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    1. vent sneaking and hidden city

      by , 09-06-2012 at 05:54 PM
      I was at my cousins work (I think) which was in some big office building type place. Someone we were with said we had to sneak through the vents into some control room to stop them from doing something bad. I was kind of worried the vents wouldn't be strong enough to hold me, but we eventually crawled through them to the room.

      My family just bought a new house, and my room was a cave. There was a big African-American basketball player looking guy with us for some reason. Him and I were sitting at the kitchen table and we happened to bring up marijuana in our conversation. He cautiously asked me if I smoked or knew how to get any. I said I've smoked before. We went into my room that was a cave and tried to fix his bong that was broken with scotch tape. It didn't work. I noticed a narrow opening high up that went around my whole cave room just below the ceiling. We wondered what was up there, so I managed to climb up to it. It just lead to more space, so we decided to walk through it. It lead to a whole cave city, it seemed really secret and anciently significant. There was a pizza shop there that advertised a pizza flavor in the window named after my dad and I, because apparently he used to be of significance to the town. I felt like I just discovered something profound about myself and my family, not knowing about my dad before. We eventually left and turned into Finn and Jake from adventure time. I was Fin but had the morphing powers of Jake. I felt really happy, like I could finally move on with my life for some reason and kept morphing into a giant Finn and back while we were walking back to my new house. This creepy, dark figure standing on the sidewalk noticed us and started following us :disconcerted:. I woke up.