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      As far as I can tell, Dream Journal comments are broken, so I suppose I'll graffiti my comment on your wall.

      I read "Wednesday 21st November 2012" ... amazing dream! Not the catchiest title (heh) but some great content. Crazy exploration, visits from lost loved ones, and that glass pyramid... good stuff. Did you feel like the silver rope seals were giving off more of a "keep out" vibe or a "maybe you'll open me someday" sort of vibe? I'm probably too curious for my own good, but I couldn't help but think how nice it'd be to see one of those green gems up close.

      Anyway, really enjoyed this one!
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      You're welcome. You liked one of my posts that makes me cringe a little today and that has stuck in my mind. We live in the same country and I saw that you were online and sent the friend request.
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      Thank you for accepting!
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      nice to meet youu.
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      your welcome
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      nice to see u back around, where have u been? cool influx of dreams too lol , urs are one of my favourites to read. haha
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      your welcome
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      Hey Angie I'm new here and kind of new to lucid dreaming, I have had 2 lucid so far by using Deild in like a 4 month period . I remember atleast 3-4 dreams a night and they are normally pretty vivid. I am interested in doing the WILD technique and need someone to guide me through the process. Mind helping me? Is there any way we can contact each other quicker? Or more constantly?
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      your welcome
    10. Aww didn't get much sleep last night due to little one being a little poorly but hoping to get head down soon and try again
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    Hi I have SP & I also lucid dream, From what i know i have the worst scale of SP but now know how to controll it thanks to my friend Ryan Hurd :) I keep a dream Journal and love lucid dreaming. Here to make friends and also gain and give good advice:)
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    Tuesday 27th November 2012

    by angie746 on 11-30-2012 at 02:45 AM
    This Mornings OBE and Lucid

    I am lying in bed and nod off for a few seconds. I wake up now and keep my eyes closed and don't move. I can feel the vibrations and hear the cracking and crunching noise. I think to myself "ok, I'll try and sit up now" but I wasn't ready yet so I relax again, after a few seconds I know I'm ready. I now begin to sit up and my Astral body sits up. I open my eyes, but realise that my real eyes have opened so I quickly shut them again.
    I now feel my Astral body separate fully, so again I open my astral eyes and this time I have astral sight. I look at my bedroom window and just fly out of it hands first. I'm now flying over the green outside my house. I also remember flying around the woods opposite and flying around the streets behind me, it's fantastic and so exilerating!
    My sight now goes a bit blurry around the edges ((I've never experienced this before)) I call out "clarity now!" My voice echoes a little. I rub my hands together and my scenery stabilises.
    I love being fully conscious and in flight, I feel so free. I fly for ages and end up at a beautiful place where the fields are luscious green, and the flowers are beautiful and enhanced. I now see my 2 Daughters "L" and "S", they are flying and I call over to them, they see me and wave. I shout over to them "girls you're dreaming, this is just a dream!" "L" isn't too sure but "S" comes over to me and has a fly with me. I now wake up in real life and "L" and "S" are still in bed fast asleep

    Wednesday 21st November 2012

    by angie746 on 11-30-2012 at 02:30 AM
    Last Nights Lucid Dream

    I wake up in bed and feel vibrations so I keep my eyes closed and will myself out of my body. My dream body rises, still in the lying down position and then I tilt so my feet are now facing the floor. I lower down gently to the floor and I'm now in a standing position.
    I look around and my vision is blurry and my eyes feel funny so I call out "clarity now!" and rub my hands together. My vision is very crisp and clear now, even better than in real life, which is usually the way it is. I think "hmmm, what shall I do?" I now call out "I want to see my Nan Futrill".
    I now end up at another place, my surroundings have changed. I'm at a place which, well all I can describe it as is a massive building with big tree roots there. There are about 3 to 4 levels to this building and I'm now on level 3 I think.
    There is another woman with me, she's about my age and I feel a connection to her, like I know her already.
    I'm now calling out "Nan Futrill" but I don't see her so I keep calling and she now comes. Nan looks so happy and I feel so much emotion for her, I'm so happy that I've found her. We don't really talk, it's more of a telepathy kind of talking and strong emotions. I remember that my Nan was wearing a light blue apron. Nan now fades away as she walks out through a door. I shout "NO!" and the woman who's with me now comes to me from the other room. She says "she has to go now but you will see her again" and she hugs me. I start to cry now and she says "don't cry, you will see her again, but just not yet".
    I'm now wondering around this level and I'm shouting "NAN, NAN PLEASE COME BACK!" I now see my Cousin Richard ((who died when he was 6)) he cuddles me and holds my hand. Me and Richard fly around for a while just enjoying each others company.
    Richard now tells me that he has to go back to Nan, but says they will both come back to see me. He hugs me and then goes through a door. I go through the same door but I don't recognise the place, so I go back to the area that I'm very familiar with.
    I'm crying so much now because I want my Nan back. I keep shouting her, hoping ill get her back again, I'm absolutely blarting my eyes out.
    I'm now flying about and then I feel myself back in bed. I will myself back to the same place and suddenly I'm back there. I see a young baby boy lying on the floor and he's wrapped up in a white shawl. He's also wearing a white babygrow. As I float past him he wakes up, I think "he can't be comfortable there" so I pick him up and cuddle him , he calms down so I take him to his cot. He looks very much like me and has lovely dark brown eyes. I put him into his cot and say "there...is that better now?" He nods and goes back to sleep. ((He's about 2 and a half or 3)). I now gently tuck his shawl round him so he's not cold.
    I now wake up again, so I keep my eyes closed and keep still and will myself out again. I do get out and am now in my dream body and standing in my room. My vision is blurry so again I call out "clarity now!" and rub my hands together to stabilise my dream. My vision is now crystal clear.
    I see knitting on my floor, I can see every detail, this always amazes me, it's like having HD eyes lol! and my voice no longer echoes. I will myself back to the place I was at and I'm now back there.
    I'm now on the bottom level by a desk, it's like a meeting up area. People are sitting around chatting to each other. A group of men now stand near to me. 1 man is looking at me, as they pass they whistle at me, which makes me chuckle. I now go more into the socialising area with the woman who's with me. 1 woman I met there was called Anita. I say "ill remember that because my friend is called Anita". We are both sitting on the root of an old tree. It's a big root and they're all over the place in here. Me and the other woman I'm with now go into the room next door and meet the old man in there. I feel some kind of connection to this man and feel that this man is very high here in authority, if not the highest.
    I am floating near floor level and taking in my surroundings. Suddenly I spot the most beautiful item I have ever seen. It's a glass box which is pyramid shaped but a bit longer, like its been stretched slightly. The edges of it and such, apart from the glass, is made out of silver. The silver is shaped in the shape of a rope. Inside the pyramid are beautiful gems. There is a gorgeous gem which is green in colour, it really caught my eye!. I can honestly say I have never seen anything as beautiful as this pyramid in all my living life!!!! This box is sealed with silver, no one can get into it because its so special and precious.
    I ask the elderly man if I can fly up and take a better look, he says "of course". He flys up to it and turns it around slowly so I can have a good look at it. This man explained everything about it to me. I now depart and have a good fly around just enjoying the feeling of being free and then I wake up.

