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      "struggling" to become lucid, hardly any control

      Hi! I have had 13 DILDs and 4 WILDs. I haven't had a DILD for over a month now, but have had 4 WILDs in that time, 3 of them 3 nights in a row!
      1 of them was awesome, perfect quality, I was able to fly, and it wasn't dark.All WILDs end in a false-awakening for me, but I do RC whenever I go to bed, I wake up, and before and after a WILD attempt, so I catch them all, and had a few DILDs that way. It was really stable. Being my second WILD, I was super excited when I did an RC, but my dream didn't fade at all.
      Well 2 others, one 2 nights ago and one last night, were horrible.
      It is hard to explain. I 'kind of' know I am dreaming, and have to try hard to confirm it. Several RCs fail, and after doing a 5th one, it barely works. Then I know I am dreaming for sure, but my vision is horrible, pixel-ated and blurry. It is really hard to control myself. If I look at my hands, they are all jaged and horrible looking. I can't really move myself or control my environment. If I ask a DC to do something, they do it.
      It's hard to explain about struggling to become lucid. I just can't explain it. If this happens sometimes to somebody, then they know what I mean.
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      This is very common and happens to LDers (even experienced ones) on a regular basis. Luckily there are many ways to counter the instability. They are called stabilization techniques. Like many other things in LDs, no single method works for everyone. You will have to try out/experiment with different stabilization techniques and see which ones works best for you. Upon becoming lucid, take a few deep breaths and try out some of these techniques (this is just a few of the many stabilization techniques out there):

      Hand Rubbing- Simply rub your hands together. This can often clear up blurry vision and other instability problems.
      The Praying Dreamer- Look down at your own feet (which will clear up your vision because your viewing area is now smaller and requires much less brain processing power) and then slowly move your head up to normal position. Moving your head slowly makes it much easier for your mind to keep that vision clear (of course, once you start exploring, you won't have to move your head slowly).
      The Windshield Wiper- If your vision is fuzzy and unclear, try slowly moving your arm in windshield wiper fashion out in front of you and imagine your dreamscape slowly clearing up with each swipe. Not only does this work, but I have also got some cool water/rain effects while doing it .
      Dream Spinning- Basically, spinning around in a circle like a kid getting themselves dizzy. This is alot like hitting the "refresh button" on a computer. It scrambles your vision and once you stop, it gives your mind another chance to create the dream scene. Many use this technique to change dream scenes/teleport.
      Reality Checking- RCs aren't only used for confirming reality. I also use them many times throughout my LDs to, 1. Keep up my lucidity by refreshing my mind that I am lucid every so often. And, 2. Performing them for stabilization purposes. Combine them with other stabilization techs for best results.
      Area Focus- focus your vision on one specific area with fixed eye movement/vision. Now slowly imagine that area becoming clearer and clearer. Once it becomes clear, widen that area of vision and imagine it becoming clearer and clearer. Repeat until your whole dream is crystal, .
      The 5 senses- Experience all 5 senses. Touch some of the textures/objects around you. Smell the air and take in that dream aroma (lol). Try licking/tasting something. Calmly listen to your surroundings and scan your viewing area slowly. Things can progressively become more and more clear as you test out all five senses. This helps your mind create your environment in steps, rather than trying to do it all at once (which can cause instability when first becoming lucid). Pair this technique with others for best results.
      The Dictator- look around at your environment and shout, "Increase clarity now!" or "Stabilize!" You would be surprised how often dream activities respond to commands.
      Remedy Use- If your vision is blurry, reach into your pocket and grab some eye drops. Use them and your vision will surely clear up. You can also try, some clarity juice, or any other comical remedy you can think of. Sometimes these can be difficult to find/summon, but they work very well. (For finding small objects, I like to reach in my pocket, imagine the object, and then feel/search around in there until I feel it.)
      Rub One Out- Similar to the windshield wiper, reach your hand out in front of you and rub your vision clear. Go ahead and rub out that blurriness.

      There are many more and you can even create your own. If you randomly get an idea and think it might work, give it try! Remember, placebos can be very helpful when it comes to lucid dreaming.

      Oh, and I was just f***ing around with the names of those techniques. Those aren't scientific names or even correct terminology, lol.


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