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      You remind me of me, man. KH and Zelda, all the time.
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      Oh hey, Another KH fan.
      W-Wait! You have Kingdom Hearts DREAMS too! That is awesome.

      Let's be friends.
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      LOL I love that you love kingdom hearts
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      your avatar looks like a heartless
      yeah dude, your kingdom hearts dreams/interests are awesome, i seem to share the same sort of experiences
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      By the way, I love your entries about kingdom hearts and I think its so cool you use a keyblade! Haha, I love kingdom hearts.
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      Haha cool cool. According to some people time doesn't even matter in dreams.
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      Thanks for the entry. It's posted. You're a bit ahead of the rest of the world so other entries will be posted later today and tomorow :p If you want I would try again tonight cause as you can see, we have alot of americans doing this haha :p
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      Since you play portal 2, do you remember the lemon rant? The Combustible Lemons?
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      your avatar trips me out. it totally reminds me of something I would see in a dream.
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    2.8.2011:Damn DCs

    by MrIrony on 08-02-2011 at 08:34 AM
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    I can't remember the beginning of the dream, but I was supposed to go and save some captured king or something. I have a sword that, for some reason turns into a powerful two-handed sword when I'm in the throne room of the king, but shrinks into a dagger outside of it. Outside the castle I get attacked by someone, but am teleported to safety by someone who gives the sword it's power back. (A.K.A now it's a two-handed blade all the time.) He tells me it's the Master sword. He creates a portal to the person who attacked me (Or to the place he attacked me or something.) and I jump in holding the blade on top of me and shouting that that person should beware. Can't remember what then happened, but the next thing I know I'm somewhere with two people and some evil guy is trying to stop us. He's flying in front of us and is about to use some magic, but I throw my sword like a boomerang, killing him. I grab the sword when it comes back and the other person with me says something about how dangerous that was. I give him some sarcastic answer and we continue. The next thing I know I'm with my classmates in some sort of harbor. There's some woman there who lives there. I can't really remember the details or what was going on right now. Next thing I remember is that we're all sitting in a bar. My friend is sitting next to me. There's a lot of sailors in this bar. I guess that's logical because we're in a harbor. We see some commercial on the TV where some captain and his first mate or something tell about their tour ride or something. Then notice something weird. The text in the commercial is in finnish, even though we're nowhere near Finland. (I assume.) I become lucid. I go outside the bar and try to open a portal. I'm still holding the blade, so I try to thrust it forward into the air. Some circles and stuff appears. I think I succeeded, but then they disappear. I try again a couple of times. I get the shapes back once, but they won't last. I'm really angry about this, because I think (And still do.) that this dream is screwing with me. My friend is standing next to me. I start to explain to him that all I ask for is to be able to teleport and that he should help me at least a bit. He says OK and starts to build something. It takes a while and I tell him to hurry up. He finishes it, goes into the bar and attaches the device into a lamppost. It's some kind of box with an on/off switch and a white light on it. He tells me to put it on and look at it. I do what he says and the white light turns on. Slowly everything starts to turn white. Then I start to feel the dream fading. I hear my "friend" tell me that I fell right into his trap. Or something. I turn around and swing them with the sword that I'm still holding. I run up some stairs away from the bar and stabilize the dream. The DCs are coming up the stairs. I can't run away because something invisible has grabbed my ankle. I fight them for a while before the dream fades away.
    non-lucid , lucid

    19.7.2011: Dryspell finally gone

    by MrIrony on 07-19-2011 at 10:57 AM
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1: I was sitting in a room that looked like a bomb shelter. The ceiling, walls and the floor were all made of grey concrete. There were some men sitting with me. We were some sort of league of wizards. Then I started to feel uncomfortable. Apparently everyone else felt it too and we decided to continue upstairs. We climbed a ladder to a house that looked a lot like mine. One of the men, apparently a friend of mine, acted weird. He seemed really nervous. I went to talk to him, but I can't remember exactly how the conversation went. I first asked if he knew what caused that feeling. He said that he had brought a bird, that caused the feeling to everyone near it, downstairs with him. He said he would go and get the bird out of there. I promised to keep it a secret. After a while I went down there too to see if he needed help. I opened a large iron door and saw him being attacked by a phoenix. I raised my hand towards the bird and shouted "Fire!". The room got dimmer and my friend ran out of the room, just in time to get out of the way of an fireball shot by the bird. The bird flew into the first room. All the other wizards were there too. I became half lucid and formed a ball of darkness to my hand and threw it at the bird. I missed. I think I created an forcefield in front of us to block an attack from the bird. Then I pointed my hand at the floor and moved it in a circle. A dark area appeared on the floor under the bird. Then I lifted my arm and an hand came out of the darkness.

    It grabbed the bird and transformed into many tentacles that wrapped around the bird, making it immobile. My friend looked at me in awe and the dream ended.

    Fragment: I was playing a game. I was in a room with two corridors leading out of it. I took the left one, but it ended up to a locked door. I went to the other one and encountered Bowser. I defeated him and got an upgrade and a key. I opened the other door and fought against an ice giant. After that I can't remember anything except that the final battle was against Xemnas.

