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      Post stonedreams journal

      Hi am stonedreams and a male located in Indiana. I am very interested in becoming better at DILD's. I am not new to lucid dreaming but at the same time I'm not very experienced. I had stopped trying to achieve lucidity about 3 months ago, but now i am back on track for the quest of lucidity. Recently my dream recall has been horrid(due to the lack of trying to remember dreams). I hope you can help me get back on track and master DILDs

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      Welcome stonedreams!

      Sure thing, we'll do our best to put you back on track.

      First thing I would say is to work on your recall. If you don't show interest in your dreams, then your mind is not so interested either. Write everything in your DJ. Every fragment, keyword, feeling, think about your dreams a lot and appreciate them. Pretty soon, you will have lots of dreams and you will remember at least some of them.

      Suggestions about what to write in DJ, how to better remember dreams are here http://www.dreamviews.com/dild/13212...ods-dilds.html

      You will also find there my short awareness technique - question+RCs and mantras.

      What's most important though, is your excitement and intent to do this. So good luck and keep me posted of your progress

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