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    Parking Mishap

    by , 08-19-2014 at 08:03 PM (624 Views)
    We stopped at a Greek take-out restaurant. I saw bags of take-out orders being loaded onto a plane to be shipped all the way to Greece. "Wow, this place is hardcore," I thought.

    We had parked right under the nose of the plane, where there was a niche just big enough for the car (a 2006 silver Volkswagen bug) to fit. I was a worried because it looked like the plane was about to take off, but figured it would be okay, since the plane would have to back up first, which would release the car from underneath it, and then the plane would turn ninety degrees to access the runway. The car should be fine. Still, I thought I should check. I called up to a lady in the cockpit, "Hey, is it alright if we park--"

    Before I could even finish the sentence, a metal plate slammed down over the nose of the plane, closing up the niche where our car was parked. Meanwhile the plane began to pull backward, flattening the top of the car. There was a white flash and the sound of an explosion, and I knew the car was ruined.

    I was annoyed because I had been hoping to inherit this car when my husband was done with it. Still, what was done was done, and there was no point getting bent out of shape now. So I tried to stay calm and figure out if there was anything practical to be done.

    Note: 2006, the year of the car, is clearly WLR (waking life residue), as last night I was comparing various editions of a book that included this year. The plane is also WLR as I've been flying a lot recently. Not sure where the Greek restaurant came from.

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    1. Kaizen's Avatar
      Good you managed to keep your cool after the damage was done.I find that i usually succumb to my lower nature during a dream,reacting with anger,jealousy fear etc without stepping out of the situation and observing it objectively.

      Any ideas why your subconscious specifically conjured up a Greek restaurant?
    2. Verre's Avatar
      No idea about the Greek restaurant, though if I had to guess, it might be because on Facebook the other day I read about a friend who was making stuffed grape leaves. It's a weak link, but day residue often seems to recombine in fairly random ways.

      I'm a fairly unemotional person in waking life, and it's striking how much that trait even carries over into my dreams, even non-lucid ones, though most people describe that their emotions are more intense in the dream state. I kind of feel like I'm missing out, but at least it's good insulation against nightmares.