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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Artic depths... unexplored

      by , 08-25-2015 at 07:09 PM
      In this dream I find myself standing in an artic scenery; a flat, vast ice plain. Despite the ice it is warm, and it is glistering in the sunlight of an bright day. I stand where this ice plain meets the sea, the coastline being a low yet steep slope.

      I stand looking down at the water. Gripped be sudden curiosity I begin to slowly slide down the slope towards the water. When I reach it I stretch out my arm, and touch it.

      It doesn't sink.

      The surface of the water feels rubbery, as if someone has coated the ocean with a thick gel of some kind. I poke it for a bit longer, not being lucid I was marvelling at this oddity. Eventually I decided to leave. But halfway up the slope I stopped, and turned. A phenomena this strange certainly deserves a more thorough investigation, I though to myself. Coming back to the water, I decided to try and walk on it.

      It held for a moment, before I did indeed start to sink, even though there was a great resistance, as if I was sinking though jelly. Surprised, I found that the water was very warm and comfortable! In another moment I was below the water, and I could see the darkness of the depths beneath me. My fear for deep water kicked in, and I scrambled ashore. Yet when I got ashore I realized that there had been nothing to be afraid of, it had merely been my nerves that had betrayed me.

      Sadly, I awoke before I could probe the waters again. I know that those water surely held some secret of my mind, and I regret that I didn't have the courage to stare down into the depths the first time around... I wonder what I would have seen?
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. The void

      by , 10-08-2014 at 09:55 AM
      Last night I found a new and very weird place in my dream world. I don't know its name, but I call it the void.

      The void is a spectacular place. As the name suggests, it mostly an empty gigantic space. It is not dark, at least I think so, since I can see perfectly inside of it. The empty space has this faint blue luminescence that allowed me to see. I could also float around at will, merely thinking where i wanted to go was enough to make me float in the direction.

      It seems that the void contains fragments of buildings, soil and other things floating in patches. These patches must be incredibly far apart, for I could see no other patch from the ones I visited. These small areas are connected by some kind of wormholes, that looked like spots of absolute black against the blueness of the void. I soon learned that the wormholes was deceptive, if you go through one you end up in a new spot, but if you then go back again then you don't end up where you started! I learned that the hard way, when I realized it was impossible for me to backtrack my way to the patch I came from.

      I don't remember how I ended up there, together with two people who I saw as rivals, if not enemies. I had fought them, each of us leaders of a faction of some sorts. Probably a battle inspired by the unhealthy amounts of strategy games I've played lately....

      One of our common enemies, a necromancer, lived in the void. He had the power to open a gateway to the normal world. Maybe that is how we ended up there?
    3. Ancient nature, burning city

      by , 04-20-2014 at 10:18 AM
      So, this is the first dream I write down in a long time... bad me, I know.

      Anyway, it all started in a rural area of England. I was visiting a nature conservation area, it was a forest of breathtaking beauty! But not in perfection or order, but in raw expression of nature and life! I was travelling inside this forest by boat along rivers. Trees stretches over the water, covered by moss that showed their antiquity. What struck me the most was the smell... it smelt so wonderful in this forest, the smell of forests in all its glory!

      As came to a small lake i decided to dive in and swim around. It was wonderful, I felt so much at one with nature! I was afraid of leeches or other parasites in the water, but after inspecting my body I could find no trace of such creatures.

      Later, still in the same dream I think, i had returned to the city. A giant fire had broken out, and everyone was scrambling to get out of the city. I ran to a friend, who was at a barber shop a few blocks away. He say there was no fire, just because he could see no fire outside his windows. We (I had another friend along) finally managed to convince him to leave. We ran out towards the forest, knowing that by passing through it we would reach another city.

      Many others was fleeing the same way. Oddly enough, there were many races from the Elder scrolls games that was there, and instead of just fleeing they attacked us! I tried to make them stop, but had to fight through them. We fought with medieval weapons, I had a sword that I don't know where I got from...
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Swam to freedom, walked to work

      by , 09-18-2013 at 04:14 PM
      The first part of the dream is kind of fuzzy. It involved mythological beings on an mountain island. We had arrived there with a sailing ship. I think I wasn't free, I was a slave or a captive. We talked with the beings who lived up on the mountain, they warned us about some kind of danger. I think I managed to escape, something about the ship sinking I think, and managed to swim to freedom.

      I ended up living somewhere down in the south of USA. I managed to get a job, but that was somewhere far up north. I had no idea how to get to this place, but I had more then two weeks before the job started so I just began walking. I started out in a big and what looked like a pretty old city.

      After I walked for a long time I got to a fairly big community. I got there on Monday, my work would begin next Friday. So I guess I had been walking for three days?

      I went to a restaurant and ate lunch. The owners turned out to be extremely nice people! We talked and I told them about where I would be going, and that if I didn't find a bus or something then I would hitch-hike the rest of the way. They said it was a shame I had to leave the same day, since every Monday they have a movie evening. They were normally renting movies, but every Monday they showed one for free. I said that I might just stay for the rest of the day then, I was weary from walking and to be able to relax for a day felt like a really tempting prospect.

      They were also in charge of the community's bus service, which meant that they from time to time drove a trip around the town in a big van and picked up people along the way. I decided to ride with them, I wanted to explore the town and above all find a place to sleep for the night. I got off in front of a mall that I explored, it was really big. I was amazed how this community could have such a big and high quality mall. I remember seeing a jewellery shop, and that there were fancy carpets on the floor.

      That is all I can remember. This was a unusually vivid dream. I kind of miss that community, it seemed like such a nice place! I think I add it to the list of dream locations I should revisit.
    5. The cubic prison

      by , 09-08-2013 at 01:31 PM
      I was in prison. Why or where, I do not remember.

      The prison was made of rooms that contained small cells, 2*2 meter I guess. They were arranged in a honeycomb pattern, with only thin walls between each cell. The cells didn't quite reach the floor and had a meter gap to the ceiling, still to tall to just jump over though.

      I was there with a friend who was in the cell next to me. Due to the design of the cell talking to your neighbouring prison mates were no problem. But the design also meant that they could poke my feet with sticks through the gap beneath the walls, I guess it was the only entertainment they had. It was extremely annoying! We were only let out once every two months, so the prisoners did get very bored.

      Thankfully my cell was in a corner, which means I only had neighbours on two sides that could annoy me.

      We could somehow see into the prison corridor. We saw a man walking there, and we presumed he was a new arrival. My friend told him to escape while he could, for when he was in the cell then escape would be impossible. He just smiled and said he was not going to prison, he was just here to meet a friend of his.

      I eventually managed to escape by climbing the cell wall and reaching the gap above the cell. The other prisoners were nice enough to keep quiet while I climbed above their heads to freedom.
      non-lucid , memorable