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      Why cant i stay lucid?

      Okay i had my second experience with Lucid Dreaming earlier this morning, there seems to be a connection with me getting woken up very early unexpected and going back to sleep as this was how i first expierence a lucid dream.

      Anyway, my first one lasted about 5 minutes and i could not control this. This one however lasted about 10 seconds.

      I was walking outside a house and suddenly i was in the 60's and i was speaking to my uncle when he was a kid. There was a blue van (which probably had a connection with the camper vans i was looking at on the internet) and he was saying it was his car, this dream felt very real and i walked all the way around the car. I didnt realise i was dreaming yet until i whiped out my mobile phone and went to take a picture of the car. As i looked at the camera view the car was invisible but i could still see it.

      I immediatley said "im dreaming" and that second a sort of rocket pod flew out of the sky and landed near me and i was no longer lucid and my dream ended.

      This is my second lucid experience and i havnt been successful yet

      Any ideas?

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      I think it's not too strange dude

      I had 2 LDs only, but I tried to learn all I could from them...

      -Some feelings like anger, fear, exciting, may wake us if we don't control it.
      -I keep saying "This is a dream" for myself all the time, to don't forget and lose lucidity.

      I done nothing of this 2 in my first LD, it lasted 10 seconds.
      I did both in my second LD, it lasted 2 minutes.
      By my counts, my third LD will last about 20 mins xDD

      There are also some Stabilizing Techniques that you can learn and do everytime you become lucid, it is basically using your entire body in any activity to keep the conection between your mind and your dream body on (I haven't use any of this techniques before cause I didn't have too much dreams yet xD)

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      me my self i can off been lucid some parts of my dreams my self... but not completely lucids, just like couple of sec like yours

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