A dream that you think is real and very distressing with great relief upon waking when you realise it is not real!

In a very familiar park, as in real life very close to hedgerow that borders a town recreational park, no idea why I am there other than enjoying the park. See one friend not far away teaching two people I do not know how to take eggs from birds nest (for eating). I realised that by my presence I may jeopardise this egg gathering so I decide to lie flat or on the floor or perhaps in a semi foetal position to not disturb the guys taking eggs.

My friend is coloured, so are the two he is teaching. I get the feeling the two he is teaching are not native to the country (my friend is) which is why they are doing such an odd behaviour, its the kind of thing they would do in their native country.

Whilst I am lying on the floor another coloured guy comes along (who I dont know but I think he seems a little eccentric, peculiar or disturbed) and starts shaving a part of my head with a stanley blade. I dont know why I let him do so because he has a good few strokes before I interrupt him. It did not cause any discomfort and felt like he was cutting my hair rather than shaving me a bald spot. It was not until I asked another for confirmation of what he was doing (I cant see my head where he is shaving), touched the area he was shaving with me finger (felt skin, no hair) and looked at his blade that I realised he has broken the skin.

I then noticed my wet blood and (his dried, dont ask me how I knew it was his, I just did) that I became very angry and asked him "are you HIV positive"? He replied "yes".
I hesitated for a moment and thought, if he has infected me, I need to sue him.

As he was quite small I picked him up by his wrists and started to carry him off to the police station. I did leave the blade on the ground and thought at the time I should take it with me but I think i didnt want to let the guy go incase he managed to get away!

There was a thought that the police station is closed (it has been closed in reality). When I was about halfway there I was awoken by my alarm and very relieved to discover the dream was not real!

Apart from being able to carry this guy easily by his wrists and the odd sensation of him cutting my hair everything else in the dream was very real, plenty of colours and a very accurate representation of my home town, street by street.

What on earth does it all mean