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      Major question!!! Help!!!

      Hey what's up.

      k so I just learned about lucid dream like... a week and a half ago. Since then, amazingly, I've had four, cloudy and blurry, lucid dreams. I learned how to make them vivid and all that stuff, but now I can't have lucid dreams anymore.

      I know I'm lucky that I even had one lucid dream in a week and a half, but suddenly they've stopped coming to me. I figure that I may be doing something wrong.

      So here's my story.

      My first lucid dream was before I knew anything about lucid dreaming. I had heard of dream control, but didn't put much thought into it. Well, I had one, and kind of realized that I could fiddle with my dreams.

      After that I started looking into lucid dreaming and had one very cloudy, uneasy lucid dream.

      Then another one of those.

      Then another one of those.

      Then I began to really research vividness and lucidity.

      So I had a very, very, very, very, short lucid dream that was very vivid.

      And then I stopped having them.

      So it's been four days and I haven't been able to have one.

      I mean, yeah, I'm not a master at it. But I would think that I'm doing something wrong.

      Any help?

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      Four days? Please don't post a thread for something like that. I honestly thought this would be something important. People don't want to waste time on a 4 day dry spell (if you can even call it that). Most people only have 1 or so a week.

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      Think critically about what you were doing the days you had lucids. Did you do a lot of reality checks during the day? If so when and how did you do them? What was your thought process when you did reality checks (once again, if you did them at all)? Did you do anything different in your nightly routine than you are doing now? Did you eat or drink at similar times on those days (right before bed or hours before)? Did you eat anything that is thought to cause vivid dreams (apple juice, peanut butter, various others from anecdotes)? What were you thinking about as you were drifting off to sleep?

      All of these factors might have an affect on your ability to lucid dream. Look for patterns, and go from there. Stress and expectation are big deals. If you think you are in a dry spell, and never really think you will have a LD when you go to sleep, you are only hurting your chances. Stress, whether related to dreaming or not, is distracting and has a negative effect on lucid dreaming.

      I am not saying than any of the above factors absolutely affects your ability to LD. Some of them probably do while others might be insignificant. You don't have too much data to go on right now (and 4 days without a LD is absolutely nothing to be stressed about), but you can start to look for patterns and attempt to figure out what works best for you.
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      You have nothing to worry about. I have a LD couple times a week, but sometimes I get this "phase" where I see LDs for many nights in a row before switching back to my normal schedule. Just a while ago (Last week.) I had a LD every night for a week. And on the last night I had 3 of them. Also, about a week after my first LD, I had LDs 5 nights in a row. Shortly after that I started to have them couple times in a week. So nothing to worry about.
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