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      04-07-2018, 11:20 PM
      Xanous created a blog entry Random OBE in Xanous' Dream Journal
      #521 Was hurting so I moved to the couch. It was storming and every little noise kept waking me up. I eventually had a spontaneous OBE. I...
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    Recent Entries

    Random OBE

    by Xanous on 04-07-2018 at 11:20 PM

    Was hurting so I moved to the couch. It was storming and every little noise kept waking me up. I eventually had a spontaneous OBE. I willfully drifted off the couch and into the kitchen. I enjoyed all the sensations as usual but was very aware of my open mouth breathing. I tried to stablize the dream more by crawling. Some woman walks by and I trip her by grabing her ankle and pushing on the back of her knee. Then I am floating over my dog laying asleep on the floor. I hug her. A noise wakes me up.

    Drive, Fight, Eat

    by Xanous on 03-12-2018 at 04:33 AM
    #520 - DILD? DEILD? - 1:25AM

    I have to keep this brief but this dream was super long detailed. I didn't leave myself time to type this up properly but I want to get it in before it fades. Please excuse the typos.

    I am driving in a familiar dream-scape that I seem to visit a lot. I wake briefly and find myself right back in the dream but fully lucid. I am still in the car so I try to drive but it's stuck in reverse. I feel a little panic but realizing its only a dream, I relax. There is a falling sensation as the car goes really haywire now. I am spinning out of control but the car finally straightens. I grab the wheel and pull up like its an airplane we I fly for a few moments. The distance is foggy and white like there is not enough computer power to render the horizon.

    The white envelopes me and I am walking now. The only thing I see is some strange stones so I tap out a beat on them with my shoes to try to ground myself. It works. My son is now with me. I decided to play with him and act silly like we go a lot. Running around and shouting nonsense.

    Then for some reason we start play boxing but it gets really physical. I end up punching as hard as I can. He distorts like hes made of rubber and flies away but instantly comes back for more. My younger daughter joins in and the same happens to her. I feel bad about this and want a real fight so I walk away and shout obscene things in order to conjure a real tough guy. Some reason short and fat Cindy from work appears . I go to punch her but she vanishes. I then see T but the same happens to her. I run away shouting again for a challenger but I see a bunch of junk food in the kitchen and binge. It all taste rotten so I stop. I open the fridge and start shouting pudding cup until I wake up.


    by Xanous on 02-16-2018 at 04:50 AM
    #519 - DILD - 5AM

    I have to make this entry short but there wasn't a much to the lucidity anyway. It was good to break such a long dry spell. I was focused on DEILD and had a few mini awakenings which triggered a DILD. This style has done well for me in the past and I think I'll stick to it even if it does hinder dream recall for non lucids.

    I am in some Colosseum in the desert. Some sport like soccer. It seems like we were driving cars. At the end the judges decided the score not based on number of goals. They declare a tie and many people complain. I chat to a woman about being in a foreign land. I leave the area through a huge crowd of people. Basil is walking with me. He photo bombs several people and even is dressed different to match at times. Suddenly, it becomes hard to walk. Basil makes a strange comment about it and all of it triggers lucidity. It gets easier to walk and I start yelling to hear my dream voice so loudly (always a favorite). I get Basil to yell too. I sort of believe he is really in my dream with me and I tell him we are dreaming hoping he will be lucid to. He seems to get it but them he leaves me. It get really hard to walk now and I drop to my hands and knees. I struggle against it but the feeling increases and it now feels like gravity has shifted so that instead of crawling I am climbing. I get outside and try to fly away. I watch the ground drop away but the dream is breaking up and I feel like I am about to wake. I relax and free-fall for a bit. I close my eyes and meditate for a little bit. I lose lucidity as I open my eyes and find myself sitting on the ledge of the rooftop. I jump down and find a document from work and hand it to the appropriate person. I wake up.

