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    Swam to freedom, walked to work

    by , 09-18-2013 at 04:14 PM (398 Views)
    The first part of the dream is kind of fuzzy. It involved mythological beings on an mountain island. We had arrived there with a sailing ship. I think I wasn't free, I was a slave or a captive. We talked with the beings who lived up on the mountain, they warned us about some kind of danger. I think I managed to escape, something about the ship sinking I think, and managed to swim to freedom.

    I ended up living somewhere down in the south of USA. I managed to get a job, but that was somewhere far up north. I had no idea how to get to this place, but I had more then two weeks before the job started so I just began walking. I started out in a big and what looked like a pretty old city.

    After I walked for a long time I got to a fairly big community. I got there on Monday, my work would begin next Friday. So I guess I had been walking for three days?

    I went to a restaurant and ate lunch. The owners turned out to be extremely nice people! We talked and I told them about where I would be going, and that if I didn't find a bus or something then I would hitch-hike the rest of the way. They said it was a shame I had to leave the same day, since every Monday they have a movie evening. They were normally renting movies, but every Monday they showed one for free. I said that I might just stay for the rest of the day then, I was weary from walking and to be able to relax for a day felt like a really tempting prospect.

    They were also in charge of the community's bus service, which meant that they from time to time drove a trip around the town in a big van and picked up people along the way. I decided to ride with them, I wanted to explore the town and above all find a place to sleep for the night. I got off in front of a mall that I explored, it was really big. I was amazed how this community could have such a big and high quality mall. I remember seeing a jewellery shop, and that there were fancy carpets on the floor.

    That is all I can remember. This was a unusually vivid dream. I kind of miss that community, it seemed like such a nice place! I think I add it to the list of dream locations I should revisit.

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