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    Recent Entries

    Bouncy. Test failed.

    by Xanous on 02-14-2024 at 12:29 PM
    Thought I was going to a McDonald's that was in some old trailor house. Floor was really bouncy in spots. One spot is so bouncy I did a flip and crash on the floor. Some rough looking redneck possibly a homeless meth-head started making fun of me. I tried to explain about the floor but he doesn'tseem to get it. I look around at who else saw me and realize there is no McDonald's and that I never go to McDonald's anyway. I realize I just walked into some party and they didnt they are so wasted the dont know that I dont belong there and mostly ignore me. I feel the urgent need to leave. The ground is bouncy outside too and this triggers lucidity. I immediately forget about whatever I was going to do next and stop to just randomly explore the area. I see a fridge and I decide to open it. Looks like cans of some wierd brand of stuff. I cant read it but for some reason I think its exactly the same stuff as my fridge in waking life (its not). I laugh about this. I wonder around some more very aimlessly for a good while. My memory is foggy here. I realize there is a very attractive young woman following me around. Still fits the redneck or country look but very pretty. She has a shirt tied up to show her belly. Short cut offs and boots. I pause. Shes says, "Well what else can we do?" I try to think but have nothing to say. She rewords her question, "I dont want leave. You wanna to DO something else?" She gesture towards her body. I say, Oh yeah, I want to do something." I grab her and kiss her. She very seductively whispers what I said in my ear. While making out the dream fades to black. I have a false awakening and instantly feel like I failed some sort of test. I admonish myself for giving in to lust in a dream. I feel ashamed. I tell myself next time I will just ingore this type of dream character. My mouth feels dry and full of sand. Somehow I think I bit into something like a graphite mold in the dream and it transferred into waking life. I find it only slightly odd and very annoyingly possible. I think I should rinse my mouth out but first I try to record the dream on my phone. This doesn't go well and I wake up. I haven't been sleeping well at all and I am too tired to record this until I wake up later.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Suck it up

    by Xanous on 01-26-2024 at 03:39 PM
    I had a short random lucid dream like 20-40min after falling asleep at the beginning of the night. I havent been practicing and I suspect I have a lot of these types or randoms but my recall is terrible lately. I really need to start trying again.

    I was at the table with Alysha and she was mocking me telling me "to suck it up" and "be a man". I dont even know what it was about but I got so pissed she wouldn't stop. So I said, "Im about to knock you out" ( I only say that to the dog jokingly in waking life lol). Some old black woman materializes vetween us and starts calming me down and saying calming things and holding my hands over the trash can for some reason. I look over her at my wife to mean mug her but her appearance keeps shifting slightly and I recognize it as a dream. My anger leaves and I zoom over to her and tell her that I am so sorry and I forgive her. She says the same thing back. I say "I know you are just an aspect of myself but Im not going to say how I know that". Then we go to leave and she wants to make out but I want to go do things outside. I kiss her a little and then push away. I wake up.

    Another Random DILD

    by Xanous on 11-15-2023 at 09:12 PM
    I think its about time I buckle down and get serious again. I keep having random DILDs. A lot of them I forget and most I fail to record. I wrote this one down from a few nights ago. This is a straight copy from my mobile notes app so the format will be sloppy and there are typos.

    Back from a jog somewhere unfamiliar. Alysha in car to pick me up. Shes wearing strang matching color top amd bottom. Light beige almost skin color but it seems bright or highly contrasted to the surroundings somehow. I do a double take and she has moved to the passenger seat. I hop in the driver seat and take off kind of fast. The car seems loud. There is a man on the bridge looking over. He glitches locations along the bridge.

    Some how I know its a dream and I floor it and swerve right at him. I say to my wife watch this. I hit him and he flies over the top of the car. I say BOOM. I dont even slow down. I just keep driving
    I look at Alysha and shes expressionless. I say i dont even care if you know I am draleaming anymore.
    I mean I dont care if you know its a dream.
    She skreiks loudly, MIIIKKEE!
    The "noise" of it wakes me up.

    Random DILD

    by Xanous on 10-13-2023 at 02:29 PM
    Was outside with friends and I saw 2 strange blue stars close together. I recognize this old dream sign and get lucid. I reach to the stars and everything else fades away as the 2 dance around eachother. I lose the dream and fall victim to a false awakening. I enter my dream on DV and get instant comments then I am somewhere with odd looking animals and have another reoccurring dream that I think I received and answer as to why.

    Random DILD forgotten

    by Xanous on 12-06-2022 at 04:28 PM
    I forgot most of this but it's worth noting

    Saw my dead father in law and it triggered low level lucidity. I recalled the dream when I woke up could not recall what I did later this morning.
    Later dreamed I flew somewhere to visit a customer with my brother for work. We brought parts back. During the flight back the plane vanish and we power glided to the plant.