    Dream 2: I was at my school. We were told to warm up by running in the deep snow. Then we ran out of the school yard. We heard shooting coming from the school. We ran as fast as we could to get away from the shooter. More kids followed us. I don't remember much, but at some point I became lucid. I woke up and used deild to induce another lucid. I can't remember how many lucids I got this way. It was around 3-4. All I remember from the dreams is being at some school, going through a large window, making everyone angry, being unable to summon my keyblades and holding the angry crowd away from me with my fist till the dream ended.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    15.7.2011: The great escape

    by MrIrony on 07-15-2011 at 07:05 AM
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1: I was on my school yard with some big guy. I was lucid. I'm not sure about, but I might have entered the dream through a portal. The man said that he was waiting for her daughter to get something to him from the school. He told me he was a god. I saw a girl come out of the building and give the man something. Then the man was holding a metal rod. There were other children around me. The man told me that he had a house in the moon and that he could teleport us there with this metal rod. I pointed at the moon and shouted "To the moon!" The rod started glowing white. He swinged it in front of us and we teleported. It was dark, so I couldn't see anything. Then we teleported back. I had lost lucidity and woke soon after.

    Dream 2: I was in some school. Me and some other students were removing books from an bookshelf in order to get to the other side. Then we left and started to play ice hockey. We won the match, but then a female teacher came in followed by a crowd of zombified children. (Apparently some children had been disappearing from the school. And here they were. One of the zombified girls started talking to one non-zombified boy. "Help me.. I'm dying." she said. The boy promised to help, but told the girl to act brainwashed until he could come up with a plan. We went on to a balcony right above the playing area. The boy who talked to the girl was short, so I lifted him so he could see the zombified kids playing ice hockey. We talked a bit about how we could help them. Then the short boy fell over the safety rail. I grabbed his arm and the two other boys with us grabbed me and we pulled him back. Then our principle gave us a speech. No idea what he said. The school flooded (It was build on a small island.) And only me and some other boy got away. We went to our house. (We were adults now.) There was some poster on the wall showing two safe places around here. The other one was this house. My friend told me to look outside the window behind me. There was a military truck there and soldiers came out from it. Then I saw some more soldiers standing near a gas station on the other side of the house and told him to look at it. It took me a while to get him to look at the right way, but when he did, he became worried. He told me we were leaving. I realized that those soldiers were the once zombified kids, as well as the rest of the school, now all brainwashed by the teacher. We took our bikes (He might had had a motorcycle.) and started going away. (Something may have happened before this, but it was probably just shooting some guards.) I saw a sign that had the same poster attached to it as the one I saw in the house. We started going to the safe place. On the way one kid from my real school joined us. The road finally kinda ended inside a building. (One wall was gone and the road went in from there.) We got to the corner of the room where there was one lone computer. I thought he was going to get some information from it, which I thought was a stupid idea, because there were two brainwashed girls getting closer. Instead my friend lifted the computer and threw it through one of the windows and jumped down. I followed him and the boy from my school came last. There was a small edge on the wall and we hided under it. The girls looked outside the window, but didn't see us, even though really they would have. I looked around to make sure no one else was coming this way. I crossed my eyes and started seeing the world differently. Although the only difference was that the world seemed more dark and I could see the ground go up and down on one spot. I thought it was some guard travelling underground. I waited till the girls went away and shot to the ground. My friend asked me what the hell did I think I was doing. I told him about the guard and shot again. He told me to not waste any ammo. I pushed my hand underground to the spot where I thought I saw the guard. My hand touched some smooth and round. A lot like a human skull. I pulled my hand away as I didn't want to see what it was. We saw the ocean not far from there. The boy from my school started trying to wake himself up. I heard a voice saying something like "And then he tried to wake himself up by closing and opening his eyes rapidly." I tried it too. Didn't work. We jumped into the sea, my friend first, me second and the boy last. We stayed underwater to avoid the guards. I started wondering how I could hold my breath so long. (Nope, no lucidity here.) Then I tried to wake myself up again and it worked.

    Fragment: Reading someones DJ where he/she met three characters. I only remember one called "Princess Twilight."

