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      Question Trouble Getting Motivated In Dreams?

      I've had quite a few DILDs since I found out about lucid dreaming, but nothing interesting is happening in them. Most are blurry, and I don't control anything. My problem is that when I realize I'm dreaming, I'm completely satisfied with just going with the flow of the dream and the thought doesn't even cross my mind to try to control the dream. But when I wake up, I'm frustrated because I let an opportunity to do some really cool stuff go to waste. Is it because I haven't really been very motivated to try lucid dreaming lately or maybe because I've been becoming lucid because of reasons other than reality checks?

      Also, I remember my first lucid dream was only a second or two long. But it was so cool to me because everything became extremely vivid, like way more vivid than any other dream I've had. I actually felt like I was there, is that what an out of body experience is? Anyway, I've been really disappointed with my other lucid dreams because none of them have been vivid like that.

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      Yeah I can relate to this, I sometimes feel lazy and unmotivated to take control, this usually is when my dream is foggy and coming to an end. I think this might be attributed to the fact that I am tired (obviously, I'm sleeping) and maybe my brain just wants to relax and go with it.

      But when I'm having an incredibly vivid dream, it is so much more exciting to take control of it. As a rule, when you become lucid you should always RC, and then increase clarity by dream spinning, rubbing your hands together, studying details in the dream, etc. I think partly what you are going through is that you're not fully lucid, meaning your brain is a little foggy because of the sleep.

      If after that you still aren't motivated to take control, that's fine too. Some people would rather just play out the dream naturally

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