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    LD: Jumping

    by , 02-24-2016 at 07:09 PM (725 Views)
    Here is the dream from 2 days ago (the first of the three in a row).

    Lucid Dream:

    It was night and I was with Jeff walking on this path up a hill. We were looking for something (a museum, maybe). At one point I remember lifting up my legs (like when you're a kid holding your parents' hands and letting them swing you along). I think this made me go lucid because I was trying to figure out how I could be doing this while only holding one of Jeff's hands.

    We got to the top of the hill. We were on a kind of covered patio. Behind us was a door. In front of us was a rail where we could look down at a large pool of water far below. I could also see a building and a dock by the water.

    Jeff then says to me, "Did you notice how when we move our hair doesn't move in the wind?" I said, "Yeah, I did notice. I think that's because we're lucid." I then said, "I know a good way to find out for sure if we're dreaming. Let's jump off this and down to the water below. If our hair doesn't move, that means were dreaming."

    Jeff agrees to jump with me. We then run to the edge and hop the railing. I didn't even think to try to fly. I feel super heavy and we fall fast. I notice feeling that very real feeling of my stomach lurching as I fall. The fall is long enough that I had the chance to look over at Jeff and see that his hair is perfectly still. I call out to him and point that out.

    Finally we hit the water and sink quickly to the bottom like a heavy rock. I'm a hundred percent positive that this is a dream now, so I don't worry about breathing. In fact, I start to talk to Jeff under the water.

    And that's all I remember.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Thats a funny way to check if your lucid. But sounds like fun too. XD
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    2. Twoshadows's Avatar
      Yeah, even when i'm lucid I find myself doing some kind of weird things. It's like my brain works a little differently when I dream. Different things stand out to me as important. Or I solve problems in odd ways (like in this dream). It's interesting to analyze my dreams.

      Thanks for the comment!
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