    Tuesday 20th November 2012

    by angie746 on 11-29-2012 at 01:21 AM
    Last Nights Lucid Dream

    I feel vibrations after I wake up and I decide to will myself out of my body. I now hear my 2 girls in my bedroom and as my dream self gets to the bedroom door I see L giving S a piggy back. I say "L, can you see me?" She says "no" and shakes her head as if I've gone mad! I say to her "I'm dreaming, look". I now touch her sides and say "can you feel that?" L now says "yeah, but only because you're not dreaming!" She now looks at me again and says "you're awake".
    I'm floating, but because of what my Daughter said I wonder if actually I'm REALLY standing on the landing in my real body, I think "I wonder if I'm real and something in my brain is telling me that I am dreaming and making me feel like what is real is actually a dream!" ((I feel like I'm going mad at this point))
    I now see my other Daughter S in her room and L now goes downstairs. I now think "nah, I must be dreaming" and I go into S's room. I lie down on the bedroom floor, but instead of actually lying on the carpet, I'm floating just above it in a lying position.
    I say to my Daughter S "look S...it is a dream because I'm floating. I now float across the bedroom floor to show her. I say "I couldn't float like this if it was real could I?". My Daughter watches with fascination and says "you are dreaming, it must be a dream!". I now wake up in real life while still feeling small vibrations going through me.

    Friday 16th November 2012

    by angie746 on 11-29-2012 at 01:03 AM
    Last Nights Scary False Awakening

    I'm in my bed in my bedroom and my hubby is asleep next to me. It's night time so it's dark now. Suddenly something I can't see picks me up off the bed and then throws me back down onto the bed with a thud. I'm now shitting myself and it grabs me again, twists me around, lifts me up and throws me back onto the bed.
    The fact that this was a dream didn't even enter my head because I let the fear get the better of me. ((No matter if your a natural like myself, this type of FA can still freak you out!)).
    I now grab my hubby and shout "WAKE UP!" And I shake him hard. He now wakes up and I hold onto him tightly from fear. I now wake up in real life!
    false awakening

    Sunday 11th November 2012

    by angie746 on 11-29-2012 at 12:55 AM
    Last Nights False Awakenings

    False Awakening No.1

    I wake up in bed and my hubby is leaning over me. He is screaming at me and trying to attack me, I then wake up, but into a second false awakening:...

    False Awakening No.2

    I'm sitting in bed awake, my hubby now wakes up. My hubby gets up out of bed and lunges at me with his arms stretched out towards me. He is shouting something at me in an angry voice but I can't remember what. He now grabs me around the throat and I struggle with him on the bed as I try to get him off me.
    We now fall off my side of the bed and hit the floor with a thud! I manage to shove my hubby under the bed, and as I do I scrape his back across the wooden floor panels that are under there. My hubby squeals and moans and I manage to use the bed to wedge him off me and get away from him. I now quickly run to the floor at the end of my bed. My hubby now gets himself from under the bed and is now sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.
    I can now hear the radio playing in the background. The man on the radio is interviewing a woman about dreams and she says "when your floor cracks in a dream, it will crack in real life. This is so the Bible will fall through it and they have then succeeded to leave you without your Bible" lol. The man says "really?, and that's when they can get to you easier, and that's why they do it?".
    I now see my hubby again and he's still sitting in the legs crossed position. He starts banging his fists on the floor, and starts kind of like gliding towards me. He now reaches me, so I grab his shoulders and scream "K WAKE UP...K WAKE UP!" But he's still in a weird dream like state and still trying to attack me, so I grab his head and push it to the floor which slows him down a little.
    I now run into my Daughters room and hide behind her door. My hubby turns to go the other way, but then he turns back towards where I am hiding. He glides, legs still crossed, along the landing and towards me. He's shouting obscenities at me, he's really scary!.
    I'm really scared and I also now realise that my bedroom floor is beginning to crack. I hear the woman on the radio again and she says "if it starts to crack then it means that your house will fall down within the next hour!" I now shit myself more but then I wake up for real.
    false awakening