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    Thread: Please help with interpretting dream about deceased grandfather!!

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      Post Please help with interpretting dream about deceased grandfather!!

      Ok this post may be kind of long but because I have recently had two similar dreams and I don't know what to think of them.

      First off I would like to say that my grandfather passed away about 3 weeks ago and I was very close with him. During his last week he was admitted in the hospital and his appearence changed dramatically and he didn't even look like his normal self. On the day he passed the hospital called me and my mother but we never made it to the hospital in time and when we got there he had already passed.

      So now i will explain my first dream..My mother and I received a phone call that my grandpa was gasping for air and that we must get to the hospital as soon as possible (which actually happened on the night of his death). I ran in the hospital room in the dream and my grandfather was sitting there in his wheelchair wide awake and nothing was wrong with him. With tears in my eyes he asked me why i was so upset and why we were there to see him, then i explained that he was really sick and dying and then all of the sudden he turned into a baby and I was taking care of him.

      Then last night I had a dream similar to the one before. My family and I were in the hospital room after my grandfather passed and then all of the sudden he appeared and he was talking to us and holding my hand and his skin was very warm. I was yelling and screaming to my mom and uncle telling them that he never died and that he was alive again and fine. They kept telling me that he was not alive and that this was only his spirit that I was seeing. My grandpa was talking to us in the dream but never mentioned anything about his death or him being sick. I was convinced that he never died in the dream. Then he turned into a baby and he walked up to me and put his arms around me and whispered in my ear so no one could hear "Little one, im sorry that you are so upset but this is only my spirit and I did die and i need your help. I can't watch over you and be your angel because your grandmother is already watching over you so I want to watch over your cousin but you need to tell me what to do because I don't know what to do and every since your grandmother passed away and has been watching over you, you have grown to be so beautiful and smart girl." I started hysterically crying in the dream, my grandpa disappeared and then I woke up.

      PLEASE if anyone could help me interpret these dreams I would really appreciate it!

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      If this were my dream, I might imagine that my grandfather is feeling "like a baby" after having been plunged into a totally foreign and possibly unexpected new existence (life after death). This would certainly seem consistent with his plea for assistance.

      I don't know what your thoughts are concerning life after death, but many dreamers believe that they can and do speak with deceased relatives. They might advise you to try to seek your grandfather out again in future dreams to "check up on him." Perhaps he will be more accustomed to his new situation and will be able to provide you with interesting information about the "other side."

      Above all, however, I wouldn't worry yourself too much. My condolences go to you and your family. Take everything in stride and know that you are always safe.


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      First I will say that you are so very lucky to have been able to hear words spoken to you (and very well remembered) by a relative who has passed...so very lucky indeed. (If you don't mind me asking, when did your grandmother pass? And is your cousin younger than you?)
      Also, if you have another dream or are able to converse with your grandfather (and it is okay with you) you should affirm to him that it is okay for him to "assign" himself to watch over your cousin. It's apparent from the dream that you meant very very much to both of your grandparents.

      *On a side note and out of curiosity, after his passing did you notice any quirkiness with electronics or lights?*

      As previously stated, I'm not sure what your beliefs are about the afterlife, but I believe there is time for reflection for everyone when we exit our most recently lived life, so we can see where we have progressed and where we need to improve. Once that is accomplished, if we still need to learn more, we (our spirit/soul) are then reincarnated to live another life cycle.

      But that is my belief.

      In dreams, babies signify warmth, innocence and new beginnings. They represent something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable and uncorrupted. (For this to show him turning into the baby could mean a new beginning for him (possibly reincarnation) or a new life cycle, he may have already been reborn to continue spiritual learning.

      I hope this helps in some way, and by no means do I mean to impose my thoughts or beliefs upon you.

      I wish you the best and hope you heal well ~ peace ☼
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