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      Specific issue during lucid dreaming


      I have kind of an embarrassing problem when lucid dreaming. Every time I try to have sex in my dream, I seem completely unable to orgasm...

      This is not a joke or troll topic, I keep trying to achieve it with no luck. It seems like it should be possible since obviously I know what it feels like in real life.

      I apologize in advance if this question/issue is stupid and should not be discussed here.

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      Maybe there is not enough sexual excitement accumulated to be released in order to have an orgasm.

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      Sexual excitement is a good one. I find habitual orgasm to be facillitating wet dreams in same frequency. Also find it makes it harder to control the urge to orgasm. Until perhaps desentisizing to it kicks in. This is why abstinence is prefered for me although i am not sainted.

      It's possible. If you must know. Although things like that hasn't happened to me in LDs. This must be a few grades more intense to experience. Everytime i get horny when dreaming. Which is a lot. The girl in question is unchaseable, has wooden pussy or something like that. It's fucking weird.

      Why even orgasm at all though. What's so special about it. I think the brain is trying to achieve something that doesn't hold up. There are several ways to achieve orgasm without the use of sex. And sex alone doesn't achieve orgasm alone. I think the brain is confused as to what it is supposed to generate.. I think it has different concepts for orgasm and those might be more relevant to explore.
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      Thanks for your information. It is very necessary for me.
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