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      Woke up couldn't stop crying. Dying in tidal wave.

      Last night i woke up having the most weirdest dream it was pretty vivid as i remember most things exactly to the T. I was talking to a co worker about the dream trying to seek advice, or any ideas. She told me to come here so im trying me luck here. Im kind of shaken up because i dont ever cry, and i have a fear of drowning.

      The whole dream was full of random events. i woke up in the morning and couldn't stop crying. I think i had a nightmare, not really sure i haven't had in a very long time.

      Dream starts off with me and my girlfriend on holidays on our 5th year anniversary. I arrive, alone, at the hotel to check into the room. Going up the elevator to the room, there is a security personnel questioning a person who has a evil smirk staring at the guard. Elevator stops on level 11 room number is 1112, im walking on the floor trying 2 find the room, walk up and down the level til i find it in the corner. I walk up to the room open the door and its a dark classroom with the beds set up in the back. It was kind of like a kindergarden class type room. Kids paintings on the wall, small chair and tables. I enter the room and i go f* this im not sleeping here. So i head down to the reception to get a new room.

      While going back to the lobby i was going down the elevator and the actual elevator ride was insane it was like the elevator dropped from lvl 11 to lvl 1 and i was midair in the elevator. I got the feeling of dropping the same ones i get on rollercoasters.

      I get into the lobby the queue is really long, when i arrive to the reception there is a person trying 2 mess around with the card-swiping terminal (kinda trying 2 install skimming device on terminal)person gets caught security gets involved again.

      Dream skips forward we go site seeing, we are following tour guides to go visit this cave. To get to the cave we kind of have to balance ourselves along rocks to get to the cave. As we are trying 2 get over the rocks to get to the caves, on our left we have a pine tree forest. They all suddenly start to snap in half at the same point and is falling down in our direction. Guide calls to watch out. Debris lands nowhere close to us. Then all of a sudden i feel this blast i look into the sky and i see a reflection of a massive tidal wave. I turn around this huge tidal wave is coming towards us, wouldve been like 30 stories tall. we had no chance this thing was huge. As its approaching i shield my gf and give her a last kiss. I knew we were going to die.

      Suddenly dream just skips and its me and my gf in bed. She is crying, while on phone to her sister. The news is on tv, tidal wave hits holiday spot. They talk about it she saying she is ok. Hangs up. I say to her why are you crying, are you ok? She says did you know that only 1 of us is alive.

      So yeh i died. I wake up, crying for about 30mins. If i think about i actually still tear up abit. Sorry for the dream for being too long and random. Just wanted to write down everything i remember might help towards an interpretation. Some facts about personal life. Our 5th year anniversary is in 2 weeks. Scared of drowning, tidal waves are just frightening to me.

      Any thoughts?, I’d much appreciate any kind of interpretation, as it really shook me up badly.

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      Although I can't give you a full interpretation, I don't believe in meanings in dreams or anything like that, I can relate to you. I have a fear of deep water/the ocean and I've dreamt of being stranded out to sea a couple times in the past. Everytime I've woken up I've been pretty shaken, couldn't stop thinking about the dream for a while. I don't think it's uncommon to dream about a fear. So talking from experience, I can see how you feel and I can tell you that after a while it will just pass, you'll stop thinking/worrying about it.

      Sorry if I wasn't too helpful but at least you know you're not alone!
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      I do think some dreams have important meanings, particularly if they're recurring, but I don't think this one had much of a reason behind it. If this were a common occurrence I'd probably ask if you were worried about anything in your relationship with your girlfriend (though if you've been going for almost 5 years it can't be all that bad!), seeing as it revolves around her quite a bit. To be honest the whole thing, to a psychiatrist, would scream 'are you doubting your relationship' with the parts where you go to your room alone and don't like it, give each other a final goodbye, and when you're talking to her at the end but you're not together as your dead... Such a sad story, I've gotta say.

      Personally I think it was just your mind wandering and I wouldn't worry about it, unless it comes back obviously. Just use it to see how grateful you are that your happy and healthy.

      Hope this helps.

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