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    Thread: Class Revamp (WELCOME, AND PLEASE READ)

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      Class Revamp (WELCOME, AND PLEASE READ)

      Welcome to the Dream Control Subforum!

      I am working on completely remaking this and am making it much more like the other classes. So if you are interested in dream control, make yourself a workbook and put down a few things.

      The whole point of this subforum is:

      Title of your workbook is up to you. I will know it is yours by the OP. Pick something creative and fun.

      Put this in your WorkBook
      Current Easy Dream Controls and How You Do It
      Current Hard Dream Controls and How You Have Tried It.
      Current LD rate and LD count (optional for those that don't wish to give)
      Teleport Methods and ability, as well as an estimate of how many times you have teleported to random places and places you want to go
      Small Goals
      Big Goals
      Favorite Goals Accomplished
      Any Questions You Might Have!!!
      Anything else you might want

      If you want to use your workbook as a step by step list of control you do, that would be awesome. Really anything that you might want to do with it that has to do with control is permitted. I want you to make your workbook your own.

      I know that I have so far only talked about control, but that is because it is a form of control in my thought processes, so if this is a problem with you, please put it down in the control category!!!

      I am not putting this down as a "Please put in this format" but I want you to make it completely your own. Color coded, graphs, pictures, etc. Anything that you can stamp your creativity mind on and link people to as a an extension of yourself.

      If you have made a thread in here before and want to change it because it was in such a different format, just make a new one and PM me so that I can close the old one. Please don't overuse this, it is an amenity from me to you, but I don't want this to be filled with locked threads.
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