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      Negative thoughts are affecting my LDs

      Hey :)
      So, I'm pretty good at controlling my LDs. I can summon people/stuff, change the scenery, etc.
      My one problem is that I am kind of a "worrywart," lol. Like, if I'm on a roller coaster in real life I'll start thinking "What if I fall off and die?" Of course my thoughts do not affect my safety and I live. :P
      But if I'm in an LD and I'm on a roller coaster and I think "What if I fall off and die?" I of course, fall off and die.
      What I mean is, anything I think about happening in a lucid dream happens. And most of the time I think about everything that could go wrong.
      Have you ever had this problem? How did you keep yourself thinking positive?
      Any help is appreciated. :) Sorry if I'm not making any sense.

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      I get this, after a while though hopefully you just accept it then you can learn to just ignore the negative thoughts. Also try setting the intention to think positive before you go to sleep, I hope this helps you!

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      Hi El, have you tried imagining a dream scene as you go to sleep, one where you think only positive, or a chant like "when i lucid dream i must think positive" or anything like that, also when you are lucid and you think something like "ohh god i hope that house doesn't fall on me" and then it starts falling just put your hand up and say stop.....it's your dream, you are in charge, it can't happen unless you allow it to. If you happen to say or think the wrong thing then immediatly say "no stop" and freezeframe your dream then think of another dream scene. Not sure if this helps but thats what i would do, hope you manage to crack it , good luck
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