    6.7.2011: The legend of Zelda

    by MrIrony on 07-06-2011 at 09:11 AM
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    I was at my grandparents house. We talked about something I can't recall. Then I said that I'm going home. My grandfather said that I should leave at 6pm, but all the clocks showed that it was already 7pm. I took their car and started driving home. I realize that I'm driving into the wrong direction and turn around. My car turns into some kind of motorized bicycle. For some reason I stop near a gym and go in. There's a hockey team practicing and I join them. I'm not too good at it, so I leave and go home. (It was 6pm, so I thought my grandparents clocks were broken.) Nobody's home. I take my parents savings and go shopping in hopes of finding them a present. (For whatever reason. Probably to apologize for taking their money.) I see my sister there, as well as her friend. There's someone breaking into a shop to steal a painting. I look at him for a moment till he looks back. Then I just say hi to him and walk away. Suddenly I'm holding a painting that's identical to the one the man was stealing. I walk outside and start to wonder which way my home was. I see some old lady riding a sort of pedal car and ask her where the church is. (One landmark in my hometown.) She points a direction and I thank and start walking. Soon I come across a castle that blocks the road. Suddenly I'm playing a Zelda game. (Wind waker, to be precise.) I go inside and see a guard walking down a hallway. I quickly turn right to a staircase, climb up and open a door. The guard hears it and starts running up. I find myself in a hallway pretty much identical to the one before. I once again turn right before neither of the guards (The one in the hallway or the one coming through the door.) can see me. But this time I don't climb it. Instead I hide under it. The guards run up without noticing me. A treasure chest appears next to me. But then an imp lifts me in the air and throws me away from my hiding place. A blue ghost sees me, grabs me and teleports me and itselfnto a large room with two more ghosts. There's also a large window with no glass. There's some kind of giant man-eating plants mouth coming through the window. The ghost throws me on top of it. I jump back down and try to escape, but the ghosts pull me back. I run to the opposite direction, out of the window. I see a grassy platform near the castles wall. There's also the plant's base. It looks a lot like one enemy from Twilight princess, except bigger.

    I jump to the platform, kill a golden skulltula with a hookshot and jump down next to the castles entrance. I see a path next to the door and follow it. There's a hole in the fence, but there's a soldier guarding it. I talk to him and he tells me about being in dept and if I give him 700 rupees he will let me pass. I only have 400, and they're my parents money, so I give him nothing. There's some woman standing next to the fence. I speak to her, and she says I shouldn't even try before pulling all the date levers. (Or something.) She says I currently have one pulled and there's four more. I climb the ladders next to her and find a lever with a number four on top of it. When I pull it the number changes to 3.

    Something about some guys wanting to fly and then doing it by riding cannonballs. I was again playing Zelda. (This time it was Ocarina of time.) I was standind on a floating island. The guys who wanted to fly came there. For some reason I shot them with a bow. And every thing on the island. The dream rewinded and I did it again, only this time the other guy turned into a monster and attacked me. I also saw another Link with differently colored clothes.

    I saw some text saying that this battle ends tomorrow. (Or that was the time limit for the battle, it could end sooner.) I also saw a HP meter for the monster. I shot it a couple of times and it fell down from the island. I thought I won, but it came back up by using its ears as propellers. I finished it and saw a cutscene where I fell into a river and a dog jumped after me. We floated into a cavern. Then I could choose some pet from 4 choices. (All looking pretty similar.) I saw me and my friend playing the game and he accidentally chose one, without asking me. But it turned out I could use all of them, the one he chose was just better. They had some abilities like flying and transforming me into other things. I woke up.

    5.7.2011: Random stuff

    by MrIrony on 07-05-2011 at 05:53 PM
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1:
    I was walking to school, but it didn't start till a lot later, so I decided to go to my friends house instead. It might have been 7am (In the dream.) My friends door was open a little and I could see light coming from the left side of the room, indicating that he was awake but his parents weren't. (This wasn't his real home.) I opened the door expecting to see him, but instead saw some girl. My friend walked behind her. I canīt remember much after that, but I think we played some game.

    I saw some kind of games title. It said "Chrono god Trigger" After that I was in a room with some people. The room seemed like a some sort of crypt, because there were lots of sarcophagus near the walls. Suddenly a big guy (Maybe skinless.) came in with a black sword. I summoned two keyblades and blocked most of his attacks, but then he started to get past my defense. I got angry, grabbed his sword and striked his back so many times that he started praying me to stop, so I did. Next there was me and possibly that guy trying to get a balloon to a exit without popping it.

    Something about 3 characters from Friends talking. (Ross, Joey and someone, probably a woman.)

    I can't remember where I were, but I took out a laptop and ordered two tickets to the pyramid. Then I traveled in a train while rubbing my hands to stay in the dream. (Which was quickly fading.) The guy next to me started rubbing his hands too and asked me to give him a couple of high-fives. Woke up before getting to the pyramid. (If the train even was going there.)

    I was once again with my friend, playing the same game as last time. We were two characters with katanas that could change powers in a jungle. First we saw some small enemy and attacked it. Soon we lost sight of it and wondered if it was hiding or dead. Then two other enemies attacked us. One big guy and one that was maybe 18 years old. We mostly fought the big guy as the other guy didn't really do anything. I changed my powers to fire and shot couple fireballs at him. They missed and almost hitted another guard. My friend told me not to draw anymore attention. We finished the big guy, but as a last resort he disembodied his hands, which grabbed me and started slowly dragging me to the direction of the other guard. I pushed my legs against a stone block to prevent me from moving. (The hands themself didn't move me, there was more like a invisible bond between them and the body, so that they were attached to the body, but were a little further away from it.) Finaly the enemy died and left behind a yellow heart. (Like heart containers in the legend of zelda, only slightly different design and color.)

    Updated 07-06-2011 at 09:13 AM by MrIrony

    lucid , non-lucid