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      Not Lucid yet but I can autosuggest what I want to dream

      I'm a newbie started journaling and working on dreamrecall on 10-4-2010

      Not yet lucid but recall is better and better.
      It seems i can control at least a part of my dreams..that is, what i want to dream about. It's cool. Is this common and why does it work? why does your mind listen to what you want to dream about when in the dreamworld, most of the times when we were not aware of Lucid dreaming etc,, the mind makes whatever it wants to create.

      Here's an example of my autosuggestion. One day i said "i want to recognize that i'm dreaming so that i can have sex with a sexy woman" Turns out my dream was about a sexy woman and of the ethnicity which i indicated and we had sex.

      Well yesterday i said the same thing again but then i changed my mind and said that i want to "MEET sexy women" instead of have sex with them. What happened is i had a greattt dream about meeting sexy women, we just talked and hang out, no sex.
      it was great

      But although i can control the topic as i've said, i can't control becoming lucid. My dream is more like a movie. i have no control in what i want to do....so I dont have a chance to do my mantra "i want to recognize that i'm dreaming" because i have no control in a movie. i'm just viewing it.

      How do i learn to recognize while dreaming..when the dreams are just like me viewing a movie/story.. How do you make yourself concious that your dreaming

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      Well, if you are that good with auto-suggestion then try suggesting something to dream about first and then tell yourself that when you see that specific thing you want to dream about you will realize you are dreaming.

      Example: 'Meet a sexy woman, when i meet her i will realize i am dreaming'.
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      I wish auto-suggestion worked for me.. I use mantras and suggestion alll the time, I focus my thought process around the ideas of lucid dreaming and the dreams I want to have, but falling asleep my thought trains off everywhere too quickly, I can't seem to sink into one mode.

      more than once have I simply mentioned lucid dreaming to my friends and they'd come to me the next day with stories of lucidity. I wish I could get into this thought groove that keeps me trained on one goal.. mentally.. somehow.. idk
      good times

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      yes like silver2k said since autosuggestion is easy for you then suggest to yourself a dream in which you realise you are dreaming.
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      Recently I heard about new app on iPhone and iPod that helps you to increase your dream control. They are called Artlumino and are present on Facebook. There are also few movies about them on youtube. Interestingly this trime it looks serious, as they are supported by a bunch of universities!!! I'd like to check it out.

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