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    TofY Part 7! The Final Task! - New York

    by , 04-09-2013 at 04:32 PM (653 Views)
    I started out my WILD on the balcony of a hotel room. I wasn't wearing very much, just a chiffon dress, and both my hands were on the railing of the balcony. My boyfriend walked out of the room behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, making me smile quite a lot. We stood there for a while until I turned round and kissed the tip of his nose, telling him I'd be back in a minute.

    Eventually I exited the hotel and walked out onto the street below. It was a short walk to the empire state building (My dream self must be rich to afford a trip like that ) and I began the walk, realizing along the way I had no shoes on. I reached the bottom of the esb and looked up at it. This is my least favourite task so I was pretty reluctant to do this. I shut my eyes and concentrated on the fact that I wanted to transform my self into a giant primate (for... some... reason... :L) and stood there for a while, pretty soon feeling my limbs extending and growing.

    When I reopened my eyes I discovered I was now a giant primate and even though I didn't particually want to be, I needed this task finishing. People around me had already started to scream and run away so I thought I might as well start scaling the building.

    It took me a while but eventually I reached the top of the building, swinging round from the top of the spire whilst I waited for the task force to respond. They eventually did and some fighter jets came soaring through the sky and started firing some tranquilliser bullets at myself. It was quite a scary experience and I really didn't like it. A bunch of army people were surrounding the bottom of the building and trying to set up nets and stuffs. As the jets flew past I tried to grab out at them to complete the second part of the task. When I realiised this wasn't working I started to climb down, being hit by a few tranquillisers on the way down and making me a bit drowsy. There were tanks and other things on the ground so I picked one of these up and threw it upwards at one of the planes, causing a collision and a pretty explosion in the sky.

    At this point people started to try and actually kill me so I decided now was a good time to run. I ran as quickly as I could to the Brooklyn river and jumped in it, transforming back to my normal size and climbing out, running past the army guys and into my hotel before climbing in the shower to wash the rubbish off of my skin.

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    1. Iokheira's Avatar
      Congratulations, awesome dream! Shapeshifting is my main dream goal, do you have any tips for doing it? Sounds like you had a pretty easy time.
    2. Wishfulthinker's Avatar
      Thank you! And I did because I've been practicing. :p

      Basically the way I do it is simular to the way I WILD. I shut my eyes and clear my mind, focusing on the thing I want to be and concentrate really hard on the shape of that and what that will do to my body (make it bigger or smaller) and then it just starts to happen.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar

      Wow!! Congratulations on TotY Wishfulthinker! I need to go check out part 6 as well, missed that.

      Thanks for the info on how you do shapeshifting. I've had a problem in the past where when I attempt to open my eyes in the dream I wind up opening up my real eyes, which as you can imagine is a pretty big problem. Is this something that has ever really happened to you!
    4. Wishfulthinker's Avatar
      I have a lot of failed attempts CanisLucidus. I can just never be bothered to write them down! And aww no! That sucks! I'm positive you'll manage it!