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    OBE Shadow Demon

    by Xanous on 10-12-2020 at 03:18 AM
    #541- DEILD approx 2am

    I don't remember the first part but I have FA. There are double windows at the foot of the bed and wife is on wrong side. The windows are open and a cool breeze is blowing in. It feels nice and I am relaxed and content to just lay there.

    I "Fall back to sleep" I am in a room but it kind of dark. There is a white ceiling fan. I start to feel a little scared of the dark so I go to turn on the light. The pull chain feels like its not clicking the switch but it also feels like the chain is stretchy. Something clicks and there is only a small spot of light on the ceiling fan where the light kit should be but its missing. I pull another chain and the fan blades start but they warp and make odd sounds. I can feel the breeze from it and I feel like the blade will get me so I turn away.

    I have another FA back in the odd bedroom with double windows. This time the breeze is much stronger and the curtains are blowing out. I think this must be why I dreamed about the ceiling fan. I hear distant crack of thunder and see a flash of lighting then I hear the sound of gentle rain. I think its good we are getting rain since its been so dry. I consider closing the windows in case we get wet but the breeze and sound of the storm is so nice I decide to wait.

    I wake for real this time but I feel so still and relaxed that I go for DEILD. After a few seconds vibrations start. I consider sitting up but I feel unsure if I am totally in yet so I decide to roll. For some reason that feels like that safer bet. I feel the stretch and the familiar separation then softly hit the floor. As a type of RC I decide to jump and test gravity. I open my eyes and spring up with my feet hard. I raise up to the ceiling and gently float down. It's a cool effect so I do it one more time.

    Suddenly there are flashes of light and I see this strange demonic shadow thing on the wall. It flickers in and out of existence and moves rapidly back and forth. My throat closes up with fear and I gasp. I start to panic but I decide to try to calm this down a bit. I stand my ground in a defensive stance and say, "NO! No you stop it."
    Maybe my heart was racing too much or me saying stop it was taken as stop everything but, I am suddenly back in bed wide awake. I think to do a nose plug RC before making an entry on my phone DJ.

    Creepy Snapchat

    by Xanous on 09-15-2020 at 10:29 AM
    #540 - DILD - 1:20AM

    I was in some new area of work. I was off the clock apparently and for some reason I was sending a snapchat of the place. When I played back the snap I realized it wasn't quite the same snap I took. It kept changing each time. I try swiping back but these creepy dudes are in it looking at me crazy. I comment about that to my wife who is now with me. Then a creepy woman is with them doing the same thing. I say who is she?!? Then an attractive woman taking me by the hand at the beach. Ok wait a minute this is silly. I am dreaming right now! I shout oh my god I am dreaming right now! I'm way too excited and I'm jumping up and down. My son is there laughing about the whole thing. I see my wife lounging on a couch looking at her phone. I say babe I am dreaming! ok here's what happened. I was looking at my snapchat and it kept changing. Do you know why? Because I am dreaming right fucking now! She just only smiles. I remember she's just a dumb DC so I say ok bye. She then says bye like she is pissed off. I don't want to leave my DC wife like that so I hug her and say I love you so much. That's when I wake up.

    Yet Another Joy Ride

    by Xanous on 07-04-2020 at 10:58 AM
    DEILD - 330am

    I am partially awake. I randomly decide to DEILD. I feel brief vibrations and focus on in that and relax deeper. My phone alarm goes off for some reason. I turn it off without waking myself too much. One of the cats paws at me from my night table. I decide to ignore it. Nothing is going to keep me from entering the dream. My wife says something. Fuck it. I ask her what. She mumbles something.

    I wake surprised that I didn't get lucid there. The transition was so smooth or I was never really awake to begin with. I don't know which. I don't move and try DEILD again. I come to a stop sign on a familiar road. This time I know I am dreaming. I am not sure what I want to do so I focus on on the visuals. I lean out of the car and look at the texture of the asphalt. I pour myself out of the window and flow under the car and then around into the grill and then back under the car. I lose visuals so I focus on physical sensation. I roll on my stomach and feel the road under me. I feel sensation on my lips.

