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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Another Random DILD

    by , 11-15-2023 at 09:12 PM (221 Views)
    I think its about time I buckle down and get serious again. I keep having random DILDs. A lot of them I forget and most I fail to record. I wrote this one down from a few nights ago. This is a straight copy from my mobile notes app so the format will be sloppy and there are typos.

    Back from a jog somewhere unfamiliar. Alysha in car to pick me up. Shes wearing strang matching color top amd bottom. Light beige almost skin color but it seems bright or highly contrasted to the surroundings somehow. I do a double take and she has moved to the passenger seat. I hop in the driver seat and take off kind of fast. The car seems loud. There is a man on the bridge looking over. He glitches locations along the bridge.

    Some how I know its a dream and I floor it and swerve right at him. I say to my wife watch this. I hit him and he flies over the top of the car. I say BOOM. I dont even slow down. I just keep driving
    I look at Alysha and shes expressionless. I say i dont even care if you know I am draleaming anymore.
    I mean I dont care if you know its a dream.
    She skreiks loudly, MIIIKKEE!
    The "noise" of it wakes me up.

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