the civil war? I dunno. It was interesting tho, because for a brief second after I woke up I could still hear the muskets and screams.

      So, I had a weird night. Yesterday, I did lots of awareness practice (i mean alot) and lots of reality checks. I was excited for the lucid I was gonna get, and could not sleep..like at all. When I did, it was like 10:00 (fell asleep at 8:30 for maximum WILD attempts)

      I kept waking up in the night then finally a alarm for 5:00 woke me up to try WILD. I failed, of course. I stayed up for about 2 minutes then laid back down. Is it normal for me to have to wait 30 minutes to try to get into that good juicy WILD phase? Its really freakin' annoying.
    11. United States Vs. Italy

      by , 05-25-2014 at 06:38 PM
      The government was at war with..I don't remember...italy? At that time, for some reason, the government was moving huge skyscrapers with helicopters. At that time, I was in one of them, so I accidentaly fell off. The building was collapsing, but for some reason when I hit the ground I was alive. I ignored that (lol) and then the building was collapsing behind me. I was stuck in rushing water, and I had to jump between tight bars and debris platforms. This jump was huge, and as I jumped everything wen't in slow motion. Everything got REALLY vivid. Then it went back to normal as I grabbed the bar and the building was so close to crushing me.

      After that, I guess the government was switching out newer flatscreens with older TV's. They weren't TV's though, they looked like computers. I dunno.

    12. Blood On My Hands - March 23rd - 12:00 AM to 8:30 AM

      by , 03-23-2014 at 05:24 PM
      I was in my 2nd period class.
      Math, ugh.

      I was sitting down, and I turned over to notice this girl started yelling at my and calling me names! I was sick of all this, this was my threshold, in dreams and IWL.

      I yelled and pinned her on a desk, and I screamed in her face something I don't remember.

      I turned around and strangled this kid that annoyed me alot but not the most.

      He was dead.

      So I had this random broken broom in my hand, and I heard people yelling

      then this bulky kid chased me, so I picked up a chair and hit him in the face and he backed off. I heard music and I pounded my feet to the rythm, mixed emotions flowing inside of me about what I did.

      I walked around the school, running and smiling in a devilish way.

      Then we were at gym, about to dissect a human.

      Then I woke up.
    13. Nightly Lucids

      by , 03-07-2014 at 04:25 PM
      Hey guys,

      Well, I don't have a dream, but I did have a LD last night using DEILD. My average every week isss.....

      NIGHTLY LUCIDS! YEAH, BABAH! Isn't that great? I made it a goal to get nightly lucids, and guess what, I did.

      I do find it odd though, I joined in December and people don't even get their first lucid after a couple months. My first one was in a week, maybe because I am younger then a teenager? I dunno, but yay. Thanks for all your help guys,
    14. A new record!

      by , 01-01-2014 at 08:48 PM
      4 dreams, that were Lucid. First, was on the stairs at my home. Peering over the couch, I saw my mom and another person. Checked my hands, became Lucid. Mom and person tried to tell me I was not dreaming. Also, the dream was very real. Changed numbers on TV...? Woke up, did IILD. Was in my school courtyard. Lots of kids on the commons. Looked at hands, became Lucid. Woke up. Next lucid, IILD. Came into dream conscious. Walked down a very dark path, in a green room? Ran into a family who lived there? Woke up, did IILD one more time. Remember being Lucid, but not the dream itself.

      Updated dream signs: School, unknown person, numbers changing, struggle, Dim, Courtyard
    15. Achieved WILD

      by , 12-26-2013 at 05:25 AM
      Woke up, unknown time, attempted WILD. Worked, was in a locker room or something (did RC, only 4 fingers). Dream Fragmented. In some gym, stuck sitting between twins that were 8th grade girls. Talked about.. bronies? Other people started sitting. Woke up, was lucid beginning of dream then went semi-lucid btw. I could never spawn anything and stuff, though.

      Next LD, using DEILD. Was in living room, people were there. Family? woke up.

      I did it guys, it was weird when doing WILD. I was drifting asleep, trying to hit REM.

      But nope, as soon as I hit REM my body vibrated and next thing I know, I open my eyes and BOOM.
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