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    Dream recall is finally improving!

    by , 12-28-2012 at 08:43 PM (349 Views)
    1. Standing in the bathroom trying to identify all the plants. One of the plants was had maple leaves and black stems. Then my friend suddenly appeared there and asked me what I was doing and my sister fell out of the ceiling. I felt embarrassed about something and decided that if he asks about it later I'll tell him it was a dream. I didn't even think about if I was dreaming or not.

    2. I was watching a dude walking across about 5-10 streets in a place that looks like an area that exists in waking life between Walmart and that guitar store owned by a crazy narcissistic drug dealer. In the dream I thought I was watching a movie, but I was right behind him. Cars randomly came out of nowhere and hit people. I somehow remembered seeing him get hit and thought I knew when it would happen, but he crossed every street safely. He walked in his house and I followed him, still thinking I was watching a movie. Then I suddenly became the dude, who was getting divorced and needed a new house. There was a guy in the house asking what kind of house I wanted. I said I wanted something exactly like it but it needed 28 rooms. He said he can't do that, it has to be either 5 or 30 rooms. Then I said that I wanted it to be completely different from this house, but exactly the same, which somehow made sense in the dream. I don't remember anything after that.

    3. While walking though my house, I discovered a secret room. I walked in and saw a million bottles of talking pills. Most of them said they were for stomach ulcers, some were for heart problems. A few said they were for "severe cases of green goo"
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