    Clap, Clap, Snore

    by Xanous on 12-26-2017 at 02:50 AM
    #518 - IDWILD - 2:30PM

    I guess by now these In-Dream-Wake-Initiated-Lucid-Dreams shouldn't really surprise me (a bit of an oxymoron I suppose). I'm sure I've said this before, but I feel they more closely fit the category of DILD or DEILD because, I probably am already dreaming when I start them. However, sometimes I really don't recall what started them so it's hard to say, but it always feels like a real WILD. Usually I have a non lucid dram sequence with some kind of back story, but other times, like last night, I have no recall of what triggered it. Are they random or are they intentionally started after a brief awaking? Perhaps, it's linked to my history of waking in sleep paralysis that I have so often turned into a gateway. Sometimes I just don't know. I don't have a lot of LD's these days for lack of effort, but I haven't abandoned the practice completely so, I take what I get. Anyway, I am hesitant to try to start a new term, but IDWILD really seems to be a thing for me so I'm calling it that for now.This dream could have been awesome, but unfortunately, when you share a bed, there are external factors at play.

    I find myself in a typical WILD transition. I have separated easily but it's dark. I try clapping my hands repeatedly and the effort and feeling of it makes the dream more vivid. The lights come on and I float around my bedroom and house shouting with excitement to be having another lucid dream after such a long period of time. I start to settled down and decide what to do, but a noise wakes me up.

    I tap my wife to stop snoring and intend to make an entry in my DJ but I falsely do it in another jumbled dream sequence. I wake again note the time. I roll over and pass out for good. At this point I'm not even sure if my wife even snored of if it was a FA. I forgot the tricky nature of these altered states of consciousness and dreaming. Maybe next time I'll be more vigilant.


    by Xanous on 11-15-2017 at 02:40 AM
    #517 - DILD - 2:30AM

    I have an anxiety nightmare early in the night about rats. I do a mini WBTB and fall asleep with my intention set. My last thought was about my LD goal.

    That same dream repeats itself, but this time there is no anxiety because I recognize it almost immediately and become lucid.
    I turn away from the rats scene and turn down a hallway in some way better version of my house. Everything is brightly light.
    Because I am always amused how realistic my shouting is, I yell out, "Hey! Hey! HEEEEYYYY!"
    I suspect all this shouting will conjure up a DC. I turn into a door way into a bedroom. I see my wife is scantily clad. I notice no bra under her thin shirt. I say something to her, I don't recall. All I remember is that she has a really strange reply. She gives me a high-five and attempts some strange secret handshake I lose track of it.
    Instead of getting caught up in it I remind myself by telling her that this is a dream, "I am dreaming. This is a lucid dream."
    She smiles.
    I then tap her once on each boob and say, "I'll be right back."
    I turn to a window in the room and phase outside. I recall my goal, inspired by TWD, to ride a tiger.

    I wonder around my neighborhood. Again, enjoying the sound and feel of dream shouting, I call out for a tiger. After a moment a large, dog-sized version of my childhood pet cat appears. The orange tabby reminds me of the cat I once named Tigger. I take a brief second to appreciate this memory, but this isn't quite what I want. I turn away down the street and try to remember the name of the tiger from TWD. The closest I get is Shebra, but I now know that what I meant was Shiva. It's OK my dream tiger can be Shebra if I want.

    After some walking and shouting for Shebra, I find her sitting and waiting. She's about the size of my Great Pyrenees but that doesn't stop me from trying to ride her. I get on her back and wrap my hands around her neck. She stands and carries down the street. Though see feels like she has gotten quite a bit bigger is really just feels like I am hugging my own dog. I am a little disappointed. I see some kids playing with an young woman, maybe still in her teens. I notice her shirt has an 80's design and reads, 'LOVECRAFT'. I ride away as I gradually wake up.

    It's probably meaningless coincidence, but I found this after googling 'lovecraft tiger'

    Little Tiger

    Little Tiger, burning bright
    With a subtle Blakeish light,
    Tell what visions have their home
    In those eyes of flame and chrome!
    Children vex thee - thoughtless, gay -
    Holding when thou wouldst away:
    What dark lore is that which thou,
    Spitting, mixest with thy meow?