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    Les RÍves


    , 05-29-2011 at 05:29 PM (846 Views)
    My friends and I are in a huge gym that reminds me of CHS's gym, we take our seats on the ground. Gus and I are laying down, we're expecting to see her lover, Al, perform at whatever event this is supposed to be. The event's about to begin and everyone piles in, but I don't recall seeing Al and her hopes dampen. Suddenly a guy comes and looks at her, smiles, and sits down. I realize it's actually Al, noticing he looks like he just shaved. I'm surprised he decided to sit next to her out of all people, and they start talking. I'm up on a bleacher now as a break commences and everyone seems to go off to get food or something. I think this is a great opportunity. When Al and Gus come back, I realize Gus keeps saying "Ten minutes." Al says, "WHat about a lunch or something?" Al has a skeptical air and Gus has a passionate air. Then Al says, "Okay, what if I wanted to take you ice skating," and he seems really genuine about it, and Gus and i both know this is a huge turning point. I'm shocked he asked, really. Then Gus gets too passionate and says something along the lines of, "Kiss my knees and promise me you will come to visit." To VB, I assume. I knew I have to intervene because Gus is getting carried away. So I lay myself down, drawing attention, look at Gus, and say quietly "Stop it. You're scaring him." Gus calms down and they go off somewhere, I'm on top of a bleacher with a couple of my friends. There's a black-guy-giant taller than the bleachers talking into the phone, and I figure he's harmless but my friend tells me he's been talking crazy stuff. I listen in and he seems ot be discussing being pissed off at someone and adderall..ok then.

    Dream transitions and I'm on a dinner table, with Gus, Jess, and her sister VA. I'm surprised VA is there because her and Jess don't really get along. We're discussing where we are going ot eat after going out, and I offer to find a couple of decent restaurants in Arlington. I recall going on yelp and only being able ot find restaurants with a small amount of ratings. I find a really good Swedish one, but then I wonder what Swedish cuisine is like.

    A fragment: being in my new single room in Hampton roads after a long night of partying.
    Frag: Accidentally leaving Randy numerous messages on his tumblr ask box, even though he doesn't have a tumblr, and fearing he will figure out its me. (esp. since I didn't hit anonymous button)

    The night before I dreamt about move-in day. I had moved into blue ridge and discovered no one had moved into my 222 room. That guy who's a female version of Helen was there along with Randy. I was pretty pleased with the fact Randy and I would be so close. Blue ridge had a huge ground floor with escalators. Nothing too important happened.

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