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    A Year in the Twilight Zone

    by , 12-07-2012 at 04:11 AM (463 Views)
    The day before this dream I was sick, with a temperature that rose to 99.7 from my normal temperature of 97, then dropped to 95. I couldn't sleep the night before or during the day. I finally was able to sleep at around 5 am, but only for an hour. I think the dream lasted the whole hour, but it felt like a year.

    There was a murderer named Tom Tiddlediddle who ate peoples heads. The police couldn't find him but there were a lot of people who were found dead with no head, so he was still killing people the whole time.

    There was also a nice alien named Hoopsha. He looked like a wrinkly old woman with white skin, but he had huge elephant ears and a pig nose. The texture and look of his skin reminded me of the Shpongle mask thing.

    The whole dream was in the Egyptian desert. The Egyptians had religious ceremonies inside of stone temples, where they made tea with some cool blue flowers and meditated. At the front of the room was a clay statue with angels holding cannabis leaves.

    Near the end of the dream, I was talking to Hoopsha. He moved closer and calmly told me to look at his wrinkled skin. He asked me if it looked familiar. I don't remember my answer. Then his calmness turned to an evil stare as he said "I'm Tom Tiddlediddle". His face morphed into a human's face. He slowly opened his mouth, knowing that I was paralyzed with fear. I woke up still feeling scared and confused.

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