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    The colonial boys' adventures in the old diary

    , 02-28-2019 at 10:48 AM (84 Views)
    I dreamed that I was looking through my attic when I came across this old diary. It was the diary of a boy back in the wild west colonial times in America.

    Flipping through the book I came across a very unique page. The page was displaying the stories in diary on a moving screen build into the page, which felt like every other page. Watching the moving pictures, I was drawn into the story of the and part observed, part participated in a number of adventures.

    Inside the diary now, the boy was one of three. He had a brother and a sister, Dad and Mum. They were quite a wealthy family in the upper class of that time frame. They had black American servants and wore fancy dresses.

    The boy was lonely though, and he had a pet cat. Him and the cat had fun playing together and romping around their country estate.

    One day, the boy was wandering in the woods and he came across a Indian brave. Him and the Indian brave became good friends! The Indian brave used the friendship of the boy for his own purposes and got the boy to help him sabotage a key Industrial building...

    So, the brave got the boy to help him collect kegs of gun powder and dynamite. Then, they sneaked down one night and planted it around this building, a very important one for the boys fathers business. It was located near a swamp and a river. BOOM, it went up in smoke and ashes.

    The boys father held a meeting. In their large hall in the main house, there were many soldiers, servants and the whole family was there. The father was very angry!! He was discussing with the soldiers there about who had done it and interrogated the servants.

    Later on that day, the boys younger brother found his diary which had all his mischievous adventures recorded in it and gave it too his Mother. She instantly know what had happened and quietly put it back down as the boys father was in the room then.

    "Huh? Whats that? Let me see that Diary" The father swaggered over...

    "Its ok dear, its Allen's Diary. You know, boys that age need their privacy" she reasoned as she nonchalantly took it from his hands...

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