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    Les RÍves


    , 05-25-2011 at 02:36 AM (888 Views)
    Scattered Dreams, recall has already improved slightly so that's encouraging.

    Earlier on I remember a few nightmares with snakes.

    I'm in school, visiting, not really sure what school it's supposed to be, nothing looks familiar. It's a hot summer day with bright sunshine and my parents are here. I'm walking around when I see my old French teacher and decide to go say hi to her, but I approach a stranger's back.. Then my old math and French teacher call out to me. They are sitting close by and I go say hey! to them. They ask me whether I've heard about the new place ot eat and I'm like, what..Cinnabon? They say it's a place I've probably never ate at before and decide to take me there. We walk and I look down at my clothes, realizing I'm wearing a really shirt sundress. I wonder how I managed ot get away with wearing this in front of my parents..and wonder whether I should go back and change. We make our way across a street and the whole dream goes dark, that is, dusk settles in suddenly. I realize we're in front of some outback steak-esque place; I never dine in those kind of places. Dreams transitions.

    It's nighttime now and my dad and I are getting something from Cinnabon. We are in a carnival type place, but it's still my college. We make negotiations about what to get and debate over how long the line is. No events of consequence.

    At some point my parents are gone, I'm in a weird little movie theatre kind of place. Rita's trying to order something from the waiter whilst laughing hysterically, the waiter turns out to be Al. He shares the amusement and laughs a lot as well. I head over to a little Paki banquet, really dark, kind of like a lecture hall with food in first row. I inspect some kabobs and they seem unfresh, Kamran tells me they are form his dad and to check out the ones on the right side as they are fresh. They look all right so I take one. My dad's there as well, and he tells me we should hurry, and I wonder what his reaction is to me knowing everyone. We leave.

    Now for some reason me and Gus have gotten back form a club, we're in a dark lobby wherein some guy proceeds to criticize my appearance. I encourage him to be honest, and then when the lights turn on I give him a really loud yelling.

    It's move-out day again, seems I'm outside of Truman/Kennedy. There is a child that is my brother who's misbehaving so he's sitting in the corner. A couple of doctors arrive, they're half-Polish (as I figured form their last name) and half-Paki (as I figured form what they look like). It was really funny because I took note of their names and thought: yeah, this is a detail I'll need ot remember for my DJ. My dad looks at them admirably and i think about how he idolizes doctors.

    There are a bunch of fragments and stuff that I just can't access.

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