6-7 months ago I was doing this lucid dream induction thing, writing in my dream journal any dreams I remembered right after waking up etc. but I ended up only having 2 lucid dreams, each lasted very shortly. Recently I started the journal again, and read all those things I wrote 6 months ago. Last night I had a lucid dream, and it was awesome except for a few things.

1. Most of the time I was in control, I did what I really wanted to do in a lucid dream, but for a small amount of time I didn't. I acted illogically at a few points and differently than I would if I was truly lucid.

2. So the first thing I did when I got lucid is say "hell yes" and fly up. Now there was a problem with that. Once I went up it took me quite an effort to stop myself from going further up, like a "stop" in my head wasn't enough, I had to literally brake somehow. And, as things got smaller the higher I got, there were holes. Like I would see a layout of an area I live in, but it's like parts were still loading in my head, I saw patches of black, like graphic errors on a computer and I felt like I was losing lucidity so I had to ground myself pretty fast. And the landing was awesome.

So how would I stop these two things from happening?