    I up really early in the morning but I am full of energy and ready to do stuff. I leave the house and quickly find myself in a church. There are several people there. I see a woman and I am going to tell her that I am ready to do some work but I don't know who needs help. Suddenly I feel really odd. My eyes don't focus well. There is an odd sensation of pressure in them. I tell the woman that I might be too tired for this. I wonder around and walk through a few rooms. There are other people around but not paying me much attention. I see a coffee pot and think maybe some caffeine will help but the pot is empty. I decide to just leave the building.

    When I get to my car, I feel bad that I showed up and then just suddenly left like that. I say to myself that it doesn't matter. I don't anyone will even really remember or care. It's like a dream. Wait a minute this is a dream. I start the car up and go for a joy ride. For some reason the area reminds me of a somewhere I used to live but it doesn't look the same. There aren't really any roads. I end up crashing through yards and construction areas. Really random and confusing. I crash the car and decide I want to get another one. I see a nice truck and I hop in. I notice the leather seats feel really slick as I start it up. I see a road out that leads to a highway. I feel excited to get out on an open road. I make my way there weaving through traffic, going faster than I could in waking life. When I am out on the open road I drive as fast as the dream will let me weaving through traffic, really enjoying myself.

    I decide to stop focusing on driving so much and just watch what the dream generates as I go. It become more of an amusement ride now. I see lots of random people doing really random stuff running here and there. I notice two cowboys spazing out in a inhuman way. The ride takes me right into them and for some reason I bite one on the shoulder. It feels like I bit the blanket. I see a lot more random stuff that I can't really recall or make much sense of. I feel like I have been dreaming a really long time. This though causes me to wake up.


    by Xanous on 06-22-2020 at 06:09 PM
    #537 DILD 12AM

    First I am fishing in a pond and checking the minnow traps. I see really odd looking fish. Then, I am in a version of our extra room with the aquarium in it. The tank is extra large and so tall I can barely reach in to feed the fish. I keep noticing how strange all the fish look and how they keep changing shape and color. There is one fish outside of the aquarium swimming in the air. I recognize this dream sign and become lucid. I taking all the visual details until the dream fades. I feel like I am not awake yet so I visualize swimming and find myself in the aquarium with the fish for a while then in a swimming pool just enjoying the effortless motions of swimming. There is suction like an untoe from waves. The visuals fade again and now I am having some sort of FA. For some reason I try to conjure up some dream sex but it gets award and that's not what I really want. Then I am in Walmart straight shirt-cocking it. I see B and his wife going to bed in some part of the store. The lighting is dim and I run around trying to hide from them in the shadows even though I know it doesn't matter that my lower half is naked. I wake up.

    The Door

    by Xanous on 04-29-2020 at 05:30 PM
    #536 Random DILD in the first 30 to 45mins of laying down for the night.

    I have a false awakening and start to go outside. It is extremely windy and the storm door slams back on me. It sort of doubles and starts to fall apart. I say I am a software developer. I don't have time for this (Uh what that's not true) I step back and close the main door but I can't because that door is now coming off the hinges. I see the screws and everything fall out. I'm like what the hell? Then it dawns on me this HAS to be a dream. I am quite relieved. I say oh thank the good lord (weird I am atheist).

    I turn away from the door mess but realize my hands are down the front of my hands and stuck to the waist band. I struggle to pull them out but can't. I am now aware that the TV is on. Someone is making a horribly creepy whining/moaning sound. reeeereeereeee. I hate is. This is some Stephen King shit. I say Oh shut up. SHUT UP STUPID TV!. It won't stop. Now I realize I am letting the dream get me emotional. I relax myself and begin the metal process of just letting it all go and imagine none these problems are happening. I guess I relax too much because I quickly wake up. I lay still for a moment hoping DEILD but I am too awake for that.

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