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    Thread: Setting Intentions for Lucid Dreams

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      Setting Intentions for Lucid Dreams

      Alright, so I've tried this a few times and it hasn't worked for me yet. I'll have something I want to accomplish in a dream and I'll create an expectation/scenario for my intention to play out within.

      For example, my goal last night was to connect to myself and find comfort/wholeness within my own being (I was recently rejected by a partner so I'm trying to learn how to find happiness within myself). I wrote out what would happen on paper: I would find myself in the dream, we would hug each other. Then I would find a blue pill in my right pants pocket. The pill is my connection to my full/complete self and my good intentions. I would take the pill, and let its contents fill me.

      After writing my intention/scenario, I read it out loud and then put it under my pillow. Woke up this morning and none of this seems to have happened...

      Any other recommended methods for setting intentions before lucid dreaming?
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      Yeah these things take time in my experience ~ keep it softly but surly in mind for at least a while and see it coming into your dreams

      Good luck with your lovely incubation
      Love to be lucid

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