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      building cross-dream structures?

      I've thought this before and so am asking now if anyone knows, is it possible to create permenant structures like houses in a lucid dream that you can come back to in your next dream? A kind of base camp if you will. Each time you visit you add more detail and objects to it, creating a permenant dream residence that you can visit when you wish, which stays across dreams. I know it's a very whistful thing to think of, but I would be interested to hear what people have to say!

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      I was actually thinking about this too lately. It only makes sense that you could, I'm just not sure how I'd go about doing it. The great thing about it is that every time you find yourself in this house you will automatically recognize it as your dream house and become lucid.
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      Well you could do anything. But I don't think it will be really 'solid'. You mind will keep fucking it up just to say It's a nice idea.

      Hmmm... but yeah I guess that once you have the 'floorplan' in your head, you could 'create' it. And allso come back, simply becouse you allready know it... hmm
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      I dont think it would work. who knows when you would become aware in your dreams. nothing is stable. besides, its a dream, not a video game. you never know where you will end up.
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      i don't see why not, although one would have to be able to stablize lucids very well before attempting this, and have superb dream control.

      i think it would be better to try to perfectly recreate a structure one is familiar with (childhood residence for example) and try to gradually introduce new elements if this is successful.
      i am going to try the above when i become MUCH better at LDing.

      i really don't think many things are impossible while LDing. some would be incredibly hard, and outside the capabilites of all but the most advanced lucid dreamer, but imagination and practice time would seem to be the only limits.

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