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    Middle School

    , 05-30-2011 at 03:55 PM (856 Views)
    I'm back in middle school. I see all my friends from there and I'm a little confused because I seem to be able to recall which high schools everyone chose to go to. So I wonder, how is this possible if we're still in middle school? Come to think of it, i kind of remember going to high school..? I dismiss the thought and talk with my old "friends." Suddenly I'm on a bus. The bus is really big and I lay down on a huge seat. It's like one of those travel buses instead of a city bus. I am laying down facing the back right in the front, there is a blanket wrapped around me. I figure I am going to IS 27, but its weird because it's not like a city bus. I'm in a half-way sleep when Felix enters. I'm in a bit of shock, and I only see his back. I can't look at him in the face since I'm supposed to be sleeping! Nevertheless I get a pretty big rush, and stare into his back in slight panic as he puts his stuff down. I cover my face with my blanket a little as he turns around and recognizes me (as I always do when I sleep), but I'm asleep so he doesn't rouse me. I feel around for my metro card in silence but I can't find it, which worries me. What if I have to get up before he leaves? I look a mess (haha). I fall into the halfway sleep again and kind of recall him getting off. As he does, I rush to the bus driver and talk to him about Feef. I ask him to tell me what stop he got off on. I feel content.

    The bus gets off in a pretty big parking lot, and I see the Forbes twins. I'm not really sure why we got off in such a place, but I hang around, still happy about glimpsing Feef. The dream has shitty recall at this point..and I remember showing up at school. The cafeteria lady gives me a paper with a key and tells me I've gotten a single at Tidewater (or rather, I read so). This is great news! I exclaim my joy.

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