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    Enraged at the customs

    by , 04-17-2019 at 03:04 AM (147 Views)
    Following another dream, in which I was actively searching for my room in a weird housing building, I found myself passing customs at airport, or maybe it was just a general check, anyway, there was some officers, one of whom had found my hat that I didn't care about and lost somewhere earlier. He looked as if he found an evidence of my guilt against the country or something, when I made it clear how preposterous his allegations were, he went on to get some pages out of my personal journals (maybe he has intercepted the images or found torn out pages) and presenting them to me showing the words and phrases I have removed, as if to say, "I know you are at something nasty!", at that point I lost all tact and fear and started to yell at him that it's none of his business and I am free to do whatever I want in my notebook.

    It's a strange dream for me, because otherwise I am a timid person and more than often see dreams in which I am running from someone, feeling fear and worry (as I do IRL), so I woke up from that dream quite good, not feeling happy, but it had some sense of reassurance.

    Before that dream, I was wondering along some streets, which I have never seen IRL, as well as those places in dream above. I saw a few cars without front tires, I rationalized that thieves probably have stolen them because they are usually in a better condition than rear tires (I have no idea about whether that is actually true or not).

    The interesting thing about dreams, about which is written in ETWLD of Stephen LaBerge, is the absence of critical faculty, how easy do we rationalize absolutely stupid things! Then I thought remembering his dream sign categories that in my case it's clearly the Place that is different more than anything else. I am always dreaming about places which I have never seen in real life though in drems they seem to be mega familiar so I never question their reality. I have to concentrate on "Where I am" more to attain lucidity with some better results.

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