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      How to fly in lucid dreams

      I have never flown in lucid dreams, maybe because I have a horror of leaving the ground. But the subject fascinates me. I guess the experience of flying must be great. I would like to share the following information with those who have been trying hard to fly in their lucid dreams, but without much success.



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      What helped me the most when first learning to fly, was swimming in the air. It is slow, but it helps you with that first step. Once you get used to swimming and being suspended you can work on increasing speed, etc, and move on to the more conventional methods.

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      The way I see it, the first thing to do is not to believe when people tell you (like the link does) you can't do whatever on your first attempt or that it's going to take you x time to get there - NOT true.
      Some things come harder for some people but what doesn't work for one won't necessarily be what won't work for others. The more you think you can't, the more you really can't.

      That being said, I'll just post here what I posted earlier, here:

      Quote Originally Posted by Sylph View Post
      the closest thing I can think of is that is like being weightless under water.
      If you're familiar with the experience, you can even use it to take off, I suppose. Just imagine yourself pushing off the bottom of a pool or something but, instead of rushing water, think rushing air.

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      I've always been a massive fan of flying in my dreams, and there's been one thing that I've always found to help me massively. I can almost always fly nowadays (around 2 years since I couldn't), though I think the ability to fly is directly linked to the ability to do absolutely anything else in your dreams.

      So far as I can tell, your dreams are directly linked to your subconscious and that lucid dreams appear to happen when we become conscious of it. I can't back this up with anything scientific, apart from saying that it's worked for me, but it looks like most of our techniques are semi-placebo in any case.

      Lots of ways appear to exist for affecting our subconscious, like developing triggers to help us realize that we're dreaming, or making wishes, but the ones I've found most helpful so far as flying go are expectation/belief (not so certain if there's a big difference).

      If you could just launch yourself into the air, believing that you'll take flight, I think you'd more than not have success. The belief is the tricky part obviously, but it allows for a large amount of control over your dreams.
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